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A Ride To Some-Where

Or Is It To No-Where?

By Steve KravetzPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 3 min read
A Ride To Some-Where
Photo by Roland Lösslein on Unsplash

The clickity, clickity, clack sound, rattled his subconscious but the rider fought it, all he wanted to do was just go back to his comfortable sleep. Though the constant shaking, rattling, and now the rolling from side to side made that impossible.

The young man, yawned as he sat up, and was in the middle of a stretch when he suddenly realized he was not on a couch in his living room, but on a train moving, where? Out the glass window to his left was a sight full of bright morning light, against the background of brown rocky terrain, with rising mesas and deep-cut ravines. Striking even in its bareness. A quick look up the track gave him a start. The engine pulling this train was like nothing he had ever seen before. A sleek silver-covered twinkie, at least that's what it looked like to him from his seat.

A wooshing sound came to our traveler's attention causing him a quick look over his shoulder in time to view the old white-headed conductor coming through the back door. "Next change, Skinwalker, Utah, all the passengers on the right side of the train will go on to No-Where. Left siders will continue this transport to Some-Where. "

"Excuse me, sir," the young man asked, "but are those the only two place's this train is going.

"Yes of course," replied the old conductor, " You must make a choice now, you were told when you got on the train, left to Some-Where right to No-Where. She is going right, you were going left. So make up your mind as she has." He jerked with his thumb forward. He just kept walking away, but warned him one more time as he continued down the aisle, "if you are on the right side of this train when we get to Skinwalker you'll be going No-Where, and if you're on the left side you'll end up in Some-Where."

The youth looked to his right for the first time, it was then he noticed the big difference. The sight out of the right side windows was of a midnight blackness. He stood up and slowly walked to the seats on the right side of the train, looking up the track, what he saw left him speechless. It was a locomotive pulling this side of the train and it was a fire-belching, steam engine out of the mid-nineteen century. She was blowing white smoke out of her stack, and the train's large iron wheels were glowing bright red, burning up the tracks as she rolled on into the night. As the reluctant man sat down on the right side bench seating, he found there too were differences. The seats on the left were made out of extruded aluminum frames, and the seats were covered in a dull dark red micro-fiber. The bench seat his bottom was now sitting on was framed in dark stained oak, the end piece was expertly hand carved, and with stuffed leather toping the armrest. The comfortable bench seat was covered in a heavy cotton velvet brocade in an ox blood red and black, colors.

The traveler stood up, and walked up to the young lady on the front right side of the train. "excuse me Mame but what do you know of this train and her journey?"

" Journey? I'm just here to read my book," she replied, "I'm not really looking for adventure. I guess that is why I choose the right side. How about you, what are you looking for?"

Now standing in the aisle between two worlds the unintended traveler knew he was going to have to make a choice. "To No-Where, or to Some-Where? That is the question?"

"We are soon coming into Skinwalker, make your choice now," the loud voice of the conductor bellowed out.

Which side should our traveler choose?

"Bro, wake up, you missed class, and now I see why, you smoke that whole blunt by yourself, really dude, what the."

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Steve Kravetz

I am a 70 plus year old, award winning oral story teller from Rockwall Texas. My first novel took me 34 years to write, published in 2017.Since then I have published two books in 2020. Check out for more info.

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