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A Goffs Tale

After Obtaining a Video Deposition in Bullhead City

By Philip CanterburyPublished 9 months ago Updated 9 months ago 1 min read
A Goffs Tale
Photo by Patrick Rosenkranz on Unsplash

It was 114° with a sandstorm bearing down outside. I locked my broken-down Saab—the only vehicle in sight—and took a booth in the back of the Chevron, charging my phone from an outlet beneath the table. A teenage cashier paid me no mind.

Kitchen doors swung behind me. A colossal fella in a greasy apron stopped at my table, then sat down across from me. He gripped a chef’s cap.

“What're you doin’ in Fenner?”

I pointed outside. “Car troubles. I'm just passing through.”

“No, you ain’t,” he laughed. “That’s a Saab story.”

He leaned in.

“I got one for ya.” This cook told all about his cousin, Mitchell—who owned an exotic fish store in Goffs—and how he’d gotten in heavy with a gangster over his brother’s debts. “My man torched the kingpin’s house and took off with his woman. She drove a Saab, too. A red convertible.”

I nodded.

I imagined having to coax him to leave, but he stood and shook my hand. “Appreciate ya.”

After the sandstorm, I checked on my car. They’d taken the stereo, catalytic converter, and canvas bag with my camera and laptop.

The cashier told me the kitchen had been closed for years.

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Philip Canterbury

Storyteller and published historian crafting fiction and nonfiction.

2022 Vocal+ Fiction Awards Finalist [Chaos Along the Arroyo].

Top Story - October 2023 [All the Colorful Wildflowers].

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  • Janet Heinritz-Canterbury8 months ago

    Enjoyed reading this and felt the heat. was glad the guy left but what a terrible loss and dreadful immediate future moments.

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