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A Decision That She'll Regret Forever

Is True Love Always Meant To Be Sacrificed?

By Eman MariumPublished about a month ago 2 min read

Not every couple meets by dropping their books or running into each other; some have different kinds of histories. Aimal was a popular vlogger and influencer, known for her successful advertisements for various brands. She was in her final year of high school, and her life seemed perfect. She had loving parents, excellent grades, a close-knit circle of friends, and widespread popularity. But one thing was missing in her life: love. Though she had been in relationships before, they never worked out because the guys she dated were more interested in her fame or money than her. Tired of these superficial relationships, Aimal decided to stay single for a while.

One day, she landed a huge shoot for a major brand, which offered her a million dollars. Although she was reluctant, she agreed to do it for the money. During the shoot, everything went smoothly, but backstage, Aimal confided in her friend about how the product irritated her skin and that she hoped it wouldn’t cause an infection. She even mentioned that people should avoid buying the product. Despite her reservations, she completed the shoot because of the hefty paycheck.

When she returned to school on Monday, she encountered her rival, Manisha. After cheerleading practice, Manisha approached her and revealed she had a video of Aimal badmouthing the product. She threatened to post it, which would ruin Aimal's career and lead to a lawsuit from the brand. Desperate, Aimal begged Manisha not to post the video and promised to do anything in return.

Manisha, after considering her options, demanded that Aimal start a relationship with Andrew, the school bookworm whom Aimal disliked. Aimal was to make him fall for her and then break his heart. Although she knew it was a terrible thing to do, Aimal agreed to save her career. Approaching Andrew was challenging because she had often made fun of him for always having his nose in a book. Nonetheless, she asked him for help with her studies, which made him suspicious because she was known for her academic prowess.

Despite his initial doubts, Andrew agreed to help her, and they began meeting regularly in the library. Over time, Aimal found herself enjoying Andrew's company, and they became good friends. Two months passed, and both Aimal and Andrew started falling for each other.

One day, Andrew decided to confess his feelings. During lunch, he nervously climbed onto a table in the cafeteria and declared his love for Aimal in front of everyone. Aimal's heart raced, and she felt a mix of joy and dread. As she was about to accept his proposal, she caught sight of Manisha's mischievous gaze. Realizing the consequences, Aimal chose to protect her career over her newfound love.

In front of the entire school, she humiliated Andrew, questioning how he could ever think she would accept him. Andrew was devastated, and Aimal felt as if someone had stabbed her in the chest as she walked away from him. She believed she would get over it, but she didn't know this would be the worst decision of her life.

Months passed, and Aimal couldn't shake off the guilt and heartbreak. Andrew left town, and they never met again. Aimal’s career thrived, but she never found peace. The regret of sacrificing true love for her career haunted her, making it a decision she would regret forever.

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Eman Marium

Hello, I am Eman. Writing fictional stories is my passion; however, I am a professional blogger and article writer. I've worked with prestigious tech hubs. I have 3 years of writing experience during which I've secured decent clients.

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