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"Echoes of Affection: A Story of Long-Distance Love

A Tale In Which Love Overpowered The Misunderstandings

By Eman MariumPublished about a month ago 2 min read

Emily and Adam were door-to-door neighbors. Since they were four, they went to the same school, high school and university. Adam was an engineer whereas Emily was a scientist. Their professional streams were so different yet nothing has weakened their childhood friendship bond. However, their busy schedules and occupations often prevented them from seeing each other for weeks.

One day Emily called Adam and asked him to meet her at their favorite restaurant since she had big news to share with him. Adam gladly agreed, he too had decided that today he would confess his love to her. After two hours they met at the pinned location. As soon as he entered the restaurant Emily jumped over him and hugged him, she looked overjoyed. Then she told him that she had been appointed as a senior scientist, for which she needs to move to New York for three years. Adam was contented to know that she had finally got the chance to chase her dreams, so he decided to keep his feelings to himself and depart her happily.

After a week Emily left for New York and got busy with her new schedule. She barely had time to contact anyone at home. On the other hand, Adam regrets his decision of not confessing his feelings for her. Once he shared his tension with his friend; who told him that it was better late than never, and he should immediately go to her, and tell her about his fondness. And it was the trigger he needed. He rushed to the Airport, booked the earliest flight to New York, and within the next four hours he was in New York; Emily’s New York.

He went straight to her hostel. As he was about to open her dorm door, he heard Emily’s voice. She was telling her friend that she had feelings for someone, but she was reluctant to confess her love to him since they were childhood best friends and she didn’t want to affect that bond with him by unbosoming her liking for him. Adam understood that she was talking about him and he was over the moon. He immediately opened the door, kneeled in front of her, and said “Don’t worry mam, This Idiot has the same feelings for you”. Tears started running down Emily’s cheeks. He then proposed to her and she said yes. It felt like a dream to both of them but it is the most beautiful veracity of their life.

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Eman Marium

Hello, I am Eman. Writing fictional stories is my passion; however, I am a professional blogger and article writer. I've worked with prestigious tech hubs. I have 3 years of writing experience during which I've secured decent clients.

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