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A dark night

Inexperienced people like us sit at home imagining all kinds of shapes

By Nikhil BhowmikPublished 2 years ago 10 min read
A dark night

- night

Go to school with Surabala and play the role of wife. When I went to their house, Surabala's mother was looking after me, so she gathered us together and said to herself, "Ah, they are both fine, I'm still young, but I always understand what that means." Not that I did not judge and harass him, but that he violently carried out all his orders and punishments. I know that Surabala was born in my father's house to acknowledge my lordship, so he deserves my own neglect.

My father was Chaudhry's deputy zamindar. His wish was that as soon as my hand was ready, he would teach me to do zamindari-seresta and make me gomastagiri somewhere. However, I am not mentally satisfied with this. Like my close relative who fled to Calcutta and learned to read and write and became a Nazi collector, my goals in life were very high.

I always see my father in such high regard for these courtiers—I grew up knowing that they had to worship with fish curry money when there was no or no occasion, so I gave a very respectable seat in my heart to the servants of the small court and even the infantry. These are our revered Bangladeshi deities, new minor copies, worth 330 million. People depend on them more than they depend on Ganesha's own physical achievements, so now they are getting what Ganesha owes in the past.

Inspired by Niratan's example, I, too, fled to Calcutta with distinction. At first I was at the home of a babbler in the village, then I started getting some study help from my parents. Education continues as usual.

In addition, I will be joining the conference committee. I have no doubts that the sudden demise of this country is inevitable. But I do not know how to accomplish this difficult task and no one has given an example. But this is not a mistake. We didn't learn to make fun of everything, like neighborhood boys, mature boys in Kolkata, so our dedication was very strong. We used to have power when we had meetings. We were begging from door to door in the midday sun. Without even taking cash, we stood on the side of the road and announced. And when we go to the meeting place for benches, we'll be beaten, I was ready. The boys in town used to call us Bengali after seeing these signs. I'm from Nazir Siristadar, but I started arranging for Mazzini to be Garibaldi.

At that moment, my father and Surabaya's father agreed and agreed to marry Surabaya.

I fled to Calcutta when I was fifteen, when Surapara was eight, and now I am eighteen. According to my father, I will marry at an older age. However, in this direction, I swore in my heart that I would die for my country and would not marry for the rest of my life.

Two or four months later, I learned that Surabala is married to lawyer Ramloshan Babu. The news seemed trivial because I was too busy taxing India's crumbling.

I crossed the entrance and was going to present my first artwork when my father passed away. I am not alone in this world, I have a mother and two sisters. So I had to drop out of college and go back to work. After some hard work, he secured a second master's position at the Entry School in the small town of Navakari branch.

I think I got the job right. With advice and encouragement, I shall make one of the students one of India's future generals.

I got to work. I see more stars in what I think are the upcoming exams than in India. When the principal told the students about things other than grammar algebra, he got angry. After a few months, my enthusiasm faded, too. Inexperienced people like us sit at home imagining all kinds of shapes, and at last get off work, and eat the mud of the tail at the back of the neck, and do the wildly pioneering daily work of Nutshire, are satiated and eat a stomach of jabna in the evening.

Mr. Kariya lives in the school building because he is afraid of fire. I am a lonely person and the burden is on me. I live in the corridor near the big loft of the school.

The school building is located on the edge of a large swimming pool not far from the local area. The school building is erect and mother trees are surrounded by two huge old neem trees around the school building for shade.

I haven't mentioned a single word yet and it doesn't seem to matter yet. The house of Ramlushan Roy, a government attorney here, is not far from our school. With him is his wife - my childhood friend Surabala, I know that. I also spoke with Ramlochan Babu. I don't know if Ramlushan Babu knew I knew Surabala as a child, but I also don't think it's appropriate to talk about him with my new identity. It never occurred to me that Surabala was involved in my life in any way.

One day, I went to meet him at Ramlushan Babu's house. Not remembering what was discussed, I thought about India's current predicament. Not that he is particularly anxious and dreaming, but the fact that smoking can be a fluent hobby for an hour and a half can be sad.

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In the next room at that time I heard a very soft bell, a slight rustling of clothes, little footsteps that I could understand well, and a curious eye was looking at me from the window.

Immediately a smoky eye fell into my mind - faith, innocence, and childhood love.

Suddenly someone grabbed the heart with a heavy fist and inside it was a sharp pain.

I got home and the pain was still there. I read and write, whatever I do, the burden in my heart does not dissipate, suddenly my mind becomes such a burden, the veins in my chest begin to vibrate.

I calmed down a bit at night and started thinking about why this was happening. The answer came out of my mind, where did your tune go.

I replied that I let him go on purpose. Will he be sitting next to me forever?

Whoever said in his mind that he could get what he wanted back then, but now even if his head was dug up and died, he had no right to see it with his own eyes. No matter how close you get to that childhood melody, you can hear him rustling, you can feel his head rubbing, but there will be a wall in between. I said - don't move - no, who is my Surabaya.

I heard the answer, Sur Bala is not one of you today, but Surpala could have been yours.

This is correct. Surabaya can't be royal. It would have been the closest I have, the closest, all the joys and sorrows of my life, she is so far away today, so late, I am not allowed to see her today, it is wrong to speak to her, it is a sin to miss her. Ramara-chan did not appear anywhere all of a sudden, he only chanted a few spells, and immediately took Surabala away from the world.

I don't sit around and preach new principles of human society, I'm not here to destroy society, I don't want to sever ties. I'm just expressing my true feelings. Are all the thoughts in your head reasonable? I can't help but think that the melody that emanates behind the walls of the Ramloshan's house suits me better than the Ramloshan. This kind of thinking is very inconsistent, I admit, but it's not uncommon.

From now on, I cannot focus on any work. At noon the students were buzzing about the class, all swaying outside, smelling the neem blossoms in the warm warm air, and making wishes--I don't know what--so far I can say, correcting grammatical errors India All these are hopes for the future. Moodless

I don't want to be alone in my big room after school holidays, but visiting a decent person is unbearable for me. Listening to the pointless betel jelly next to Buscarini at night, I thought human society was a complex web of illusions. Nobody remembers doing the right thing at the right time and then tirelessly dies of the wrong desire at the wrong time.

People like you, Garibaldi or not, can be the husband of Subala and finally the second principal of a school in the neighborhood! Also, lawyer Ramloshan Roy, and especially Sarbala, is not necessarily her husband. Until the moment before the wedding, Surpala was as part of her life as Bhavashankari, whether she was married or not and became a government lawyer who charges 5 rupees a day. On that day, the scent reproached Surabaya, and on the day the heart was happy, he let the jewels roll to Surabaya. Entirely plump, ill-fittingly, without any dissatisfaction, sitting on the edge of Buscarini's watch in the sky, he never dances every night.

Ramlochan got out a while ago in the middle of a big lawsuit. Subala was as lonely in my school as I was at Subala's house that day. Remember, on Monday. The sky has been overcast since morning. It started raining at ten in the afternoon.

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Seeing Akash's thoughts, the principal left the school in the morning. Piece by piece, dark clouds seemed to hover in the sky all day, forming a large formation. The next day, in the afternoon, there was a heavy rain, and a sudden storm. As night fell, heavy rain and storms fell. At first the wind was blowing from the east, then gradually from the north and northeast.

Trying to sleep tonight is futile. I remember that during this disaster, Surabala was alone in the house. Our school building is much stronger than their house. How many times I thought I would ask him to go to school and spend the night on the banks of the Boscarini River. But I can't get up.

One night, at about half past one, I heard Ban's call - the waves were heavy. I left the house and walked towards Subara's house. When I got up on the shore, another wave came and appeared. The height of part of the edge of the pool was about 11 and 11 cubits. When I got up on the beach, another man appeared from the opposite direction. This man can read all of my heart from head to toe. I have no doubts that he knows me too.

And - all submerged, our hands only - we came and stood on five or six islands.

At the end of the world, there will be no light in the sky and the lights of the earth will be extinguished. No one asked any question.

Just the two of us staring in the dark. A dark wave of death roared and flew away under his feet.

Today Subara came to me and left the whole world. Nobody but me today. That childhood, Surabala, reincarnation, an ancient mystery, floating in this crowded world full of sun and moon, came to me, and today, how many days after that, it's over. He gave me this tumor in the course of birth - now we will be one only when another wave of the apocalypse comes, from this separate trunk.

Let this wave not come, and let Surabaya be forever happy with the wealth of her husband and son. Tonight, I stood on the brink of disaster and tasted eternal happiness.

By night the storm had ceased and the water receded - and Solabara returned home without saying a word, and went home without a word. I thought I was neither a precedent nor a sergeant nor a Garibaldi, I was the second head of a shattered school.


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