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Test of love is a part of real love

A few drops of water slipped from his eyes.

By Nikhil BhowmikPublished 2 years ago 12 min read

Love Test!

Annick's classmate ran up and said this. Annick was taken aback. Annick is chatting with friends on the college campus. Hearing the words of the comrades-in-arms, the conversation suddenly stopped, and everyone fell silent. Buddy keeps saying...

- Really, so do you. What can I say, you are my best friend, but not morally, what can I say, just annoying. But I hate to think of you as a friend for this kind of behaviour. I consider you my enemy.

He finished this sentence in one breath and looked at Annick with doubts and doubts. Annick bowed his head. The comrade saw Alnwick bow his head and said...

- - Tell me what happened? do not tell me? Well, come with me, as soon as I say anything here, your dear friend will start insulting me. As teachers, so do students. Let's go. Haha. As he spoke, he looked at his friend Annick's friends and smiled. Anik stopped when Anik's friend said something. Annick came with his partner.

Annick and his partner are sitting on a park bench. Anek looked at the couple sitting across from Anek in the garden with a look of jealousy. The friends broke the silence and said...

Listen, Annick, I think you're a very good friend. It hurts when you do this. How can I not do this? Don't say it?

Annick felt something was wrong. I lowered his head. Annick knew there was a reason for bowing his head. If you don't keep your head down, your partner will see disobedient drops of water fall from your eyes. Partners cannot be made to understand this. There's no point telling you now - I don't want to spoil the surprise. Seeing that Annick was silent, the comrade spoke again.

- Annick, I know you don't want to hurt me. Crazy one. How can I not do this?

--- Um.

--- I apologize to Arbil. Excuse. tell me?

--- Um.

I- Just haha. But don't play football for me. When do I say sorry? I will tell you tomorrow. OK?

- - we will.

--- Annick's health?

- No, let's get up. be late.

Annick wiped his eyes as he spoke. Same as a comrade. Annick came to the main road from the park and said...

- How do I go? Can I catch a rickshaw?

- No, let's go for a walk. Keep it a secret from me?

Annick looked at his partner and said nothing. The partner feels uncomfortable. He didn't get an answer from Annick, and the comrade said...

—Why do you look at Kiri like that? are you new to me

The comrade did not wait for an answer and pulled Anick away. Annick was still looking at his partner. Once you're looking at your partner, you don't want to take your eyes off him. Anek is attracted to a stranger. Maybe the partner understands this, maybe not. If you understand, I can talk to Alnwick like this! This can be very cruel!

A few drops of water slipped from his eyes. As soon as he left to hold his partner Annick's hand, Annick pulled his hand up. Water should not fall into your partner's hands in any way. There must be something wrong. The companion stopped and looked at Anick in surprise. He hesitated to say your eyes…

Yes, that's why I feel a little uneasy. The comrade smiled softly. Then my partner said...

--- She has come to my house. You better go. Go to bed early. How are you

--- Um.

Annick watched his partner leave. What a lovely companion to walk on in silence! What a vision of selfishness has disappeared or still exists. See why. If someone is watching, then listen, what happens if you see a lot of unnecessary people. Comrade blows once. I can't see anymore. Maybe you'll see something, but Annie won't. My eyes are well watered. If not, he leaves. Don't let your partner see it. Click turned around. Let me walk home. Although it was not very cold, Annick felt very cold. Annick lay on the bed and thought, is Arbil so important to his partner! I do nothing to be my friend! If his partner wanted to, Anick would hold him at AbArbil'seet. Until then, the partner should be happy. Anek turned off the light and lay down. Annick forgot to tell his partner to call.

"By the way, where is the mathematics department?"

Annick is sitting in math class looking for a book. Her friends sat next to her and tried to listen to the melody. A girl came over and asked where the math department was.

Annick doesn't care. He was very depressed today. When they saw her upset, her friends started laughing at her and singing. But Annick seemed annoyed by her daughter's stupidity. Black glasses, white shirt and black jeans. Despite being so modern, it looks stunning! Hearing the girl's words, everyone laughed. Annick stopped everyone's laughter and went straight to the girl and said...

- Ruby by Ronchi. But its head is that of a bull. Otherwise, he wouldn't come to score and tell me where to score. And you have to understand how to put a microscope into the eye. Do one thing, look up at the sky. In this building, you will see the math section written in the Bengali language. Hahaha.

Annick burst into laughter after saying this. His friends joined him. Annick Ricta's girlfriend leaves the guitar saying...

- Look at this girl Alnwick. Ish, how dark is the magician's face? Neither are you! Rick smiled. Everyone started laughing with Rikta. The girl once looked at everyone impatiently, then glanced at Anick again, and took a deep breath. Annick stopped smiling, looked the girl in the eyes, and shook her head. Annick wanted to explain, he didn't know anything about it. Innocent boy Then the girl got up and started walking towards the building.

I miss Annick, we had a lot of fun together, but the girl didn't say anything. No, the girl probably doesn't know where the building is. But surprisingly, he moved to the bottom of the building. Alnwick honours fall in the second year. Chapter begins. Anneke often looked at the girl and didn't pay attention to class. The girl did not shrug. Maybe he doesn't understand, maybe he understands again. She's angry so she doesn't need to watch. Maybe this girl is new to the university. Never seen it! Will you meet that girl? I don't think Annick is going to talk about things he's not using.

Everyone leaves at the end of the course. girl sitting. Girls don't understand getting out of class? Can't everyone see it? What a strange donkey, Daddy! Annick walked up to the girl and said...

--- This microscope rating has expired. Or will you stay at the university today to do research? I can see what you are looking for. The country is completely saved.

--- Welcome Welcome Welcome Welcome. Oh, what happened was my shoe was torn. So I sit. tell me what to do?

surprise! The girl joked and didn't protest. Instead, he simply confessed that his shoes were torn. Glad to hear it. Annick has been thinking about it all. Then Annick said...

- Well, do one thing, but the shoes in the bag. I also put shoes in the bag.

- What will happen next?

- I will walk barefoot.

- - I got you. But why are you walking?

- General, you are going alone. How does it look? Also, if two people are walking together, people will think we are walking with purposeful feelings. I thought of Hime. You do not understand? Hahaha.

--- Oh cool! but ...

- - what?

--- has no effect.

- - Well.

Annick walked beside the girl. Two close friends understandably. Everyone walks in front of Anek, and the girl walks behind everyone.

- Well, why did you transfer the microscope to our college? Annick said he broke the silence. Then the girl said...

- Actually, my aunt's house is here. Our home is Sylhet. I don't study at home. There is a problem here. come over. I am not a microscope. I have a beautiful name. companion.

--- Wow, that's a nice name!

- Hahahahaha. See the name again?

--- Understood. So my friend, would you take advantage of me and my friend in college? You are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

--- Hahaha. Did I say sorry? You are interesting. I'm a little pissed off. But then I thought again, I made a mistake. You are joking. You can

- - Gorgeous. What about friends?

- - OK. But there is one condition.

--- Say.

- I sometimes have to eat puffs. You must visit beautiful places. and...

---- anything else?

--- Don't think about anything but friends. Nothing can ruin a friendship. I will suffer.

- Well, Dad. With that said, Annick and his partner went to the partner's aunt's house. Not far from the university. Annick said goodbye to his partner as he did that day.

Gradually, Annick and his partner became very close. No one understands anything except the very close ones. It starts with saying good morning and ends with a good night. Regularly eat shack after class and take occasional walks. Annick began to consider his partner a part of his life. Cathy thinks Anek is a very good friend, but Anek thinks Saathi is more than just a friend. Annick sometimes thinks his partner is his partner?

"Listen, Annick, this is Abir. My cousin's son. Abir is my only college friend. Annick sees how Abir treats me?"

Just a few days passed. One day, there was no college, so my partner surprised me by letting me go for a walk. So the companion leaned to his neck and said these words. Annick thought, "Oh, this is a surprise for your partner! No problem," his cousin said.

Annick met Arbil on the same day. not too far. Since then, Annick feels things have changed. He didn't have a good conversation with his partner. He even once deliberately quarrelled with his partner. If Annick abused his partner unnecessarily, he would keep silent. He lowered his head and shed tears. The partner did not speak for a day or two. Then the same companion came over and grabbed Ann's ear, scolding Annick in an arrogant voice. Then the beautiful friendship continued. Gradually, Alnwick realized that this was impossible. If she is too selfish, she will not succeed. His partner's smile was like his own. But some suspicious behaviour from Arbil makes Anick impatient.

Annick and Arbil had two arguments as a result. The first quarrel occurred while the three were walking. At some point during the walk, Annick tries to kiss Abeer forcibly despite Abeer's partner being banned. Then, a quarrel began between Abir and Anek. His colleague Annick was slapped twice and warned him not to show Arbil his bad condition in the future. Then Annick became very calm. Abil came over to apologize.

Even after the incident, Annick didn't stop talking to or showing anger at his partner. When it came to the topic of AAArbilnick was confused and avoided the topic. Abil will understand that their friendship is fine. But Annick was surprised to find that whenever Annick avoided AArbil'stopic, his partner would turn and bring it back. Abil was praised. He had rebuked Ann many times. Anik will be angry, but he will not understand.

The second fight takes place... Annick sits in his favourite garden listening to music with headphones and reading a storybook. Suddenly, he saw AbArbilolding heArbilnd and smiling to the side of the garden. There are sometimes unsuccessful hug attempts. But that's how you get along with your partner. Annick walked up to AbArbilgrabbed AbAbArbil'shirt collar and said... "Don't make this mistake again. Abil can say something.

Annick wakes up wondering why he's upset. Thinking about the reason for his unhappiness, he remembered that his partner asked him to apologize to AArbiltoday. Annick calls his partner and asks Abir to take him to Annick's favourite garden. I have something to say to my partner today. Of course, it goes without saying what AArbiland girls are doing in the garden. He would never trust Anek in his life.

The three were silent for a minute in the garden. Annick breaks the silence and tells Arbil.

---- Brother AArbilI'm sorry. I can't control myself. This is why you are insulted. forgive me. Hope this doesn't happen again in the future. And tell you that you are his partner...

Comrade, I'm sorry this time. I will not be in your marriage. If it causes problems again. with me

The companion covered Anek's lips with his hand, interrupted Anek's words, and then said...

---I will be someone else's wife. Will it not hurt? Can I go

- - I can. I can do it. You are my friend and your happiness is my happiness.

Hearing Annick's words, AbArbilnd his companions looked at Annick with surprised eyes.

Annick walked up to AArbiland said...

--- See what Abir Bhai Sathi has to say! Crazy one. early marriage. But a very good wife.

--- Keep your wife. Sadie has been in love with another boy for a long time. I heard that kid is stupid. Partner doesn't understand. The boy gave up his love for the happiness of the one he loved. Now she asks if she wants to marry me.

--- Rafeeq, who do you love despite Abir's brother present?

- - you. question?

- - I! what are you saying? Please don't joke. Don't tell the truth?

- - I told you. You will marry me Annick looked at his partner in amazement. Abil says...

- Hey Mia, we put you through a lot of tests. Do you rove your partner? Yes, we know you love your partner. But you are a very difficult person to deal with. Do not disclose. good luck. Enjoy young people. Abil began to say so.

Water drips from the art he's eyes. Annick wiped his partner's eyes...

- I started with Tubir and it was in my best interest not to disturb me.

- No AArbil just you and me. Not to mention. wife?

- - I will. I will. Of course, it is. I can't find water today after seeing Annick. hard to find. Caution does not want to be happy. Annick gripped his partner tightly. There is a lot of trouble, not much to say. Partners have to say everything. and! You gotta get a lot of love from Aarthy. Annick is so desperate for his partner's love!

Short Story

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