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Why Is Online Dating Advice Considered Bad By Some? Here Are Some Points.

Online dating advice may be harmful.

By NizolePublished 2 months ago 11 min read

I don't recognize anybody anymore.

People utilize dating strategies when they use movie lines. They're probably following the "no contact" rule when you start to wonder about them since you haven't heard from them in a few days. Unfortunately, a lot of dating advice out there is harmful. Some even teach PUA techniques, which include bringing down the self-esteem of the other person in order to exert control over the relationship.

In college, I began reading dating advice. I realized I had no knowledge about women or desire. As a result, you probably don't want to be a dating world victim who has no idea how to defend oneself. But knowing about the opposing sex is not the same as manipulating someone psychologically.

Let me explain a few reasons you should exercise care if you have previously read a lot of relationship-related content from bloggers and YouTube gurus.

Okay, so the person you're attempting to win over isn't a moron.

Don't blow up their phone like 99 percent of other males, please!

By Adam Navarro on Unsplash

This counsel sometimes makes me feel as if my IQ is being insulted. Due to the fact that the bulk of their material focuses on instructing a relationship newbie on what to do and what not to perform. We already know that you shouldn't send 23 "I love you's" after the first date, bro. Do you have any more sophisticated suggestions?

By the way, Mr. Dating Guru, you don't take the other person's experience into account. Playing hard-to-get is something you teach as if the other person would dutifully fall into your trap, entirely unaware of the fact that you are delaying your text replies and refusing dates, but not everyone is a flat-out easy target. As well they know to back off. They could even detect your deception. They are just as aware of fundamental human psychology as you are, therefore your so-called guaranteed method of making people fascinated with you is overstated. Otherwise, more.

They instruct you in manipulation.

These aren't mind games, the gurus say; they're simply a means for you to convey your values and limits, blah, blah, blah.

The distinction between manipulation and non-manipulation is hazy. However, if you lie about your schedule to seem busy or say one thing while acting another, you are lying and are thus manipulating.

More power to you if you're alright with it as long as you receive what you want in a relationship. You will attract back into your life whatever you portray outside. Just keep it in mind.

You begin to depend on this shortcut rather than completing what is genuinely important.

The worst aspect of dating advice is that it aims to make you a better dater and person in general. To do that, you must comprehend what it is to have standards, how to love yourself, and how to be the greatest version of yourself.

By Joanna Nix-Walkup on Unsplash

However, rather than internalizing what it means to be a high-value man or woman and always working on oneself, individuals often see these methods as a fast fix to lure someone into bed, into a relationship, or into giving them anything they want. Dating tips are being sold as diet supplements. We believe it will instantly make us more trim.

You lack enthusiasm for reading. You're trying to impress with this. Let's be honest about what you genuinely like and what you do to make yourself seem more valuable to others. The latter indicates that you are still seeking approval. It sometimes even turns folks off.

Most people believe they are unloved. If you read this book now, it will change you forever.

You're excluding yourself from real connections.

Cola was a former acquaintance of mine. yet she was entertaining. We could only get along as friends. I never had romantic feelings for her. Then then, she was going through a divorce, so maybe she was thinking more about her and me. She had a strong defense. When we text, she'll suddenly and consciously act aloof. To make me envious, she would bring up other males around her. In addition to not working and making me even more frustrated, I was unable to maintain a relationship with someone who was always playing me and manipulating me.

The lady I was crushing on at the time, Holly, was a gifted communicator. She probably memorized books on what to say in various social contexts. It seems as if she spent 30 years perfecting social martial arts. Additionally, she had a library of phrases in her head that she could quickly use to respond to any situation. I just had no idea who she truly was. Everything was polite, scripted, and devoid of genuine feeling. She had a cozy, unflappable, and ideal aura. But it seems so far away.

Advice about dating will make people feel that way. They put more faith in pick-up lines than in their own sentiments because they lack self-esteem. As a result, they'll turn like automatons and put on layers of polished dating artistry, which paradoxically repels people. Others won't act in the same way since they aren't being sincere with others.

The suggestions are universal.

What works on one individual won't always work on another. What is effective for you may not be effective for someone else. Not everyone is affected by an arrogant attitude. If they do, the degrees are different. I'm tired of the 2-day rule, 5-day rule, 30-day rule, and all the other crap that makes individuals into automatons that follow predetermined procedures.

Their ideas are reasonable. It's generally best not to come across as overly accessible. But to follow their instructions on what to text and how to move is just absurd. Even while dating psychology is extensive, it is not a science.

It draws in the wrong crowd.

Playing mind games to get someone hooked to you is likely to attract certain problematic partners, such as those who have problems with their self-worth, their attachments, or their father or mother. Even if you manage to hook them, they will only love you for the terror you make them feel, not for who you are really.

Self-love prevents a person from tolerating verbal abuse, selfishness, and your mind-fucking. And that is the kind of companion you want in your life for the long haul.

I believe that many individuals, including myself, have suffered from manipulative, narcissistic partners who, while they perhaps weren't reared that way, were tainted by this harmful dating advise. It doesn't help our dating life to constantly review these dating guidelines. Instead, it serves as more proof that we are unworthy of complete love and attracts more people who are poisonous in relationships.

Stop relying on online dating advice.

The Internet has a lot of benefits for you. It can give you directions, tell you who won best supporting actress in 1987 (love you, Dianne! ), transport meals to your home, conjure up fantastic images and videos of grownups acting out scenes without wearing clothing, and it can even give you useful YouTube roundups of the week. But I'm afraid the Internet can't make someone fall in love with you or desire to have a sexual relationship with you. Nevertheless, a lot of individuals go online in the hopes that it may provide them with tips on how to win someone over. The doors of that specific secret chamber of the Internet are repeatedly knocked on, but they are never opened. But they continue to hammer.

By Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

As a result, there are films like this one that is aimed at the many disillusioned and dissatisfied young guys who trawl the Internet in quest of a murky amalgam of sex and camaraderie (not to single out any one group). With its comparatively excellent production standards, this film doesn't instantly come across as the revolting thing that it truly is. But it is disgusting because it implies that the only motivation for a straight man to associate with women and be friends with them is the chance of having sex with them in the future. We've all complained about that same adage before, so I won't bring it up again, but it's noteworthy that the Simple Pickup channel, which created this video, has about 2.5 million followers, indicating that plenty of people are watching this sort of content! That is sad and unsettling. Although it's probably better than many other websites that cater to this audience, this channel isn't really good either.

In this specific video, a dejected male yearns for a girl but won't act on it since the girl doesn't appear interested in him. It's a protracted, meandering film that essentially tells you to move on from the female who doesn't like you and start chit-chatting with other women. Which, yes, is great! That makes sense if, as the opening of the movie indicates, it's simply any random guy you happen to encounter in the corridor of your apartment complex or whatever and develop a ridiculous, distant crush on. However, later on in the movie, it talks about a man and a woman who are excellent friends, and yet the man is still expected to abandon her entirely because she won't have sex with him? I'm not sure I get this. But what else would you expect from a station that appears fascinated with porn stars and starts every talking-head video with "What up, players"?

98% Get bad marriage advice; find the good book here and download it for free.

Obviously, it would be lovely if everyone who is single—including unhappy straight young men—found love. We can all relate to feeling lost and powerless when it comes to matters of the heart and the loins, of course. But it is worrisome that so many people go to videos and channels like these, which provide worthless, dehumanizing advice and make money off of it. Because situations like these lead to increased loneliness! Do you not see? Can't you see, Simple Pickup viewers, that this is the issue? You're alienating everyone with humanity! or another thing?

Why Advice from Online Dating Sites May Damage Your Relationship

You don't need web articles to confirm if your relationship is going well or not. What benefits the goose may not benefit the gander!

The internet has programmed itself to become a non-degree awarding college of diverse knowledge, where almost everyone runs suddenly for a quick fix on how to polish what's left of their relationship or dust dwindling emotions off, without necessarily having to endure long hours of exhausting classroom lectures.

Through the presumptive "traditional norms" it assumes every relationship must satisfy in order to be deemed perfect and non-toxic, the internet is overrun with misconceptions. It then starts to provide remedies... There are numerous articles on relationships, such as "5 Reasons Why He Or She Is Not Right For You," "10 Things You Shouldn't Do For Your Partner No Matter How Much You Love Him/Her," "4 Warning Signs Your Relationship Is On The Brink Of Collapse," "11 Accurate Signs To Know If Your Partner Is Cheating," and more.

Some online dating articles encourage women (even those who are married) to have an open mind in their relationship since it is seen to be beneficial to retain a crush on other guys they may find appealing. Others encourage individuals to end their relationship if they often disagree and fight with their spouse (which, in their opinion, is a clear indicator that they shouldn't be together), or if the two persons don't seem to have comparable goals and interests.

It's ironic that some commenters on these stories would counsel others to stop their "toxic relationships" whilst perhaps dealing with them at home. It's important to keep in mind that while online dating advice may be beneficial to some people, it may be disastrous for others who haven't put much effort into learning their partner's "love language" (which may be very different from their own), or who haven't tried every avenue for reconciliation and essential communication.

You don't actually need a web article to confirm if your relationship-related actions are good or bad. All the information you need is provided by the quality of the love you offer and the reaction you get. On the other hand, if you provide so much affection but only get a little amount of good response, you will need to continually try a healthy sequence of nag-free communication. The same advice will be given to you by a therapist (maybe in a foreign language), but of course at the cost of some pocket money, which I'm sure you'll want to keep hidden in your handbag.

By Lisandro Garcia on Unsplash

The love languages used by the parties involved differ depending on the kind of relationship. What benefits someone else may not benefit you much, and what ends your relationship may appear overblown to someone else. Focus more on your relationship, and take a break from reading internet dating advice. It's not necessarily true that what's good for the goose is also good for the gander.

Find the greatest, healthy relationship right now!

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