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What is Phang Nga Bay Most Famous For?

Top Reasons Why Phang Nga Bay is a World Famous Travel Hotspot

By Roshelle FernandoPublished 24 days ago 3 min read
Image via Anantara Koh Yao Yai Resort

As one of Thailand's most popular beach holiday destinations, Phang Nga Bay boasts an instantly recognisable landscape lined with limestone karsts and bright emerald waters. Although it's a location that's on virtually every beachgoer's Thai travel itinerary, few tourists are aware of why the masses flock to this little piece of paradise. From its stunning natural features to its cinematic legacy, here are the top reasons why Phang Nga Bay is one of the country's most coveted beach hubs.

James Bond Island

Called both Nail Island and Koh Ta-pu by the local populace, James Bond Island is the first encounter that film fans have with Phang Nga Bay. Having put the beach paradise on the world map in 1974 with the Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun, much of the bay's popularity among international tourists can be attributed to the blockbuster. Those who are fortunate enough to holiday on Phang Nga Bay will at once realise why location scouts chose Koh Ta-pu as the backdrop for the film as its captivating rocky promontory and sandy beaches are just as spectacular as they were in the 70s. Hardcore James Bond fans often sign up for curated tours of this island organised by local operators aware of the prime shooting locations.

Koh Panyee

While it may appear to be just a fishing village, Koh Panyee is another reason behind Phang Nga Bay's immense popularity with the travelling masses. Constructed on the water and suspended above the surface using stilts, this unique village is also flanked by a mammoth rock that serves as the rear periphery of the community stronghold. Tourists who stop by the village can not only wine and dine at restaurants and cafes built on stilts but also enjoy a seafood lunch while conversing with Muslim locals who make up a vast majority of the village's population. Containing its own stilted schools, medical centres, gift shops and souvenir stores, it is an astounding feat of human ingenuity from a local fishing community of little means.

The Panoramic Views

The Samet Nangshe Viewpoint attracts numerous tourists to Phang Nga Bay due to its easy accessibility from Phuket. From the hilltop, visitors can enjoy stunning views of the surrounding landscape, including the limestone islands dotting the bay. Those who make the journey to the summit after nightfall are treated to the sight of the Milky Way shining brightly in the sky.

The Cruising Possibilities

Whether one is based at Anantara Koh Yao Yai Resort & Villas or any of the other Koh Yao Yai hotels, there's no denying the countless cruising options available to those within a stone's throw of Phang Nga Bay. During the peak travel season, passionate sailors and boating enthusiasts flock to Phang Nga Bay to indulge in leisurely excursions. Protected from the harsh effects of southwest and northeast monsoons, the bay offers a safe haven for boating even during the off-season. This accessibility adds to the area's popularity among island hoppers.

Ease of Access

Unlike most daytrip destinations in Thailand, Phang Nga Bay's easy accessibility makes it one of the most enticing locations to explore in a day. Longtail boats and speedboats bound for the area are not difficult to find and secure while most stop at Ka Sohm Pier, which is conveniently located near Phang Nga Town. The ability to cover most of the island's best attractions and activity bases in a single day makes it a must-visit region for short-stay tourists based in Phuket and other islands nearby. In fact, Phang Nga Bay's proximity to inhabited islands such as Phuket and Koh Maak and other uninhabited islands also makes it a big hit with couples and honeymooners.


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