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How to Do Phuket on a Budget: Our Complete Guide

Top Tips for Holidaying in Phuket for Budget Travellers

By Roshelle FernandoPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Image via Anantara Koh Yao Yai Resort & Villas

A trip to Phuket can make quite a dent in one's finances if the trip is not planned with care. Although the beach capital is accessible to travellers with diverse means, enjoying the best that the paradise island has to offer on a budget can be a challenge for those who don't know how to cut corners. Here's a comprehensive guide to vacationing in Phuket for a fraction of what most holidaymakers shell out for a getaway on the island.

Time the Trip

As in most vacation destinations, the timing of a trip to Phuket can greatly impact the overall cost of the holiday. The peak tourist season in Phuket lasts from November to March as this is the driest period in terms of weather. This is also the most expensive time to head out to this region of Thailand as the cost of everything from hotels to excursions are hiked up to meet the demands of tourists bound for the beach paradise in droves. The June to October low season is the least expensive time to visit Phuket as hotels are practically deserted due to the heavy rains. However, the bad weather also makes it the worst time to holiday in Phuket. The shoulder season from April to June, however, is ideal for those with tight purses as it is still sunny and humid but the expenses are low due to reduced occupancy in hotels. This season also allows visitors to take part in the Songkran Festival in April while Phuket Bike Week and Phuket's "Amazing Grand Sale" also take place during this period.

Avoid Packaged Tours

Many tourists like to take day trips from Phuket to nearby islands like Koh Phi Phi, but these packaged tours can be quite expensive. In fact, they can cost up to three times more than a simple ferry ticket to the same island. Therefore, it might be a better idea for budget-conscious travellers to explore these islands on their own. Instead of splurging on a tour package, visitors can take a local ferry to the islands and enjoy exploring these beautiful beaches at their own pace.

Getting Around Like a Local

Taxis are the most expensive means of transport accessible in Phuket so budget travellers would do well to avoid using taxi cabs for sightseeing and even beach hopping purposes. Using public transport, on the other hand, is cost-effective as public beach bus services take passengers from Phuket Town to various beaches around the island for nominal fares. Songtheaws are another affordable and efficient way to travel around the island as they are easy to hail from the roadside and charge passengers based on the distance of the transfer.

Dining on a Budget

While there are a great many restaurants catering to tourists in Phuket, those based at Anantara Koh Yao Yai Resort & Villas or any other Phuket luxury beach resort would do well to dine where the locals do. There are excellent restaurants among these local and authentic Thai food hubs frequented by locals including Jongjit Kitchen and Kha Mu Boran while Phuket's street food scene also makes it a budget-friendly dining hotspot. The Night Markets and the countless food carts and snack vendors lining popular beaches not only offer visitors the chance to grab local snacks but also wholesome Thai meals prepared on the spot.

Affordable Activity Options

There are countless free and inexpensive activities that tourists with budgetary constraints can sign up for in Phuket and this includes visiting the island's iconic temples. Highlights include Wat Chalong or the Big Buddha, which is the most famous among these temples while also serves as a great lookout point. Don't forget to stop by Baan Teenlanka, Phuket's upside-down house where travellers can walk on the ceiling and observe the furnishings hanging at odd angles above their heads.


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