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Vice Principal who believes in inclusion

End the term: "Special Needs," and replace it with "Inclusion!"

By Irene MielkePublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Vice Principal who believes in inclusion
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Mind maps are for everyone, both young and old, and mind-maps are for the child with a big dream.

Mind-maps are for the A Student. Mind-maps are for the child others don't believe in to have a place of self-expression. Mind-maps are for the person with obstacles in their way. Mind-maps are for the CEOS who need to figure out how to get their company back on track. Mind-maps are the calmest way of resolution when it comes to weighing out distractions.

Mind-maps are for teachers, educators, and students alike to teach the best way for the classroom by understanding everyone's personality types. Mind maps allow parents and their children to respect each other and figure out the following steps to gear their children in the right direction.

Mind-maps are for business meetings; mind-maps are for churches and organizations. Mind-maps are how we grow.

Make your mind-map for yourself today. That is step #1 towards success.

Thank you to all the educators that go above and beyond for all my children with unique learning needs. Thank you for respecting my voice while I advocate for them as individuals, and they continue to help me bring the best out in them. I hope someday we will have a system that caters to every student where they all have the same opportunities to manifest the same goals no matter their race, the stigma attached to them, or the structure of the families they were born into in this life. All children deserve the same opportunities and to be encouraged as individuals.

You guys all sacrifice 1/3 of your life for our children.

For parents: If you have children who struggle and need inclusion in the classroom and/or are home-schooled.

I've found out many parents pull their children from school and home-school them due to the lack of inclusion in the classroom. I found these fantastic YouTube channels that are so helpful for their learning and encourages them in reading, story-telling, and in art.

#1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wF94uiQVXUQ

#2. https://www.youtube.com/c/ArtforKidsHub

I am not here to offer unsolicited or unwanted advice; instead to suggest that you start with these programs for your children to promote their understanding. I think education has to start with making it fun to encourage their confidence so that they can be on the academic level they deserve.

I want to praise a vice principal who has gone above and beyond. He has done all this for his children and the students in his school. This vice principal went out of his way to ensure inclusion within his school community. I've watched him create movie nights at the school for his students and their families, and he often brought his wife and their children there too.

So why is it so important for dads to be involved? Parents need to be present in their children's lives period. Work is essential, but presence is significant too; it sets a good example.

Children learn by example through their parent's role models in front of them, and if they see their father taking an active interest in their life, they're more likely to do the same. Additionally, fathers who are involved tend to be more patient and understanding with their children. They're also more likely to provide emotional support when needed.

But perhaps most importantly, an involved father can make a real difference in his child's self-esteem. When children feel like their father cares about them and is interested in their life, it boosts their self-confidence and makes them feel valued. So if you're a dad, don't underestimate the power of your involvement!

I recall this vice principal always creating community opportunities for fathers to spend quality time with their children!


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