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The Hunt

By Dagmar GoeschickPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

I never thought I will get lost. But that night, I did. Lost in my dreams, my thoughts, my will.

Mom put me to bed as usual. She tucked the blankets around me to make me feel safe. She sat next to me to read a poem for a good night to me, as usual.

She finished it, and kissed me on my forehead, as usual.

She left my small, but beautiful room, as usual.

I felt safe, as usual.

I felt restless, unusual. But it didn't feel wrong.

I kept my teddy-bear in my arms, as usual, but it felt wrong as well.

I got out of my bed. The moon was shining as bright as the sun. I got dressed, opened the window and left for the forest. I was just 5 years old, but I wasn't scared. I walked to my usual playground. A small opening, surrounded by huge trees. A small pond with ducks were there as well. I loved to see them swimming and splashing around. Sometimes I was feeding them with small breadcrumbs. But now, the pond was empty and silent. Silverly shining in the moonlight. It looked so beautiful.

I sat down on my usual little chair and fell asleep.

Two little fairies were watching over me, the little boy. They were soothing my skin and lifting me up into the sky. Very gentle. A dream came true. I was flying.

The two little fairies brought me back into my bed. They tucked me in, they watched over my sleep until the next morning. When my mother came in to get me ready for the day, I was stunned to wake up in my own bed. The last thing I remembered was to be in the forest, sitting on my small, very much-loved chair, and watching the lake silverly shining in the full moon. And now I am in my bed again. Even my teddy-bear was here with me.

I looked at my mother who was standing there, love for me in her eyes. And just behind her, the two fairies were sitting on the windowsills, smiling and sending me kisses as well.

I never felt more loved than in this moment.

My mom told me to get ready for school. Today was my big day. It was my first day at school, grade 1. I jumped out of my bed, rushed to the washroom and got dressed.

My mom bought me for my first day new shoes, new pants, a "gentlements"-dress-shirt with a tie, and a matching jacket. I looked very much as my father. My new schoolbag was dark green like the forest behind my house, and my lunchbox was brown like the big trees.

I was ready for school. My mom came out of her dressing room to take my hand. She was the most wonderful mom I could imagine. She was dressed in a pink and red flower dress with white, shining shoes. Her curly hair was held in a beautiful bun and her perfume enveloped us both.

We walked through the door towards the school. I saw my best friend with his mom on the other side of the street, also heading for the first big day.

I was so excited. A new chapter of my life just started, and I couldn't wait to start it. The school was also freshly painted. I watched them during the holiday season working on it. It was painted all white, and around the windows they painted a red colour. It looked more than a church than a school, but I already loved it.

All new students were waiting outside the school. My mom stood very close to me, squeezing my hand. Then the principal of the school, Mr. Brown introduced us to our teacher, Miss White. A lovely young woman, fresh from university.

After his short speech, Miss White took all of us to our new classroom. She told us, we can choose our seat by ourselves. I just sat right next to my best friend Murphy. We both liked to wander around in the forest.

And when I was just sitting there, I saw my little two Faries again. They were sitting on the windowsills and watching me. They send kisses and hugs to me and my friend. In that moment I knew, they will be watching over me for the rest of my life. Guarding me to safety and open my heart to things I can't see yet. I loved them, I loved my mom, I loved my dad who passed away when I was born, and I loved my friend Murphy next to me.

My new life just started.


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    DGWritten by Dagmar Goeschick

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