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Thinking of pursuing surrogacy in post-pandemic circumstances?

Read this before proceeding

By ShubhangiPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

The pandemic situation has pushed everyone’s life towards a complete dismay. Even though the vaccination drive is on in most of the countries, the new strain of this virus has created further panic. So the question still stands strong- is it possible for us to return to the normalcy in the near future?

We still have to wait for a while for an answer and keep taking the required precautions in the meantime. On the other side, if you are a couple that is planning to pursue surrogacy, you have to be really careful and cautious at every step.

Surrogacy in post pandemic era

It all depends on the country and region you have chosen for surrogacy. Most of the developed countries like USA and Canada have already initiated the vaccination drives. Hence, many gestational surrogacy agencies have started accepting inquiries from the intended parents for a surrogacy program. Still, being an intended parent, you must take every precaution in regards to surrogacy in USA.

A standard surrogacy program may run for around for 12-15 months, all relying upon your particular case. So, if you try to put an enquiry through today, you may be able to achieve the desired outcome by next year.

That said, the couples can opt for online consultation without making a physical visit to the surrogacy y agency. Currently, most of the surrogacy agencies are offering the required guidance and consultation online .So, one must initiate with the starting phase of the surrogacy arrangement in the same manner.

International travel is limited these days due to the emergence of new strains of Corona virus in some countries. Hence, one must opt for a surrogacy plan within their country as of now. Still, if surrogacy is banned within your region, you can contact random surrogacy agencies in your preferred country for the same task.

Is it the right time to start ahead with a surrogacy arrangement?

The decision completely stands with the intended parents and they need to think of the best possible option for their parenting aspirations. Let’s say you want to pursue a surrogacy program in UK. As the country is currently dealing with a new strain of corona virus, International travel is banned from most of the countries.

Moreover, the surrogacy arrangement may take 12-15 months, given the IVF clinics are rightly prepared and equipped to conduct the surrogate matching, screening and embryo transfer process.

So, you just need to consult with the surrogacy agency in the similar regards before reaching up to any conclusion. Also, try to avoid International surrogacy for now due to the emergence of a new corona strain in countries like Brazil, UK and South Africa.

How to proceed with a surrogacy arrangement at this hour?

Most of the surrogacy agencies have started counseling through video conferencing. So, the intended parents can try out the consultation part of the surrogacy process that way. The couples can then undergo a virtual interview with the surrogate mother to decide on surrogate matching.

A virtual interview will include the Intended parents, surrogacy consultant, surrogate mother and a legal advisor. The intended parents will be clarified about every aspect of the surrogacy process that way.

Besides, they can ask the legal advisor about any doubts and questions regarding surrogacy at a different region, city or country. The surrogate mother will then get screened for any particular physical or mental health issues.

The task will be conducted by the local IVf clinics in coordination with the surrogacy agency and the Intended parents. The parties involved can then decided upon the right date and time for embryo transfer process and all the related aspects.

Final word

Regardless of how long this pandemic situation persists, the intended parents have an opportunity to plan up their surrogacy journey in advance. Even while they are skeptical about the whole process due to the pandemic situation, they can finish up with the initial formalities in the meantime.

There is every chance that the cost for medical support or cost of surrogacy programs may shoot up after few months. Hence, the Intended parents must plan the whole surrogacy journey after considering every aspect and element.


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