The Ultimate Potty Training Guide for Boys

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It can be stressful, time consuming, and overall unbearable, but it's gotta get done: the ultimate potty training guide for boys.

The Ultimate Potty Training Guide for Boys

Next to learning how to walk, one of the second most difficult leaps to climb for children is learning how to use the bathroom. This porcelain throne becomes an enemy, like their dreaded shoelaces or nail clippers. To them, graduating from diapers to potty trained is as stressful as it is for the parent. Remember, they're just children, not assholes.

There's the waiting game, but that can lead to lazy mom syndrome, or the brunt in your face potty training, which tends to make a child hate it even more, and 3 Day Potty Training Method, but it all just compounds stress as your darling little boy just can't seem to grasp where, or how, to go potty. It doesn't seem hard, but at that age, it can be a trifle bit complex.

This ultimate potty training guide for boys breaks down the complexity for you, giving you options and steps in order to ensure your boy uses the toilet successfully each and every time.

The Ultimate Potty Training Guide for Boys: Waiting

Sometimes waiting for a children to just speak up about what he feels is the best approach, which can be applied to potty training if used correctly. This mother describes how she waited until her son told her he was ready, when he was a little over three years old, so most consider this the "laid back method" to potty training. Some might say three is too old, but every child is different and knowing when — or when not — to divulge in potty training is key for your boy's gradual success.

During this period, ranging between 2 and 3 years old, parents should introduce the potty, watch for signs of readiness, as well as getting to know potty training tips for beginners. A note of importance, some experts believe potty training shouldn't be done during a stressful period in the boy's life. Give it some time. If you think he's showing signs of stress, then it's much better to wait. Now's the time to decide how best to approach the "potty training talk," per se.

The Ultimate Potty Training Guide for Boys: Demonstration

Eventually, you'll be teaching your child how to ride a bike and buying him training wheels for independent fun, but not yet. Right now, you'll have to start taking time out of your day to show your child just what kind of beast resides in the bathroom. Whether your toddler needs to go or not, bring him to the potty, at specific times you decide upon, and demonstrate how it's used, so he gets a better understanding. The key is specifying time so as to create a habit, it's the best way to ensure he retains the necessity of the potty and how its used.

Practice drills is one of the best approaches, because it doesn't matter if he goes or not, and he will eventually get the hang of it (with or without your presence). When he's finally up to it and using the potty, make a game out of it to pass the time, or read him a book. It's one way to relieve stress and tension from the awkwardness of the situation, while also drawing away attention from his embarrassment. A good way to make it both playful and insightful is by reading him Everyone Poops by Gomi Taro.

The Ultimate Potty Training Guide for Boys: Potty-Prep

After watching for signs of readiness, demonstrations are complete, and you feel confident that it's time to potty train, now you must ensure your toddler is prepared for the battle. This means buying either a potty chair, which has a variety of different types, or a step stool. There's either the full kind of potty chairs, which sit on the ground, or you can buy a half potty that rests on the big boy toilet.

Depending on your boy's attitude and age, a step stool might be the best option, since it sets them up for the real challenge while also allowing them to feel less embarrassed and more in control. Most boys tend to get more difficult the older they get, so it's better to start them off with step stools, rather than weening them off diapers with training pants. There's a multitude of different steps as to prepare for this stage of your child's life. It's important to communicate with your toddler as best as possible.

The Ultimate Potty Training Guide for Boys: Hygiene

Proper hygiene is key for any child in potty training. Teaching it is not that difficult, just make it both casual and forward. Tell you child, with regard to being proper, that he must wipe forward to back and to always, always, ALWAYS wash his hands when finished. This can't be stressed any more than it always has been, but washing hands and wiping are very important to the potty training process, so don't skip out on it.

I know this can be difficult to police, especially when kids are using potty chairs on their own, but that's why it's important to listen and be aware for these things when in the midst of potty training your child. If he doesn't wash his hands, then he isn't getting the right lessons down, so make sure he is retaining the information and preforming it the right way. Improper hygiene is a sure-fire way for your child to get sick, and no one wants that.

The Ultimate Potty Training Guide for Boys: Rewards

What about when you have to leave the house? Or, what about when he's at school? These are valid questions, and my answer would have to be rewards. One of the only ways to ensure potty training success is by rewarding your child, not only for maintained dryness, but for continual and proper potty use. This is a perfect example of how to make sure your boy is committing himself to the overall lessons, especially if he's not washing his hands.

Sounds pretty ridiculous, but wait till you get to high school and must deal with dreaded report cards! Grades aside, rewards are a great form of motivation for your boy to keep up his potty training. A great way to do this is by using a sticker chart, keeping track of each independent time he's used the potty without your help. Always keep an eye on him to ensure he's doing it right, but also to keep track of how often he goes on his own. In no time, he'll be on his way to the big boy seat!

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