The Son of A Father of A Son

Lessons on misogyny

The Son of A Father of A Son

The son of A father of a son.

I'm not sure if this story is on marriage, depression, misoginism, victimism, or what but these things all have affected my life to the heaviest of measures.

When a man finds a vulnerable woman and leeches off the lifeblood of those girls/women in order to feed his ego like a vampire, it is inexcusable.

The story goes a little, or alot like this.

There once was a man who had a huge ego, his ego was so big that he had to prove it over and over with his physical achievements and prowess. He had a need to be adored because deep inside he lay vulnerable and insecure. This man got married and chose a woman who had been mistreated all her life and so, under a false pretense of protecting her, continued this pattern for her by making her subservient to him and completely codependent. Any time this woman would put attention on her own life, this man would disrupt what she was doing to call her right back to his side, thus keeping all of her attention on him, leaving none for herself. This man spawned two children of whom he paid not much attention to while he proceeded to feed this hungry ghost of an ego with drugs and other women who would pump up his inflated view of himself all while his subservient wife sat home nursing and rearing the babes. Needing constant recognition of his grandeur he proceeded without care for his family. This activity went on for years and was not checked but instead passed on as the way to be in this world to his son.

(his daughter disowned him)

As this man aged and could no longer fulfil the physicality of his youth, he began to train his now teenage son in his image, living vicariously through him with every ounce of ego pumping he could manage. He trained and taught his son in the way of martial arts but truly his son received the underlying ingrained message that a woman's prerogative does not matter if it is not serving your own masculine ego, no matter the cost of that ego being served.

This son grew up to be a badass, one beautiful to look at human, and one who only cared for what served his own very shallow happiness. He grew to find the most vulnerable of girls/women to feast upon the energy of their vulnerability to feed his completely diffident ego.

If he had a woman who was not fully worshiping him, or one who was taking time for herself, he would leave her for another who would pump him back up so he could feel like a god amongst men. His subconscious intrinsic need to be worshiped runs so deep that he has left many vulnerable hearts shattered in his unfillable desire to be always revered. It has happened over and over throughout his life and he continues this pattern today only now he has a son of his own.

He has two timed, cheated and more and continues to this day on this same path.

He pushed upon the partner of his choosing the desire to marry her with a false sense of security in him due to her vulnerable nature and victim upbringing. He has taken advantage of that weakness over and over throughout the 15yrs of marriage, still leaving bleeding damaged hearts in his wake. Always justifying his actions with the act of denial of seeing the pattern from the onset because of the exhaustive denial of the egotistical stroking he desires so deeply and the addictive nature of those deep seeded desires. The continued refusal of looking deeper within to serve himself from inside of himself, instead of carelessly using the energy of womens’ adoration through sexual energy and creation of complete and total dependency to feed that ego, have become a means to an end of yet another heart's path. A harsh lesson of misogyny and what a man will do to serve his own self righteous purpose, placed carelessly in the hands of a 24yo girl.

A wolf in sheep's skins, he awaits his next victim and continues to dis-serve his marriage and family as a whole. The selfish nature of the beast unenlightened who claims enlightenment yet continues to wreak havoc and damage turning the blind eye of self satisfaction.

I see no end in sight for this behavior. I pray it's the last time.

A letter from the wife, raising the boy of a misogynistic man.

He is not the only man like this but if there were higher consequences to their actions he may be one of the few who dares to break the hearts of so many for their own personal gain.

It is inexcusable and should be reckoned with and repentances should be made to all those put to suffer at his careless hands.

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