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The man who pissed off his wife: is a full-time mother supposed to be humble?

Can't handle two children

By cly mumfordPublished 2 years ago 6 min read
The man who pissed off his wife: is a full-time mother supposed to be humble?
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The quality of a marriage cannot be measured in material terms and has little to do with love. Whether a woman is truly happy after marriage is difficult to see before marriage or at the beginning of marriage, and only after going through the nitty-gritty of food and salt can you feel happy or not.

Many women have encountered men who have two faces before and after marriage, and this often happens when the man is the breadwinner of the family. These men are not unloved by their wives, and at first, they have been impulsive for love, but when the pressure of living for a long time makes their hearts unbalanced, they will turn their grievances against their wives.

The two of them are in love, and they are also the envy of the romantic couple. After graduation, the two of them looked for a job together, each struggling on their own.

They had no solid family background and had to rely on themselves. The two of them supported each other along the way and finally bought their first suite before they dared to get married and start a family.

When they first got married, Charmaine continued to work, but they also had plans to have children. The couple discussed that after they had children, Charmaine would quit her job to bring up the children, and her husband would be responsible for earning money to support the family.

When the first child was born, Charmaine's husband was very concerned about her and came home from work to do the cooking and housework, and the couple understood each other's difficulties.

As the child grew up, Charmaine told her husband that if the child grew up, she could find another job to earn an extra income and put less pressure on him, but he insisted on having a second child and told Charmaine to stay home with the child and not worry about money.

Baby Mama

When they had their second child, as promised, Charmaine never thought of going out to look for a job again, she was ready to be a housewife for life.

As the two children grew up, the family became busier and busier with all kinds of chores, and Charmaine revolved around the two children every day, without any personal space for herself.

Her husband was also under increasing pressure to raise the two children and had no breakthrough in his career, and his worries were increasing.

However, both husband and wife are overwhelmed by life. Although Charmaine is tired and can't do anything but take care of her family, she has no worries whatsoever when she sees her two lovely children.

However, Charmaine's husband is not in such a good frame of mind. Whenever he encounters something bad in his career, he starts to lose his temper when he comes home, and the man who used to be gentle and considerate to Charmaine is long gone.

Once it was raining and Charmaine was late picking up the children on her electric bike, her husband was not ready for dinner when he got off work, so he got particularly angry and accused Charmaine of being too slow in cooking. Although she explained that it was raining and slippery and that's why she came home late, her husband didn't listen to the explanation.

Charmaine said that since the birth of her second child, her husband had gradually formed the habit of having to eat when he got home, and whenever he was a few minutes late, he would complain.

She understands that he has to work hard and that it is stressful to support a family of four by himself, but it is not easy for her either.

Every day after dropping off the children and buying groceries, she comes home to do housework, cooks for her husband on time at noon, and then has to pick up the children in the afternoon before she can do two loads of laundry, and comes home to prepare dinner in a panic.

Whenever she explained to her husband that she was also working hard, her husband always said, "You don't worry about anything at home all day, what's so hard about it."

Charmaine said that her husband did not put himself in her shoes and could not appreciate her difficulties. She also graduated from university and only worked for a few short years, after which her life was all about her family and children, and in the future, even when her children were older, she could have time to herself, but I was afraid that it would be difficult to find a job when she went out again.

Even if she sacrifices her career for her family, she has never blamed her husband, it is her own choice, but in her opinion, at least her husband should give her the appropriate consideration and not feel that she is living off him, the most basic respect for her is missing.

Charmaine is not the kind of woman who doesn't care for her husband and spends money lavishly. She is very frugal and knows that raising two children is not easy, and she spends every penny on the edge of a knife.

Since the birth of her two children, she has not bought herself a single piece of clothing almost every New Year's Eve, but she has never failed to buy her husband clothes.

However, her husband does not appreciate her because she is frugal and does not spare any money for food and clothing.

One weekend, Xia Man's husband went out with friends and she was left alone to look after the children. After her youngest son spilled water on the floor, she went to get a mop and the two children deliberately stepped on the watery floor, resulting in both of them falling.

When her husband came home, she told him to mop up the floor before he could handle it.

Then, after her husband understood the situation, he said directly to Charmaine, "When I was a child, I had four children at home, my mother worked in the field while bringing us up and nothing happened, but when it comes to you, you can't even bring up two children, are you worthy of being a mother?"

Xia Man had always been good-natured and rarely argued with her husband in front of the children. But this time his words made her unbearable, Xia Man disliked angrily: "Full-time mother is not humble, without me sacrificing my career, which has the two children's happy childhood, you do not think you earn two money can tell me what to do, I used to put up with you, is sympathetic to you, since you do not know what is wrong, do not want me to care about you again, really can not go to divorce. "

Xia Man's husband is not much of a strong man, is in the company was angry, home to find existence, heard his wife say the word divorce, he also know afraid.

Xia Man said that after she had a tantrum, her husband's attitude towards her was much better, and she said that if she was disrespected again in the future, she might choose to divorce.

In life, many women are like Charmaine, sacrificing their careers for their families, even losing themselves in the days and days of bringing up their children, and then, their lives are completely pinned on their men, and from time to time, their husbands are so angry that they can't do anything about it.

There are many women like Charmaine who put up with it to a certain point and take the initiative to fight back, but very often, the woman's fight back is not to keep the marriage going, but to choose divorce.

People are all different. Charmaine's husband realized his problems after her angry dislike, but some men fail to recognize their mistakes right from the start. Women are fortunate or unlucky to be married to any kind of man, it mainly depends on a man's character.

Character is not bad men, if you make a mistake there is a chance of salvation, the real bad character of people, there is no cure. So, before a woman gets married, shine your eyes and do everything you can to see through the true nature of the man you are marrying.

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