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The Lost finger

Story of a little adventures boy

By Gayathri NadarajanPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Shravan was an adventurous young boy with a penchant for climbing trees. The towering oak in his backyard was his favourite challenge. Every afternoon, after finishing his homework, he would scamper up the tree, feeling the rough bark beneath his fingers as he ascended higher and higher.

One sunny Saturday, Shravan invited his cousin Vinayak over to join in his tree-climbing escapades. Excited by the prospect of an outdoor adventure, Vinayak eagerly agreed. Together, they made their way to the oak tree, ready for a day filled with fun.

As they began their ascent, Shravan nimble fingers expertly found each crevice in the bark. He had climbed this tree countless times, and his confidence was unwavering. Vinayak, on the other hand, was not as experienced, but he was determined to keep up with his adventurous cousin.

They had reached a considerable height when Shravan, in his haste, attempted to grab a small, precarious branch. It snapped under his weight, and he tumbled, reaching out to grab a nearby branch to break his fall. The impact sent a sharp pain shooting through her hand.

Vinayak gasped as he watched Shravan fall, and he quickly scrambled down the tree to his side. Tears welled up in Shravan’s eyes as he cradled his injured hand. Vinayak examined his fingers carefully and noticed that her Pinky finger was bent at an odd angle.

"Shravan, I think you've hurt your finger," Vinayak said, his voice filled with concern.

Shravan winced in pain but managed a brave smile. "I'll be fine, Jake. Just a little accident."

Jake helped him down from the tree and supported him as they walked back to Shravan’s house. His parents rushed him to the hospital, where the doctor confirmed that his Pinky finger was indeed broken. Shravan would need a splint to keep it immobilized while it healed.

Over the next few weeks, Shravan had to adapt to life with a splint on his finger. It was challenging, especially when it came to doing everyday tasks like tying his shoelaces or holding a pencil. But he remained positive, determined not to let his broken finger slow him down.

During his recovery, Shravan and Vinayak spent their time reading books, playing board games, and planning future outdoor adventures. They learned that sometimes accidents happened, but they could overcome them together.

As the weeks passed, Shravan's finger gradually healed. he had to visit the hospital for check-ups, and each time, he received good news about her progress. His doctor was impressed with his resilience and how well he had taken care of his injured finger.

One sunny afternoon, Shravan finally got the news he had been waiting for – his finger was fully healed, and he could remove the splint. He and Vinayak celebrated by climbing the oak tree once more, this time taking extra precautions and being more mindful of their actions.

The experience of his broken finger taught Shravan an important lesson about resilience and the value of having supportive cousins like Vinayak. It was a reminder that even in moments of adversity, he could overcome challenges and continue pursuing her adventurous spirit, with her trusty cousin by his side.


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