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The look of love

by DannyMox 3 months ago in adoption
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Walking on the road to pick you up to meet your favorite baby with an unconscious smile on your face.

  An old movie "Love Letter" was told on the radio. Watanabe Hiroko's eyes are still so charming. She looks at the snow-filled sky and thinks about her lover who can never come back. In the movie, a love letter that was ten years late, a heartbreaking confession that traveled through the years and eventually came from heaven. Some people say that "Love Letter" is the ultimate in love in the history of the silver screen, but also the most persistent companionship and the most complex long love in life.

  Yesterday, a photo was posted, a photo with love, I saw the eyes of love, and suddenly made me think a lot.

  When young love will not be forgotten, it is the heart of the candied fruit, think of a kind of faint sweet bitter taste, but eventually will fade with age, it is able to make you lick up the taste of the lips, smacking the corners of the mouth, think about the previous story, and then the heart of the soft red hidden in the fingerprints sealed, the fire was buried by the ice, forever left in the most youthful and blushing moment of youth.

  I can't help but think of my own love years, well all the waiting is worth it. We didn't miss it after all like in the movie, caught you and never gave up.

  Should the phrase, the end bottom fishing thick, really quite interesting, who invented the phrase? So funny!

  What did you say yesterday morning, what is the sun out? Big bad, how to say, excessive.

  The first acquaintance, I look at you is deep love, ounce of spring, the breeze gently. The first thing you need to do is to look at your eyes and you will not be able to move away from them.

  The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. Love is beautiful, so people will lose their minds, will change everything, the only thing that has not changed, is that I look to you still firm, regardless of the thorns and bumps ahead, despite the cold and heat, because I look at you, and you are still there, is the power.

  The hall, I look at you is the warmth, autumn water lightly fall, all the music is silent. The white veil is on my body, the music is in full swing, I look at you, I can't stop smiling, I know after today, I can look at you to the depths, to death.

  The delivery room, I look at you is tender, white snow leisurely, lightly decorated with a few points. The anxious atmosphere was broken by crying, I looked at you, full of tenderness, you forced to pull out a smile more to my heart, I still look at you, only one more person, is the continuation of our two, but also the legacy of the eyes.

  Now, still habitually look at your face, think about the first look at you, think about walking together through the spring, summer, autumn and winter, can not help but smile, "Hey, hey, there you are really good".

  Sometimes you're not happy with the polishing, or quite embarrassed, scolded but also quite happy, is not a very thick skin it?

  The posters were lost in thought, but they could also think of so many stories.

  Walking in the street, tighten the collar, suddenly saw you again, walking in faith.

  The sun is just right, the breeze is just right, your look is just right, all engraved in my heart.

  I watched from afar as you walked towards me, and couldn't help but open my arms to embrace you openly.

  Some people will walk with you, walk through a bent, walk through a lifetime.

  A glance of deep love, love for a million years...


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