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The Fourth Reich

by Roy Tsukishima 6 months ago in fact or fiction
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Andrew learns of his secret past

“Andrew! It’s time to get up.”

Andrew opens his eyes and after a brief moment of semi-consciousness, sees his grandfather looking over him. “Grandpa, what time is it?”

“It is 7:00 AM, and it is your eighteenth birthday, so get up as you have a big day ahead of you.”

“Can I sleep a few more minutes, Grandpa?”

“No, get up and get dressed and come on down.”

“Ok.” Says Andrew as he slowly rises and gets out of bed.

After a quick shower and shave, Andrew gets dressed and heads downstairs to greet his family. It is his eighteenth birthday and, in a few months, he will be off to West Point to follow in his family’s footprints. His Grandfather, Arthur Neumann, graduated from West Point in 1967 and served in the Vietnam War, where he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. He retired with the rank of Major-General. His father Alex Neumann also went to West Point and graduated in 2000 and served with distinction in both Afghanistan and Iraq and was awarded the Silver Star in 2005. After Alex left the army, he turned to politics and in 2008 won the Senate seat from the state of Virginia. He won re-election in 2014 but had a failed attempt at the US Presidency in 2016 when he lost the Republican nomination to Donald Trump. Alex was able to win his third term in the Senate when he won again in 2020.

Now it is Andrew’s turn to head off to the West Point Military Academy. With the success that both his father and grandfather had going through West Point, there is a lot of pressure on Andrew to also find success there. As Andrew walks into the dining room, he sees his father and grandfather, and they both yell “Happy Birthday Andrew.” Andrew walks over and hugs both of them. These are the only members of Andrew’s family. His mother, younger brother, and sister died in a car accident when Andrew was nine. His Aunt died from cancer when she was only sixteen, and his grandmother died while giving birth to his uncle, who also died after a few days. Andrew’s mother was an only child and her parents both died years ago, so Andrew had no other family members.

The three men sat down and ate breakfast, but nothing was said. After breakfast, Andrew’s grandfather looks over at Andrew and says, “My boy it is time we had a little chat. Let’s head off to your father’s den and let him clean up here.”

Andrew looks over to his father who just nods his head in agreement, so Andrew follows his grandfather to his father’s den.

As the two men enter the room, Arthur motions to Andrew to sit down. “Andrew, I think it is time to discuss your destiny.”

“What do you mean Grandpa?”

“I never told you much about my family lineage.”

“Well, I know your father fought and died for Germany during World War II and after the war, your mother moved to America where you were born.”

“That is only partially true. My mother, your great-grandmother, Maria Neumann, changed her name when she moved to America in 1945. Her real name was Eva Hitler.”

After a moment of silence, Andrew stutters, “That can’t be true, Eva Braun or Eva Hitler committed suicide before the Soviets could capture her and Adolf Hitler.”

“No, Adolf Hitler, your Great-Grandfather, did indeed kill himself, but it was important for the Fuhrer to get his unborn son, me out of there. My mother, Eva, was 2 months pregnant when Hitler killed himself, but he made plans to have Eva smuggled out of Germany and off to America, as he entrusted his most loyal SS commander, to get Eva and his unborn son out alive. When my mother arrived in America in September of 1945, she changed her name to Maria Neumann.”

“When I turned 18 my mother told me the truth of who my father was and what my purpose in life was. I was to go to West Point and make a name for myself and my family. It was not going to be me that would turn to politics and take over this nation, that would be my son’s mission. Your father followed my footsteps by going to West Point and becoming a war hero, but when he turned to politics, we thought he would lead the Republicans to the Oval office in 2016, but we came up against Trump, someone who we did not see as a big threat. But that mistake cost us the White House. Now, Andrew my boy, it is your turn to lead our family to the White House. You will follow our footprints and go to West Point and at some point, you will end up going to war where you will excel and become a hero, which you will turn to votes as you then enter politics. This time we will not make the mistake of underestimating an opponent.”

“Why is it important to enter politics? To be perfectly honest with you Grandpa, I never envisioned myself as a politician. After doing my time in the Army, I see myself getting into the business world.”

“Yes, your father and I know you are not too keen on politics as you did not go after the student body presidency in high school as we asked you to. But politics is the family business and you will enter politics as it is your destiny to lead us to the White House.”

“But why is it important for this family to end up in the White House?”

“Because that was my father’s, your Great-Grand Father’s dream. He wanted a thousand-year Reich when he started the Third Reich, but that did not turn out the way he expected, so now it falls upon you to finish his dream and to start the Fourth Reich.”

“But this is America, it is not Germany. How can we start a Fourth Reich in America?”

“That is a very good question, Andrew. Not only do we have Nazi operatives working in American to help in our quest, but we also have operatives in Germany who are working on the same goal. Through peaceful processes, we were able to get most of Western Europe to join the European Union, which is mainly run by Germans. Once you take over America, we will join with our European brothers, to form the new Fourth Reich, even though we won’t call it that as that will be suspicious to the rest of the World.”

“But you just lost Britain in the European Union, how does that affect your plans?”

“At first that was a setback, but we have come to the realization, that Britain might not have agreed to the union with America.”

“What about me. What would happen to your plan if I were to go off to war and get myself killed. That will stop your plans for world domination?”

“It won’t stop our plan, just delay it. We thought of that possibility and have contingency plans. Over the years, your father has donated sperm to suitable women of German descent in Europe and America. If something should happen to you, we will groom one of them to be your successor.”

“How many siblings do I have?”

“There are 24 in Europe, aged 6 to 16, and in America, there are 31 aged 5 to 16. One of your siblings will be groomed to take over the European Union, around the same time, that you win the Presidency here in America.”

“That means you must have a list of the names of my siblings and where they reside?”

“Of course, we have their names and where they live. I will show you the master list later today.”

“And how many Nazi Operatives are there in America and Europe?”

“We have an organization with over 1500 agents in America and around 1300 in Europe. And yes, we have a master list of who is in the organization and a leadership chart. You will soon get to know our top operatives in both America and Europe.”

“These operatives around the country, are they in Government positions, or the Military or Business?”

“We have them in all three places, plus the media. We need them in all these places, for a successful takeover of America and the European Union.”

“And how exactly do you plan on taking over America and the European Union. They won’t sit quietly and let you start the Fourth Reich.”

“That is the brilliance of our plan. We will make it seem that is what the people want. We got the ball rolling years ago, using civil unrest to get the movement started. The rise of minorities speaking out against racism will eventually lead white people to finally stand up for their rights. At first, Donald Trump was a setback for our movement, but we now see, he has started to get white people to speak up and defend their rights. By the time you are ready to enter politics and one of your siblings is ready in Europe, we will be in a position to take over in both continents peacefully using the democratic process. Once in power, there will be terrorist activities on both sides of the Atlantic that we will make sure points to minorities and we will use these terrorist acts to enact Martial Law and over time, we will take away all rights. By this time, we will have our people in important positions across the country and then we will take total control and eliminate those we deem unfit to live in our new society.”

“When you say eliminate, you mean you are going to kill them?”

“They don’t necessarily have to be killed. They would be free to leave and immigrate to another country.”

“And we know how that worked out for Jewish people in the second world war.”

“Their fate would be in God’s hand.”

Andrew just shakes his head in disgust towards his grandfather’s last comment. “And what about the other world powers, Russia, Britain, and China? What would they say about this new alliance between the US and the European Union? “Do you think they will just sit around and do nothing?”

“Eventually there will be a war and we will eliminate those who oppose our will. We will have to fight Russia and China, but there is hope Britain sees the light and will not fight against us.”

Andrew says nothing for a few seconds, and before he can say anything else, his grandfather speaks up. “I know this is a lot for you to take in at this time. I know it was a lot for me as well as for your father. But after a short time, you will see that what we are trying to do is return Germany and the German people back to where we belong, the undisputed leaders of the world. Why don’t you think about this for a while and we will come back and give you an in-depth look into our organization and the ultimate plan to bring about the creation of the Fourth Reich.”

Andrew’s Grandfather leaves and as Andrew starts to think about what his grandfather just told him, he still can’t believe he is a descendant of Adolf Hitler, one of the most ruthless and despised dictators of all time. He is also starting to think about how well he knows his father and grandfather. All his life he was proud of what both of them have accomplished in their lives and he thought of them as good, honorable people. But now hearing their plans to start up the Fourth Reich and continue with Hitler’s plan for world domination and ethnic cleansing, he doesn't know what to believe. He also can’t believe they are trying to recruit him to not only help with their plans but to eventually take over and become this ruthless dictator like his great-grandfather. For the next hour, Andrew struggles with the plan his grandfather laid out for him and the rest of the world.

After about an hour, his father and grandfather return and they take him to a hidden room he has never seen in the basement. In this large room are several computes and several filing cabinets. His father and grandfather give him the secret access code to enter the room and then they start to go over the information that is found there, such as the identities of all of his half-siblings, the clinics in the world, where his father has stored his sperm, the identities, and whereabouts of all of the operatives around the world and the master plan for the formation of the Fourth Reich. It is late in the day when they are finally done.

An exhausted Andrew heads to his room after saying goodnight to both his father and grandfather. After lying in bed for over an hour tossing and turning, unable to sleep with all the thoughts that are rolling through his head, Andrew finally gets up and leaves his room. He sees that both his father and grandfather are asleep so he heads down to the secret room and enters and starts to go over all of the information again. It is after 6:00 AM the next day when Andrew leaves the secret room and heads back to his room before his father or grandfather awake.

After seeing his father and grandfather for breakfast, he tells them he needs time to think about what they told him the previous day and he heads out to get some fresh air and to try to get his head around what he was told and try to figure out who he is.

It is after 11:00 PM when Andrew finally arrives home.

His father is there to greet him at the door.

Andrew looks around and then asks, “Where is grandpa?”

“He went to bed a few minutes ago. How was your day son?”

“If you are asking how was my first full day knowing that I am a descendant of Hitler’s, well to be truthful it was rather painful.”

“I know this is a lot to take in, but believe me over time you will begin to appreciate who you are and what your destiny is.”

“I am not too sure about that.”

“I felt the same the first few days after being told.”

“Listen, I thought about this all day long. I am not like you and grandpa or great-grandpa. I am not a blood-thirsty dictator with grand illusions of power, and I am not a racist pig like the three of you.”

“That was not necessary and we are not racist pigs.”

“Oh really? Then what are you?”

“We are visionaries who can see the full picture of what God wants in this world.”

“And what is it that God wants?”

“He wants his true children to rule the world.”

“And who are God’s true children?”

“The German Aryan race of course.”

“And what is to be done with the other races and nationalities in the world?”

“They are to be our servants.”

Andrew just laughs and then says; “I can’t believe you can say that with a straight face, and I can’t believe you still believe you can conquer the world. Your Grandfather failed and so will you.”

“Hitler made several mistakes and we have learned from his mistakes and can correct them for the next time. Believe me, son, I had the same feelings that you do. But you feel that way because the American education system taught you these lies. Once you learn the truth about Hitler and his beliefs, you too will change your mind and you will embrace your heritage and your destiny.”

“I don’t think so, father.”

“Yes, you will. Your re-education lessons will begin tomorrow morning. It is getting late, so why don’t you go to bed and I will see you in the morning. Goodnight son.”

Andrew says nothing for a few seconds and then replies; “Goodnight father.” And he then heads off to his room.

Andrew gets in bed and after getting virtually no sleep the past 40 hours, he still has a problem falling asleep, but eventually, he falls asleep even with the haunting thought that he is the great-grandson of Adolf Hitler.

At 7:00 AM the next morning Andrew gets up and showers. After showering he gets dressed and before heading down to meet his father and grandfather for breakfast, he enters his father’s room and goes to the bed stand, and pulls out his father’s .45 he knows he stores there. He grabs a pillow and takes a deep breath and heads downstairs.

His father sees Andrew first and says; “What is that you are holding?”

Andrew doesn’t answer but instead, pulls out the gun with one hand and then puts the pillow with his other hand up against his father’s head and then puts the gun up against the pillow and pulls the trigger. The pillow muffles the sound enough that the Secret Service agents who follow his father around, do not hear the sound.

His grandfather sees what Andrew just did and yells; “What the hell are you doing?”

“I am ending your insane plan to start a Fourth Reich here in America, by killing you and my father and then killing myself.”

“Listen, Andrew, killing yourself, myself and your father won’t stop our plan. You saw everything, even with all of us dead, our plan will still go ahead.”

“That is why, yesterday, I sent packages out to the CIA, MI6, and Mossad, telling them who the three of us are. I also sent them lists of all of Hitler’s other descendants and the Nazi agents you have here in America and Europe. I also sent them your grand plan for the establishment of the Fourth Reich here in America and Europe and finally the whereabouts of the sperm samples that my father has stored at fertility clinics across the country and Europe. I also gave them a sample of all three of our DNA so that they can be compared to Hitler’s to confirm that we are descendants of him. I told him I was going to kill the three of us, but it was up to them to finish the job by eliminating the Nazi agents and the other descendants of Hitler. They also need to destroy my father's sperm samples, so no other offspring of Hitler can be born.”

“Listen, Andrew, you can’t do this, you are the great-grandson of Adolf Hitler, you can not be the one who is responsible for ending our great endeavor. Please, think this through completely before you kill all of us.”

“I have thought this through completely and this is the only way I see to end this all.”

“But Andrew, everyone will think you are a cold-blooded killer, someone who killed his father and grandfather. Do you want everyone to think that?”

“I don’t care what people think. Some people will know that my actions, save this planet from more Nazi atrocities, and that is good enough for me.” As Andrew walks up to his grandfather and shoots him in the head. This time he did not use the pillow to muffle the sound, so the Secret Service Agents hear the shots and run up to the house to investigate. Andrew leaves his suicide note on the table and then he quickly checks his father and grandfather to confirm they are dead, and then he points the gun up against his temple and pulls the trigger.


After the deaths of Arthur, Alex, and Andrew Neumann, agents from the CIA enter the house where the killings occurred and use the information Andrew sent them to find the hidden room. They go through all of the computers and files to confirm what Andrew had told them about the Nazi’s plan for a Fourth Reich.

Two months later, the leaders of the Nazi organization from both America and Europe meet in rural Ohio at a secret location, to determine their next course of action, with the loss of Arthur, Alex, and Andrew Neumann.

The CIA, MI6, and Mossad have been working together and were following the Nazi agents and at this meeting, after all of the Nazis have arrived and are in attendance in the conference room, a massive bomb is exploded, killing over 2,000 Nazi’s.

Over the next few weeks, the three intelligence agencies, hunt down the remaining 800 Nazi agents and kill them. The agencies then track down the fifty-five other descendants of Hitler and they all end up dying under mysterious circumstances. Finally, the sperm samples from Alex Neumann are tracked down and destroyed.

Thus ends the Nazi’s hope for a Fourth Reich.

fact or fiction

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