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The Best Gifts from Distinctive Assets Mother’s Day in Hollywood 2024 Celebrity Gift Bag

Shower your Mom with Gifts on Mother's Day

By Reese AlexanderPublished about a month ago 8 min read
An inside look at Distinctive Assets 2024 "Mother's Day in Hollywood" celebrity gift bag

Are you in search of a unique Mother's Day gift for your mom, stepmom, sister, or any special woman in your life? If yes, you might want to consider the gift bags that will be presented to celebrity moms during Distinctive Assets' "Mother's Day in Hollywood" event in 2024. Even though these gift bags are meant for famous moms like Naomi Osaka, Blake Lively, and Jennifer Garner, you can still get some of the same products to make your loved ones feel special too!

The founder of Distinctive Assets, Lash Fary, who is known as Hollywood’s "Sultan of Swag," has included an extensive range of high and low-priced products in this year's gift bag. This year, Distinctive Assets aims to pamper twenty-five of the world's most famous moms with a diverse selection of unique, innovative, and useful gifts. Some of the all-star mommies who made it on this year's gift list include Keke Palmer, Kaley Cuoco, Halle Bailey, Emily Vancamp, Uzo Aduba, Ali Wong, Grace Gummer, Jordin Sparks, Meghan Trainor, Rumer Willis, and Greta Gerwig, among others.

“Mother’s Day is such a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge those tackling one of the most challenging jobs around: motherhood! The moms on our list inspire us through their work, and we hope to pamper them while supporting their parenting journey,” says Distinctive Assets’ founder and noted gift expert Lash Fary.

Here are some great gift suggestions for the special person or persons in your life for Mother’s Day.

Angelina George Skincare

Discover AGC Angelina George Skincare, where cutting-edge Phospholipid Micelles power our skincare essentials, from our Micellar Toner Cleanser to the luxurious Blue Tansy Balm, a celebrity favorite for its rejuvenating vegan formulas.


What started as playtime for parents and kids soon turned into a movement to reinvent family moments in a modern era. We like to say we are “baking the world a better place” by helping to change the way kids and parents connect nowadays. Our kits give families the chance to get excited about putting their devices away and welcome screen-free enjoyment of real-life moments to discover new ideas and raise happier kids.


The award-winning Beautifect Box allows you to experience industry leading lighting for makeup application at your fingertips. Achieve flawless makeup looks instantly with Beautifect’s advanced leading light technology offering five meticulously crafted environments from radiant sunlight to soft evening lighting, adaptable to your destination.

Immerse yourself in ultimate personalization with the revolutionary Beautifect Glow Mirror. Explore three dynamic lighting modes replicating natural sunlight, daylight and evening ambiance, boasting exceptional Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 95+ for true color accuracy. Enjoy precise brightness control with a sleek glow dial, from a soothing glow to intense illumination.

Bones Coffee Company

Say goodbye to boring with Bones Coffee’s highly caffeinated, slightly wicked set of top-selling flavored coffees made with freshly roasted beans. Bones Coffee boasts over 30 tempting flavors (plus blends and single origins), is keto-friendly and has zero sugar or artificial sweeteners. This gift set includes these four bags of freshly ground coffee, with a 20oz. Stainless Steel Tumbler, all in a fun tote: Dragon’s Lair (a bold, smoky blend with notes of caramelized sugars and cacao), Costa Rica (a rich, single origin, medium roast made from top-quality beans from the Coto Brus region of Costa Rica), Highland Grog (a joy-inspiring coffee with flavors of spiced rum with notes of butterscotch and caramel) and Salty Siren (a mystical coffee with rich flavors of caramel, mocha and sea salt).

CHC Luxury Natural Candles

CHC’s exclusive showpieces are a special extension of the CHC line of natural, eco-friendly beeswax candles. Each of these are unique in design and style, so no one person will ever receive the same showpiece. Cassandra curates each set, which includes an array of captivating and vibrant colors, and she hand pours every candle. You may hold on to these for years to come or light them as soon as you’d like.


Jewelry intentionally designed for the everyday girl who believes she is more. Cultivating confidence and inspiring youth, teens & women of all ages to love the skin they are in.

Esse Organics

Terra Firma and Mint Magic handmade natural soap bars inspired by nature for body and soul.

Ethique Beauty

Ethique Beauty “Live and Let Shine” Hair Gift Pack contains shampoo & conditioner bars perfect for refreshing and restoring balanced-to-dry hair. Designed with clean, naturally effective ingredients like moringa oil, jojoba oil and cocoa butter, Ethique solid haircare combats frizz and nourishes dry hair for smooth and luscious locks. Plus, the bar format and plastic-free packaging means you save the equivalent of eight plastic bottles with every giftpack. Perfect for travel, too!


Following its success and countless testimonials from parents, Helight® Sleep adapted their award-winning, patented sleep aid device with children and infants in mind. Helight® Kidzzz delivers the same pure 630nm of red light therapy and patented protocol, specially designed to be safe and child-friendly, and to help children and infants sleep better, faster, deeper. Aside from the biological effect it triggers, this patented device also creates a playful and fun ritual that eases bedtime. Helight® Kidzzz is suitable for children and infants from 6 months and up.

Life After Birth

A complimentary month of our weekly After Birth Support Circle named one of “The New Wave of Virtual Mom Groups You Should Know About” (in Little Honey Money’s 2023 roundup) with celebrated Perinatal Psychotherapist and Founder of Life After Birth, Molly Nourmand, LMFT. Plus you’ll receive our brand-new, Spring 2024 merch—a “mother each other” t-shirt designed by an award-winning creative agency and printed locally.


An anti-aging skin barrier, this day and night facial moisturizer is perfect for all skin types. The combination of Vitamin C, our all-natural retinol alternative and a unique plant derived super-hydrator improves skin’s radiance and firmness. An extract of summer snowflake bulb has Botox mimicking smoothing results, while Martixyl 3000 peptides restore collagen synthesis, providing long term anti-wrinkle benefits.

MILAJ Skincare

MILAJ skincare is a solution to the dynamic and changing qualities of our skin. As we evolve from one stage of our life to the next, so too do the needs of our skin. Tweens and teens require formulas that balance and promote clarity for the skin. MILAJ Skincare formulas combine nature’s most potent actives with biocompatible ingredients. MILAJ clean skincare is free from harmful synthetics and ingredients. The in-between line is specifically designed for kids ages 5 to 15. The formulas help neutralize the skin, prevent overproduction of oil and maintain hydration.

Pardon My Fro

Stash and organize all of your cosmetics in our stylish Squad Cosmetic Bag. The bright yellow color is easy to find in your handbag, making it perfect for on-the-go essentials or traveling. Amazing for wash-and-go’s and complete twist-outs, Pardon My Fro foam hair mousse fights frizz and nourishes curls to form the perfect masterpiece. The luscious blend of jojoba oil and hydrating ingredients protects hair; never crunchy nor drying. Great for all curls and coils.

Our stylish Head Wraps serve as the perfect head accessory, but they can also be easily knotted and folded for alternative uses. Transform it into a chick body wrap, an elegant shawl or a trendy belt.

Really Good Cookies

The Variety Dozen of Really Good Cookies includes four flavors of individually wrapped, incredibly indulgent soft-baked cookies, packaged in RGC’s classic gift box. Enjoy a variety of RGC’s favorite soft-baked cookies including Classic Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Fudge Buttercream, Gram’s Snickerdoodle and the Original Vanilla Buttercream Cookie. Really Good Cookies is a community of cookie-obsessed creatives on a mission to bring people together through the joy of a really-good-cookie. Really Good Cookies lives up to the name by offering a delectable selection of soft-baked cookies, in addition to logo cookies, hand-decorated custom cookies, business gifts, as well as a cookie-fundraising program.

Ripple Foods

We're thrilled to introduce you to Ripple, our game-changing plant-based dairy-alternative brand! Ripple Kids Original Plant-Based Milk was created with your little ones in mind, boasting the same amount of protein as dairy milk along with added DHA, choline, and prebiotics for optimal growth and development. And for Mom, our Ripple Protein Shakes are packed with 20g of plant-based protein and give creamy milkshake vibes, making them the ideal companion for your daily adventures.

Rose Box NYC

Store & display your favorite jewelry in style with our Single Rose Jewelry Box! Made with an XL long-lasting rose, this elegant box is durable and will stay fresh all year long. Compact size is perfect for organizing small items such as earrings and rings, and the clear acrylic lid allows for easy access. Customize with your choice of rose and box colors to create a truly one-of-a-kind gift!

Sagar Experience

The Sagar is a vegetable forest sugar derived from maple water made in Quebec, Canada. It is 100% natural and obtained without refining. As one of the most expensive sugars in the world, the Sagar is a noble and rare experience of unparalleled sweetness.


Schmutzes Insole Cleansing Wipes are specially formulated to clean and refresh the leather insoles of your luxury footwear. Schmutzes offers a convenient and hassle-free solution to effectively remove dirt and “Schmutz” while maintaining the quality of your cherished sole-mates.


Skanties are a revolutionary line of anti-shapewear undergarments, blending the freedom of yoga pants, the luxury of silky nylon and breathability of cotton - crafted to enhance comfort and confidence whilst celebrating the body's natural shape.

S.O.S. PJs

S.O.S. PJs and Robes are 100% cotton, block printed and hand sewn. They are all packaged in a matching fabric envelope that reduces the waste of traditional packaging. The cotton is not only super soft, but the bold prints make them stylish enough to wear day or night…from bed, brunch or the beach.

That Beetch

Beetox Wrinkle Serum uses the power of propolis, honey and prebiotics to give you glowing velvety smooth skin. A portion of all proceeds are donated back to honeybee conservation.

Tracy Marcus

Tracy Marcus is a woman-owned new collection of luxury white lace swim cover-ups.


Tushbaby is a baby carrier that’s built to support you and your child’s changing needs. It’s the only carrier that can be used from birth through toddlerhood, so it’s truly the only carrier you’ll ever need.

Un-Real Oil

This versatile, cold pressed natural nut and seed based oil is specifically formulated to nourish and revitalize hair, nails and skin. Addressing everyday problems such as irritated scalp, weak nails, eczema and more by promoting hydration, strength and growth.

Zadún, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve

Zadún, is one of just six properties in the exceptional Ritz-Carlton Reserve Portfolio - a collection of resorts located in rare and exotic destinations, untouched stretches of paradise tucked away in the most exquisite corners of the world. for the most discerning travelers seeking a personalized, meaningful escape. Located in Puerto Los Cabos, this exclusive resort brings together local tradition of warmth, the region’s vibrant history and the natural splendor of Baja. This year’s celebrity moms are invited to enjoy the Grand Reserve Villa, the most luxurious accommodation on the property. It is the resort’s crown jewel and a truly stunning estate set along a private stretch of coastline. Travelers seeking privacy, amplitude, peace and wellness will find in this lovely two-story five-bedroom villa, located on a sun-kissed beach, a place to unwind and amuse.

If you are interested in being a sponsor or product placement, contact Distinctive Assets and follow them on Instagram.

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