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Stop Persecuting Us For Doing What Comes Naturally

Breastfeeding is a God-given gift, and women everywhere are honored to bear it. So why punish and belittle us for doing what is natural to our bodies?

By Crystal RennerPublished 6 years ago 2 min read

So, here's an image for you.

A young mom is sitting in a park, or a beach, or wherever you prefer. She's fully clothed. Held tightly against her chest is a beautiful, healthy baby, and its little round grapefruit-shaped head covers the woman from public view.

Now, here's a contrasting image for you.

Let's go with the beach this time. You're sitting there enjoying the beach. Maybe you're watching your kids get repeatedly knocked over by the waves, or checking out the hunks throwing a Frisbee while trying and failing to be discreet. Then...here's the best part. An extremely large, extremely round, extremely hairy man is standing right in front of you, blocking the view. His boobs flop over the top of his belly and lay there like two partially deflated balloons, and his watermelon jelly belly is pooched so far out that its own weight is actually dragging his suit down to dangerous levels, which, by the way, is gasping for air and holding on by just a thread clasped between this man's huge, hairy gorilla cheeks. And it's usually in a bright neon color like toxic green, so you can clearly see it dying.

Now tell me...

Why is that acceptable in public, but women are punished for breastfeeding when everything is covered neatly?

Why do we have to hide our bodies' natural reaction to the new life we just helped create in fear that we will be shamed? Why should we have to cover ourselves when this is what our bodies were made to do? I say, to hell with that. There is no written law, at least not where I'm from, that says we women are required to put away our natural gifts just because somebody doesn't like it. My philosophy is "Don't like it? Don't look." It is both a country-given and God-given right to nourish our babies in the best way we possibly can. Not only does it allow us time to bond with our babies, but the added health benefits are through the roof. People take health supplements to thin out or get bigger, visit the gym on an almost religious basis, and do things to their bodies that were never meant by nature to be done (i.e tanning beds, hair dye, plastic surgery), but yet those who do something natural and naturally beautiful are dragged through the mud.

As far as I'm concerned, I'm a firm believer that if women can't breastfeed in public, then young girls can't walk around with their ass cheeks showing, boys should have to pull their pants up, and men should have to cover up as well, because after all, the only difference between men's blobs and women's is that nine times out of ten, ours are bigger. If that isn't going to happen, then leave us the hell alone. You can't legally kick us out of your business, and you can't legally force us to move somewhere else. Don't like it? Don't look. Ladies, stand up for your rights. Grow a pair and defend yourself. Who knows? Your balls might turn out to be bigger than your man's.


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