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Some people love each other even when they can't be married

According to my dad, he fell in love with my mom at the clothing factory in our small town.

By pomfret wisePublished 2 years ago 6 min read

One day during lunch break, my father was playing basketball with some of his factory colleagues. One of the boys, who also liked his mother, took the opportunity to maliciously collide with him, once, twice... The fourth time Dad was knocked to the ground by the boy without the ball in his hands, and before he knew it, a figure rushed over and hit the boy hard in the chest with his elbow.

"You're fighting a war, not playing ball." Then she held out her hand to her father: "Go, don't play with such people, no fun!"

This person, is the mother.

The boy who was being attacked yelled after them, "Who are you that you're so protective of him?" In a voice that everyone could hear, Mom replied, "He's my date."

I was born the second year of our marriage. After three months, my mother gave me to my grandmother and went back to work in the garment factory. Wages in the garment factory were meager, and her mind began to perk up. First, she took the clothes that failed the quality inspection in the factory and sold them on the market in other towns, then sold them in department stores, then went to the county rental counter, and then went to the city to open a cake shop. Then again later, she simply together with friends, left the great northwest, which had never left for generations, to Hainan gold.

My mother went to the city to open a cake shop with a partner. My father took me to visit her by long-distance bus every week and brought her all kinds of food. When my mother wanted to go to Hainan, my father cried. He said, "I can't take care of you even if I want to."

Mom wants Dad to go with her. But the father could not worry about his parents, who were getting older. He said to his mother, "You go and break into the house, and I will watch over your son for you."

My father is both a father and a mother. In life, I am very spoiled, but in study, I am extremely strict. And he is really filial to his grandparents and grandparents. The only thing they resist is not saying anything negative about Mom.In those years, Mom rose and fell in the tide of The Times. When she made the money, she returned home in full glory and was extremely generous to all her relatives. When she was down and out, she would not go home every holiday on the pretext of busy business.

When she didn't come back, Dad took me to find her. Every time she left, Dad would leave her all the money mom brought home. And each time, instead of handing the money directly to her, he left it under his pillow or in his clothes in the closet.

This time, she was on the cusp of The Times. Relying on the vision and connections, she has opened three clothing chain stores, the aunt, two aunts and uncles have taken out, each up a stall.

After the money, she gave grandparents and grandparents in the town to buy a building, let them have a moment of unlimited scenery. But her relationship with her father had drifted apart.

In the end, it was Dad who initiated the divorce, and everyone thought he was stupid.

Although my parents were divorced, they never fell out. My father likes to drink tea, and my mother often asks people to bring back good tea leaves. When I learned that my mother was suffering from waist loss, my father also asked about folk remedies and urged me to help my mother do physical therapy.

They clearly have each other in their hearts, with such a deep emotional foundation, but they can't live together. I asked my mother that question.

She replied: "Your father is a man who is born to take care of his children and give. If one day, he feels that others don't need him, he will feel useless. When he is with me, he will feel that he is a useless man every minute.

And dad, especially frankly told me: "Your mother's heart is so big, ability is so strong, dad can't keep up, the only thing he can do, is not to slow her down."

My mother never remarried. I asked her why she didn't want to marry my father again. Mom also told the truth: "Even if we separated, but in this life can let me be willing to get a certificate with him, the absolute trust of the person, only your father."

All those years, Dad was single. During the Spring Festival of my junior year, I had my first drink with my father. Unable to drink, he spit out the truth after drinking: "In my life, my heart can hold your mother a woman......"

When my mother was 47 years old, she suffered from liver cancer, which was found to be terminal. "Don't tell your dad," she said repeatedly about her illness.

I ran to her all night. During that time, we were together day after day. Market situation, she has said in a few words, the rest of the time, she gave herself to the memories, memories of her and her father's youth.

She said she didn't regret leaving town, but she did regret losing my dad. She had thought of earning a few more years, going back to her hometown, finding her father, as in those days, to tell him again with vigor. But she didn't have the time or the chance.

Mother cremated that day, I do not know where dad got the news, dusty chasing to the crematorium. He staggered into the funeral hall, tearfully picked up his mother's urn and left.

Along the way, my father in accordance with the custom of the hometown funeral, every river across the bridge, walking while Shouting: "little chrysanthemum, I lead you home."

Later, I learned that when my mother was dying, she called my father for the last time. She said: "In this life, I do not owe heaven, do not owe land, do not owe anyone, but I owe you."

But dad said: "Song Xiaoju, you listen to me, in this life, you don't owe anyone, in my heart, you are the world's most perfect, the most amazing woman."

In the mountains of my hometown, my father buried my mother. There was an empty tablet in front of my mother's grave, and my father said, "When I die, I will be buried with your mother, and then I will carve characters on the tablet."

Today's father, every once in a while will go to the mother grave to sit for a while. Every time I come home, he no longer avoids talking about mom. He recalled the past, not as if his mother had died, as if she had gone away on business and would always return. And Dad, like a scavenger, pleasantly pieced together fragments of memories of the past, living in their passion rippling youth and love.

Mother is his eyes forever mountains and rivers, is his life the same lovely and can not be.

Xiaobian: This story is really moving, "men inside and women outside" family model, mom Qiu Qiu Jiangshan, dad is "hand soup" wife help, their love is more inclined to the heart of the spirit of "equal"; The love between Qian Zhongshu and Yang Jiang is "brush off the dust of the nib", know each other through thick and thin; The love river's lake of mom and dad is more like a pair of brothers and sisters, meet misfortune together to bear the chivalrously deep feeling thick, like a spring deep kuang well, those clear love and sorrow let flow of people with tears to enjoy taste!


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