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"Solitude in an icy Wonderland"

'A Poetic journey of Serenity and Beauty'

By Thavarasa Thanujan Published 8 months ago 3 min read

In the stillness of the empty work area,

Amidst the silence of the mundane,

A beauty beyond compare,

A peacefulness that's hard to explain.

My saree gently rustles,

As I walk through this serene space,

The air feels crisp and pure,

A moment frozen in time and place.

The world outside is chaotic,

But here, it's a different scene,

I'm surrounded by a wonderland,

A place where my soul can glean.

The landscape is majestic,

With snow-capped mountains high,

The sky is a brilliant blue,

And the clouds are but a sigh.

The stillness is deafening,

Yet the beauty is so loud,

It echoes through my being,

A feeling that leaves me wowed.

In the solitude of this place,

I'm at one with the world,

A place where I can simply be,

And let my soul unfurl.

This moment will stay with me,

Etched in my memory forevermore,

A beautiful place, a beautiful day,

A moment I will always adore.

So if you seek a peaceful moment,

A place where your heart can soar,

Come to this wondrous land,

And let its beauty open your door.

Let the silence speak to you,

Let the beauty take your breath,

Let the calmness of this place,

Bring peace to your very depth.

For in this icy wonderland,

There's a magic you can't deny,

A serenity that fills your soul,

A stillness that never dies.

So come, let's walk together,

In this solitude so pure,

Where the beauty of this place,

Will forevermore endure.

Let's bask in the glory,

Of the mountains and the sky,

And let our hearts be lifted,

By the beauty that's so high.

For in the solitude of this place,

Lies a beauty beyond compare,

A place where your heart will sing,

A moment you'll always hold dear.

Let the wind carry your worries away,

And let the snow calm your mind,

For in this pristine wilderness,

You'll leave your troubles behind.

The world may be chaotic,

But here, all is still and calm,

And in this tranquil atmosphere,

Your spirit will find its balm.

So walk with me in this wonderland,

Where the silence is a friend,

And let the beauty of this place,

Take your heart to the very end.

For in the solitude of this place,

There's a magic that's hard to find,

A place where your soul can dance,

And your heart can truly unwind.

So let's embrace this moment,

And let our spirits soar,

For in the beauty of this place,

We'll find peace forevermore.

As we walk, my saree rustles softly,

In harmony with the gentle breeze,

And in the stillness of this place,

Our souls are finally at ease.

The snow crunches beneath our feet,

As we take in the sights around,

And in the beauty of this wonderland,

A sense of awe is easily found.

The mountains rise up to the sky,

And the clouds dance in a graceful way,

And in this icy solitude,

All our worries seem to fade away.

For here, in the beauty of this place,

We are at one with nature's call,

And in this stillness of our hearts,

We find our peace, our all in all.

So let us cherish this moment,

And hold it close forevermore,

For in the solitude of this place,

Our souls are truly restored.

As we stand here in this silence,

The beauty around us takes our breath,

And in the solitude of this place,

We feel alive, renewed, and blessed.

The world outside may be chaotic,

But in this serene and icy land,

We find a sense of peace and wonder,

That we cannot find elsewhere on this strand.

The quietness here is deafening,

Yet, it speaks to us in a way,

That fills our hearts with joy and gratitude,

For every moment spent in this place, we'll always cherish and say.

So let us savor this moment,

And the beauty that surrounds us now,

For in the solitude of this place,

We'll find the peace that we so longed to allow.

And as we leave this wonderland,

Our hearts will be filled with light,

For in the stillness of this place,

We have found our inner might.

So come and visit this icy world,

And let its beauty fill your heart,

For in the solitude of this place,

You'll find a brand new start.


About the Creator

Thavarasa Thanujan

One of the wonderful arts in this world is writing. There are many wonderful things in this world of writing. This site hosts masterpieces from all over the world. I am also proud to be a creator on this site.

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