Sisters as friends

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Sisters as friends
Us at Arizona for the first game of the 2019 season. L to R..Dewey, Cherry, Clara and me

It was about 41 years ago. I was wor in vice unit as a young police officer in Washington DC. As I entered the stat the station clerk yelled at me to please call my sister Chrystal and she then gave me a piece of paper with a number on it.

i looked at the name and number and thought for a while. Chrystal, who we called Denise, her middle name, until she got grown. What could she want??

it was just a few months ago when I was called down to the homicide office, thinking it was for a pat on the back for locating some items of a deceased woman five miles away.

“ Hi Sandy, thanks for coming down.” Said one of the detectives. ‘“ we wanted to ask you to talk to your sister Chrystal to have her turn in her boyfriend who is wanted for a murder.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I jumped up and just started cursing. Not really sure about what I was saying, but I think they understood, that since my family choose to be in that world, that I’d have nothing to do with them.

it to me a while to call her back.

”hey Necey what’s up?“

”Clara’s in the hospital, her boyfriend shot her in the face.”

driving from deep se wash DC to northwest to Howard univ hospital, I felt the anger build up. I realized that I had no seen or talked to her in a while but how dare anyone hurt a family member of mine.

before I left the office i told the guys what was going on and to stand by for more information.

looking at her with the large patch on he left side of her face made me fear up. She looked up at me and tried to smile.

“whats his name and where can we find him?” I asked with a note pad and pen in hand.

She shook her head.

”I shot myself”, she said. “ the rocks told me to do it,I shot myself. I put the shotgun up to my chin but it moved when I pulled the trigger. When I realized that I was not dead I called 911, but they had to break the door down to get me out.”

I shook my head and left out the room. How could she do that after we had baried our sister Marquetta, who had killed herself about a year before.

it took her twenty years get cleaned. And since that day Clara has become my ace, my ride or die.

with us both being Taurus we get to share our birthdays together. Hers is 5/9 and mine is 5/1. we normally share our time together at a casino, this year with the virus we just texted and talk about not being able to be together for our days.

It was just in February that we went to Vegas and when I returned I had a terrible cough and went to the doctor and was diagnosed with pneumonia. Scary , was it the virus or not. In any case we miss each other everyday.

they took a large portion of skin from inside her thigh to cover the large hole in her face. The scare is still there and it I viable, but she’s just celebrated her 26th year of being clean and she’s now a certified substance abuse therapist. I am so very proud of her.

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Sandy Austin
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