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​She was sober in the world and did not get a certificate with her father, but she became a close friend with me

​She is sober in the world and does not get a certificate with her father

By davidPublished 2 years ago 12 min read

After my mother died, my father had no intention of marrying again, but he also refused to live with our sisters. He said that the picture is quiet and that he wants to live alone.

However, my father is very forgetful and often forgets to bring his keys when he goes out. His ears were back, and he couldn't hear the horn of the car at the intersection.

Once, he turned on the liquefied gas to heat the rice and dried the bottom of the pot, causing the alarm to go off and the neighbors to knock on the door.

Our sisters negotiated, let my father remarry, and I can rest assured that there is someone by my side to take care of it.

Through the introduction of relatives in the countryside, we got to know Ge Yingying, who has been a widow for many years. She is more than sixty years old, with a relatively strong figure, cheerful personality, and straightforward speech.

We directly said that we were looking for a wife for my father, who could get married and get a license, but Ge Yingying interrupted us with a smile.

She said that she didn't need to get a certificate. It was just two old people who lived together and gave a little pocket money every month for food and lodging. The two old people who walked in the front would enjoy the happiness, and the one who walked in the back would talk about it.

I was taken aback by her straightforwardness.

Ge Yingying smiled and said that this was the truth. The two people who got together later could not have true feelings. Both of them have children, and they both have their own hearts.

In this way, Ge Yingying entered the house. If she agrees to get the certificate, she is a stepmother, but if she does not agree, she can only be regarded as a live-in nanny.

Her father gave her 2,000 yuan in pocket money every month, and her father paid for the family expenses. If Ge Yingying is sick, the father is also responsible for taking medicine in hospital, and if the two are seriously ill, their children are responsible.

According to Ge Yingying's words, if other people's children were not born by themselves, and their stomach didn't hurt, why should they let others care for them?

Really awake.

I thought Ge Yingying was just a rural old lady, but I was wrong.

Ge Yingying is a familiar one.

Living in a building in the city, neighbors can be said to be inseparable from each other, but after Ge Yingying moved in, she quickly became one with the surrounding neighbors.

She is used to living in the countryside, and she still wants to grow vegetables, but there are no vegetable fields in the city.

Ge Yingying saved up the foam box, drilled a few small holes in the bottom of the box, filled it with soil, and planted vegetables in the foam box.

In order to make the vegetables grow lush, she went to the suburban cattle farm to get some cow dung and threw it into the foam box. So leeks, garlic sprouts, and cabbage grew out of the green oil and water. If she can't finish her own food, she will pick some to give to the neighbors.

Then, the neighbors will give her their meat, eggs and milk. Between the comings and goings, the building where my father lived, the air was filled with a strong sense of humanity.

Every time I go back to my father's house, I have to take away not only the vegetables she has grown, but also all kinds of food from my neighbors.

If through these, you judge that Ge Yingying is a kind and generous old lady, then you are wrong. Her kindness is used on outsiders, but never on herself.

Being stingy is Ge Yingying's standard.

Once back to the countryside, she brought back two big bags of mung beans and red beans. She tied the two bags together, one at the front and one at the back, and walked back and forth from the county station to the house for almost three kilometers. The bag made her shoulders red and swollen, and the sweat dripped down, but she laughed and said that it saves money, and what you save is what you earn.

Every spring and autumn, her rhinitis would get worse. I said to buy her a potion, but she said, don't spend that money, it's not as good as her home remedy.

I bought her a brand-name shampoo, but she also said that it was expensive and would not let me buy it. She insisted on washing her hair in her native way.

I found that only Ge Yingying can't think of it, and there is nothing she can't do.

One day, when I was shopping with my friends, I walked past a line of people holding signs to advertise. The people in the line were wearing colorful clothes. I found that Ge Yingying was also in the line.

She didn't see me and walked happily holding the sign. Later, when they rested at the entrance of the shopping mall, she took out the sesame cake from the small bag she carried, and took out the cold white cabbage from the home, and wiped the sweat while eating and drinking.

I found out later that she held an event for a business on Saturday and Sunday, holding a sign and walking around the main street for half a day before giving ten dollars. I persuaded her not to do it, it was too hard, she laughed and said that it was not hard, that she could make money and watch it lively.

Later, she began to collect waste again, picking up cardboard boxes to sell waste. Because of her popularity, the residents in the community will take the initiative to give her waste paper boxes.

Once home, I happened to see her riding a tricycle to sell junk. The cardboard boxes and drink bottles she saved were neatly stacked on the car, but her pedalling skills were mediocre, and the car was always leaning. No way, she kicked in the front, I pushed in the back.

It was midsummer, and I was wearing a fancy dress and high-heeled sandals, and I followed her to sell junk. Although it only sold for fifteen yuan, she was so happy as if she had won the jackpot.

The little things in life can always make Ge Yingying satisfied and even grateful. Her attitude towards life is always positive and optimistic, as if she does not know the taste of sorrow.

However, after a deep understanding of her past, I realized that she was like this because she never had it in the past, and she cherished it more now.

Ge Yingying's family has many brothers and sisters, and the living conditions are very poor. Her parents favored sons over daughters and did not let her go to school for a day. She was married off at the age of eighteen.

After marriage, she gave birth to a daughter for the first time. Her in-laws and husband treated her badly.

During breastfeeding, the breasts were inflamed, the pain was so painful that I could not straighten my waist, and there was a red rash on my body. The village doctor prescribed some traditional Chinese medicine, but after taking it, he vomited and had diarrhea, which almost killed him.

Later, her husband's family gave birth to a second child, and her second child gave birth to a son. Her treatment was better than before, but the illness caused by the confinement child in front of her was not less at all.

The breasts were inflamed and swollen, but they didn't produce milk, and the son was screaming with hunger. She was in a hurry to get angry and suffered from vertigo. She often fell dizzy and fell, and her body was blue and purple.

After finally pulling the two children up, they both went to school. Her husband was paralyzed on the bed due to cerebral infarction, and he has been lying down for ten years. After her husband passed away, she supported the family alone until her children were married.

In the first half of his life, he was struggling and suffering from illness; in the second half of his life, he supported his family and children by his own hands. Now that her children are married, she doesn't want to rely on them.

"I'm not too old to move. Now I'm idle and let my children be filial. I can't bear it. Wherever life is, it's better to go out and try my luck. Earned." Ge Yingying said with a smile.

However, she was also fooled.

Once, a distant relative helped her introduce a family. The other party is a big family, and she and the old man got the certificate. As a result, the whole family took her as a servant.

Every family gathering, she needs to cook for more than 30 people. Every day, she was so tired that her back was sore and her legs cramped, and no one cared for her.

The old man was still short-tempered, and he only let her manage the housework, but he didn't give her a penny. She couldn't make it any longer, and she wanted to go home.

The other party bullied her for being illiterate and unfamiliar with her life, and held her ID card and wouldn't let her go. She was in a hurry and went directly to the police station to call the police. The police helped her find the local women's federation, and she was able to escape and go home.

"Wife and wife, old people come to accompany them. In fact, when people are old, they want to find a companion who can talk and chat with them. Anyone who has three strengths and two weaknesses can be known." Ge Yingying said.

"It all depends on luck. I have an old sister who married a retired worker, but she didn't have a good day. The children of the two families fought like enemies. Be on guard; one side says it's a disadvantage, and it's free to work for others, and no one will give in, what's the point. It's better to clarify things as soon as possible, and don't cause trouble to the children. "

Only then did I understand why she didn't get the certificate. It turned out that she had stepped on the pit, so I figured it out and decided not to do anything stupid.

With Ge Yingying's level of sobriety, she may never fit into our family. But I still try my best to let her integrate into this ever-changing society as soon as possible. After all, illiterate made her suffer a lot.

Source: Panorama

Because she was illiterate, she was fooled into being tricked into putting her fingerprints on her as a guarantee, and she lost a lot of money as a result. Because she was illiterate, she asked her mother's nephew to help save the money she earned, but her nephew secretly squandered her money.

She was illiterate and could not read the information on her mobile phone, so she could only remember the mobile phone numbers of a few people.

In order to make her literate, her father also patiently taught her for a period of time. But she really couldn't learn it, so her father gave up.

I decided to teach her to recognize the address book.

The so-called address book is to write the mobile phone number on a small notebook, but the name of the owner is represented by a symbol.

For example, Ge Yingying's son is a rice farmer, so he draws a square and draws water ripples in the square. Her daughter raises chickens at home, so draw a bunch of eggs.

I often code words, just draw a keyboard behind the phone number to represent me.

Ge Yingying tried it for a while, and she never made a mistake. She was very happy and wrote all the numbers of her relatives in the address book.

I'm going to get her a card so that the money can be transferred directly to the card. As a result, the bank side needs the signature of the person.

Although at present, she only needs to write three characters of Ge Yingying, but I really hope her name is Ge Yiyi, not Ge Yingying... Because it is too difficult to teach her to write.

Before my father and Ge Yingying went to Hainan for the winter last year, I tried to teach her again. When she and her father came back this spring, and I went to pick them up, Ge Yingying waved her hand all the way and said she could write her name, looking very proud.

I was also very happy and happily took her to the bank to apply for a card.

Unexpectedly, something happened that broke us down.

Last year, the bank's rule was that you only need a signature to apply for a card. This year's rule has changed. After signing the name, I also need to write "I already know the above content and agree." I was blinded at that time.

After all, the rules cannot be changed because of one person. I had to find a card that my father used, and help her transfer the money first, and we'll talk about it later.

Ge Yingying did not have a certificate with her father, and this relationship made us very casual with each other. I didn't go out of my way to maintain the mother-daughter relationship with her, but as a result, I became a close friend, and I could talk about any kind words.

We're all trying to manage our lives, and we're also managing the relationship.

I will buy her clothes and shoes on Women's Day and her birthday. When she was chatting with the neighbors downstairs, after three or two sentences, she would definitely be able to talk about clothes and shoes. At this time, she would proudly say that the second daughter bought them.

Neighbors tut their tongues in envy.

Heart-to-heart, she also tries her best to express her kindness.

I like to eat tortillas. She went back to the countryside to make a few bags in a big iron pot and froze them in the refrigerator for me. She would go digging mother-in-law in the spring and picking mushrooms in the fall, because these are my favorite foods.

Although there is no culture, Ge Yingying lives a transparent life and understands everything clearly. There is no conflict between our two families, and our children interact with each other happily.

Within the scope of her ability, she manages this home that does not belong to her, and she works hard.

We see it in our eyes and keep it in our hearts.


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