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Saptasajya: The Tranquil Abode Where Lord Ram Touched Hearts

Lord Ram Touched Hearts

By monaPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

A hidden jewel called Sampradaya, with its calm beauty and spiritual significance, is located in the center of Odisha. The devotees of Lord Rama in Odisha are ecstatic as the whole country waits impatiently for the dedication of Ram Lalla's idol and the official opening of the Ram Temple in Ajodhya. Their joy is increased when they learn that the magnificent state was connected to Lord Ram, his devoted younger brother Laxman, and his adored spouse Goddess Sita.

According to legend, Lord Ram, Sita, and Laxman spent seven magical days in Sampradaya hill after he was exiled from Ajodhya. This tourist site, which is conveniently located 12 km from Dhenkanal town and 62 km from the state capital, has attracted tourists from all over the world in addition to locals because of its profound religious significance and alluring natural beauty.

A location with a strong spiritual bond is denoted by the name "Sampradaya," which roughly translates to "seven beds." During their fourteen-year banishment from Ajodhya, the story goes, Lord Rama and his family sought comfort in the spiritual atmosphere of Sampradaya. Before setting out on his expedition to Lanka, the realm of Ravin, it is related that Lord Ram made a Yagna, or ceremonial offering, at Sampradaya hill. During that time, it was thought that Sampradaya belonged to "Dandaragan," the thick jungle where Lord Rama was exiled.

According to historian Pradyumna Rath, "Lord Rama was residing in Dinakaran throughout his banishment. It is possible that he traveled through Sampradaya and spent a few days there. It was impossible to rule out the possibility."

Beyond its religious and historical significance, intriguing folklore surrounds Sampradaya. In one such story, a floating stone has been revered for eons. There is a widespread idea that Lord Ram used some of these stones to construct a floating bridge at Rameswaram on his way to Lanka. The mystery surrounding this stone's origins lends the holy hill an air of mystery.

A nearby temple built by Rani Ratnaprava Devi, the former queen of Dhenkanal, adds to Sampradaya's allure. This shrine adds an interesting twist to the region's spiritual fabric by housing idols of Lord Ram, his brother Laxman, wife Sita, and even the Panadas.

"Deep woodland surrounds Sampradaya, adding to its picturesque charm. The location has unique religious and spiritual importance. Senior journalist Ratan Nair says, "On Ram Navami, thousands of devotees swarm to the area to offer prayers and worship Lord Ram, Goddess Sita, and younger brother Laxman."

The charm of Sampradaya is found in the interweaving of history, spirituality, and folklore, in addition to its inherent attraction. The narrative of Lord Rama's stay at this peaceful residence has been passed down through the ages, attracting both pilgrims and history buffs.

A sense of the past permeates the air as one strolls around Sampradaya's verdant surroundings. The dense forest that was the setting for Lord Rama's banishment is now home to innumerable devotees walking in search of comfort and a deeper spiritual connection.

The enigmatic origin of the floating stone, which is adored, lends an air of mystery to Sampradaya's spiritual story. With their hearts full of devotion, devotees congregate and consider the meaning of a stone that might have contributed to the majesty of Lord Rama's legendary bridge.

The Rani Rathnapura Devi temple gives the spiritual environment a royal touch. Within its hallowed confines, idols of Lord Ram, Laxman, Sita, and even the Panadas cohabit, signifying the connectivity of various myths and tales.

For the followers of Lord Rama in Odisha, Sampradaya transforms into a pilgrimage place that strengthens their bond with their cherished deity, rather than only being a tourist attraction. During the annual Ram Navami celebration, the serene hill comes to life with the soothing sound of incense and the rhythmic chanting of prayers, creating a feeling of spiritual unity.

When one studies the local tradition, tales of Lord Rama's brief stay at Sampradaya mix with otherworldly narratives of the flying stone and the Lord's own heavenly rites. Every story adds to the diverse fabric of beliefs, bridging the past and present in a continuous fashion.

Beyond religious lines, Sampradaya's aura draws nature lovers to discover its picturesque pathways and enthralling vistas. For those seeking peace and quiet in the middle of nature, the verdant forest that cradles the hill serves as a haven for a diverse range of flora and wildlife.

People in Sampradaya still remember the seven days that Laxman, Sita, and Lord Rama spent there. The hill is considered sacred, and both devoted worshippers and curious individuals are attracted to experience the lasting spiritual vibes from that time. The blend of many traditions with a simple story creates a timeless spirituality.

Let's look at a real-life example of how myths can keep influencing a community's spiritual and cultural identity today. Sampradaya, once the backdrop for a legendary tale, is now a living symbol of the dedication and faith of people who visit regularly.

As we approach the significant event of dedicating Ram Lalla's idol and opening the Ram Temple in Ayodhya, Sampradaya prompts us to reflect on the lasting connection between divinity and the places that witness its expressions. This peaceful place, where Lord Ram touched people's hearts, remains a mystical haven that welcomes anyone seeking comfort and spiritual nourishment.


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