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Oldest Sibling Lore

Older Sibling Vs Younger Sibling

By KodahPublished 3 months ago โ€ข 3 min read

Sibling Competition

At Least that's what it sounds like. Siblings play a massive role in each other's lives. Siblings should be always providing emotional support, advice and encouragement for each other. Having a sibling is like having a comfort person to open up to who you know won't judge you at all, having an older sister was definitely like this. However, I never realized how degrading and lonely it can be being the older sibling. As I was always the youngest child, I never really thought about my older sister's feelings, I mean she was older after all. I never had that realization that some older siblings just wanted a sense of belonginess.

Youngest Child

I always felt great being the youngest child, everyone kind of babied me in a way because I was the youngest. My sister and I often got compared a lot, I was seemed as the more out there, confident child, then my sister as very to herself and quiet. It never really bothered us how we got compared since we both cared about each other so much, until she became old enough to realize. I always had an unfortunate thought that my parents had a lot of hope for my future.

My parent was usually a lot harder on my sister since she was older, and when my sister became a teenager, her emotions became more visible, and it made her look like the bad guy since she was old enough to have a voice.

I always felt like my parents gave me more opportunities. My sister envied this a lot, she never realized that I didn't understand she felt that way. Sometimes I wish she opened up about the things I could help her with, instead of complaning that.....

"You're the favorited child."

"Parents only care about you, not me."

"They let you off so easily."

"It doesn't matter that I'm sad anymore."

"Your good at everything."

Oldest Child

It wasn't a competition, because I already felt like a loser without trying. Most of the oldest child's never feel good enough. My sister and I always being compared+ would degrade her to a level where she adapted annoyance and frustration.

My sister started viewing me differently, she would constantly point out the fact that "I'm the favorited child and our parents care about me the most." Like she would state this just to open the acknowledgement of wanting to be cared for. I never emphasized her feelings, my sister was always protecting me from the real, harsh world and did her all to make sure I wasn't feeling anything but happiness.

The sister always felt lonely, I used to brag about how many friends I have or how many parties I'm going to. However, I never realized my sister just wanted a sense of belonginess, she felt lonely when I would shove this in front of her face. That's the youngest sibling lore I guess...

"I have so many friends at school!"

"Going to another party on Saturday!"

"Mum's buying this for me!"

"Mum said she will help me find some acting jobs!"

Older Sibling Vs Younger Sibling - At the end of the day

At the end of the day, we were probably meant to be siblings as cats in another life. We will always have that connection. We might say we hate each other, but my sister was the one who watched my grow up at the end of the day. She was the one who I listened to when she told what was right and wrong. She was the one I idolized. She was my first best friend and will always be my best friend.


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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran3 months ago

    I'm an only child so I couldn't relate to any of this. But I was able to imagine how your sister felt

  • Lunaverse3 months ago

    This piece was beautiful! Very relatable

  • Naveed 3 months ago

    Your writing is simply amazing

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