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Not to lie, many people do not know the kitchen decoration

Here are the details

By Vranes SamahaPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Not to lie, many people do not know the kitchen decoration
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In a city of inches, dreams are far more scribbled than imagined. And yet, whenever you see the light in your kitchen, you are beautifully healed.


But a poorly designed kitchen is not only tiring but also full of fumes. Why not create a quality kitchen for your beloved ones or yourself?


Kitchen Moving Lines

Many Chinese kitchens never consider the layout of moving lines: a washing area next to the stove, a lack of preparation countertops, etc., resulting in rushed and inefficient cooking.

The basic moving lines in a kitchen area

Washing (sink) → chopping (countertop) → frying (stove)

All functional needs are completed in the kitchen, which saves time, improves cooking efficiency, and relieves fatigue.


Kitchen layout

I-type layout

Kitchen cabinets, sink, stove, and storage are set on one wall, and all operations are completed in a straight line, saving space. Usually used in small spaces and narrow corridors, it is the first choice for small households.

L-type layout

The l-type layout makes full use of the dead space in the corner of the kitchen cabinet to solve the embarrassment of the corner space, and the overall layout is flexible and versatile. However, the space of the kitchen is relatively narrow, and there are certain restrictions on the number of people.

II type layout

The operation area → preparation area → the cooking area are arranged on both sides of the parallel line, and the dynamic line meanders through the cooking process. Storage space is large, flexibility is enhanced, and the corridor requires higher kitchen width.

U-shaped layout

The U-shaped operating table standing on the wall has extra storage space. It is also ideal for the classic triangle of sink, hob, and refrigerator. At the same time, it leaves a lot of space in the middle area of the kitchen, where users can move freely.


Kitchen cabinet height

The right height is more ergonomic, easy to access, and improves efficiency while ensuring that no dangerous situations such as bending over and bumping heads occur.

The height of the hanging cabinet is determined by the height of the floor cabinet, the depth of the floor cabinet, and the height of the owner, and the general design should meet at least two conditions.

◆ general hanging cabinet depth of 300-350mm, 700mm height from the stove top counter.

◆ The height of the floor cabinet is generally about 850mm from the ground depending on the height of the stove.


Design and selection of kitchen appliances

The design position of the range hood should not be too far from the public flue as far as possible, and the installation of the smoke pipe should not turn too much, otherwise the smoking effect will be greatly reduced.

The core performance indicators of range hoods

◆ Suction power: the suction power of the range hood should be more than 15m3/min, which can play a fast role in absorbing grease and smoke.

◆ smoke exhaust wind pressure: wind pressure ≥ 380 Pa, can quickly exhaust smoke at the same time, to prevent the fumes of the smoke pipe backflow.

◆It is also necessary to measure the silent effect, panel material, etc.

Core performance indicators of the stove

◆ Firepower: the firepower of the household gas stove reaches 4.2kW to meet the requirements of frying.

◆The accuracy of the temperature depends on the multi-grade fire adjustment. The more accurate the gear setting, the higher the cooking requirements.

◆Safety performance: Does it have the function of flame out protection, can automatically cut off the gas after flame out, and the automatic gas cut-off time should be less than 60 seconds.

Xiaodi summary: master these six kitchen cabinet design tips, and you will be successfully promoted to


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