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Cool like the other side of the flower

It is in full bloom in autumn, its whole plant is poisonous, but the value is very high, but also can purify the air

By Vranes SamahaPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Cool like the other side of the flower
Photo by Flash Dantz on Unsplash

Autumn is a harvest season and a golden season. Golden yellow crops, golden yellow leaves, golden yellow everywhere, and all kinds of small golden flowers, everywhere is golden yellow a color, as if it is everywhere gold, very nice.


When it comes to what flowers look the best in autumn, many people will say the Pittosporum. The flowering period of Pistachio is mainly in autumn and the flowers are red. As it blooms without leaves, leaves in the absence of flowers, flowers and leaves with the same root never see each other, so it is known as the world's most poignant, the most beautiful, the most bewitching

The Petunia is very beautiful, every year when it blooms, see a large red-red Petunia, there is a kind of regal power, composed of many small flowers, which look especially like the claws of the dragon, ornamental value is very high.

In fact, in autumn there is another flower that looks very similar to the other side of the flower, only the color is different, its flowers are golden yellow, and many people mistakenly think that it is the other side of the flower. It is a "relative" of the other side of the flower, so some people also call it the yellow side of the flower.

It has a very interesting scientific name called Khundi Xiaoxiao, why is it called Khundi Xiaoxiao? This is because the flower does not have any signs of blooming in summer but suddenly blooms in autumn, like a young girl smiling, which is how it got its name.

The flowers of Kudyaki are golden yellow and look like a field of gold when they bloom, making them look very colorful and surprising. Most of the flowers have a long period from blooming to fading, but Kudyaki disappears almost as soon as it blooms, and the flowering period is very short.

The two plants are close relatives, so they bloom similarly, only in different colors, and are a beautiful sight to see in autumn.

It is also cultivated today and is found in many areas of China, including Fujian, Hubei, Hunan, Guangxi, Guangdong, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Jiangxi, and Taiwan.

The main medicinal part is its phosphorus stem, which has the function of reducing swelling and pain, expectorant and vomiting, and diuretics.

It is also good medicine for women, which can drain the blood from the uterus and reduce the chances of gynecological diseases, and has a high medicinal value.

However, Kudzu contains an alkaloid, Narcissus, etc., which is slightly toxic, so please follow medical advice when using it medicinally and do not consume it privately. Vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, and chills in the extremities may occur after poisoning.

Although Kudzu has a small poison, the ornamental value is very high, green leaves in winter, and golden flowers in autumn, lookfresher very delicate, not only beautify the environment, it is also a natural purification gas, can absorb a lot of harmful substances in the air, so that the air becomes more fresh, keep in the home benefits, is very good for our health!

That's why there are two sides to any plant. Although Kudzu contains a small poison, but the medicinal value is very high, and it can also purify the air and absorb harmful substances, if kept at home as a potted plant, the role is very much.

Friends, do you have this kind of flower in your hometown? In autumn, when it is in full bloom, if you meet it in your hometown, you can transplant it and bring it home, and keep it home for ornamental and medicinal purposes.


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