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New Heights Holiday Special

Kelce Brothers Unwrap Christmas and Taylor Swift's Brother's Gift!

By Brent J. Smith (J Smith)Published 4 months ago 3 min read
Kelce Brothers Unwrap Christmas and Taylor Swift's Brother's Gift!

Jason Kelce: Welcome back to New Heights, everyone! It's a special holiday edition, folks, and we've got some gingerbread cookies, some spiked eggnog, and a whole lot of Kelce brothers shenanigans to warm your spirits. Travis, my man, how's your holiday cheer holding up after… that game against the Raiders?

Travis Kelce: (Sighs) Let's just say, Jason, the Grinch had nothin' on me on Christmas Eve. Worst. Day. Ever.

Jason: (Chuckles) Oh, come on, Trav. The holidays are about more than touchdowns, you know. Spill the tea, what made it so rough?

Travis: Okay, okay, fine. So, there I was, fresh off a coal-black loss, feeling like Scrooge himself. But you know what, family and good company can always turn things around. And let me tell you, the Swifts know how to throw a Christmas bash!

Jason: Hold up, the Swifts? Like, Taylor Swift's family? You spent Christmas with them?

Travis: You bet your jingle bells I did! Taylor's been my girl for a while now, and her fam welcomed me with open arms, gingerbread hot cocoa, and enough Christmas carols to melt the Polar Express.

Jason: So, tell me, did you dodge mistletoe with Miss Red herself? Did you belt out "All Too Well" with Andrea Swift? Did you arm wrestle Austin for bragging rights?

Travis: (Laughs) Not quite, though there was definitely some spirited karaoke involved. But the highlight, gotta say, was Austin's Santa surprise.

Jason: Austin? As in, Taylor's brother, dressed up as the big man himself?

Travis: The one and only! Dude went full Santa Claus, beard, belly, the whole nine yards. And guess what he pulled out of that magic sack for me?

Jason: Don't leave us hanging, Trav! Was it a signed Taylor Swift guitar? A diamond-encrusted football helmet? A lifetime supply of Red Bull?

Travis: Nope. Something even better. My childhood VHS copy of Little Giants! Austin knew I'd been lamenting the demise of VHS tapes, and BAM! There it was, right in the Santa sack. It was like Christmas magic, man.

Jason: That's awesome! A gift that goes straight to the heart. So, even with the loss, the Swifts and a blast from the VHS past managed to salvage your Christmas?

Travis: Absolutely, dude. It reminded me that the holidays are about love, laughter, and finding little bits of joy, even in the midst of a losing streak. And with Taylor's fam like that, I know every Christmas is gonna be a touchdown.

Jason: Well said, Trav. Now, who's up for another round of eggnog? And maybe a friendly game of charades? Just don't ask me to act out "Shake It Off," I ain't got those moves.

Travis: (Teasingly) Oh, I don't know, Jason. You might surprise us! Just remember, it's the season for miracles, even off the field.

This Story is a holiday-themed edition of the "New Heights" podcast hosted by the Kelce brothers. Travis spills the beans on his Christmas celebration with Taylor Swift's family, which, despite a tough loss for his team, was filled with festive cheer, hilarious karaoke, and a heartwarming gift from Taylor's brother Austin. Expect laughs, brotherly banter, a dash of nostalgia, and maybe even a gingerbread replica of Arrowhead Stadium! Perfect for fans of the Kelces, Taylor Swift, and anyone craving a feel-good dose of holiday spirit.

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