My Memories of Parents

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Unforgettable moments of childhood

My Memories of Parents

My memories of parents

Childhood memories are some of our most precious memories we will ever have. I think the major part of events and emotions will stay green in our memory, no matter how life will treat us. Can you remember your childhood? I am 100 percent sure, all of us will definitely agree, that everything seemed much better than it actually was. That our parents and grandparents kind and loving contribution. They made us feel that trees were higher, colors were brighter, the world was kinder, the golden-aged were wiser, and all the planet went around us, for our sake and happiness.

But time is pitiless; it tends to break up our memory into fragments of minuscule pieces. And these pieces are so fragile, that sometimes they can hardly be caught up and brought up again. But we should keep them as there are cases to be found in any person’s life, when only these memories will warm you up if facing a challenging situation and even let you stay afloat or help get the problem over. Among all people’s memories which are most likely to print on their minds are events to visit, traditions to follow, games to play and, of course, meals to eat. The last is of special importance, as it was influenced and determined not only by motherly care, but also by products and utilities available that difficult time. My mom used to work for a wholesale supplier of different products, among which the most popular and accessible in price was chicken. You have already guessed, this was the only ingredient always on hand that quickly became our dinner and supper regular and always performed at its best thanks to my mom, who was an enthusiastic cook and managed to turn any chicken meal into a real wonder, the envy of all the neighbors! I have never been a hearty eater, so it was quite difficult for my mom to make me eat, especially if you take into account the fact that only chicken was our usual meal.

But then my mom took the advantage of this already hated breast and gave it a try to make a salad. Oh, these ones rivaled our daily essentials. I will never forget this amazing chicken pasta salad, which was inspired by all my favorite Greek flavors. It gave our chicken an extra bite, getting the salad full of crispy bell peppers, ripe cherry tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers, zesty red onions, marinated olives, and savory feta cheese. All on a bed of freshly cooked pasta. My mom has always been hooked on family health and tried her best to fill us with all the vitamins that food could contain. One of our favorites was a southwest chicken salad that got all of us addicted to it immediately. The needed list of product pleased every picky eater of our big family: creamy avocado, juicy cherry tomatoes, bright corn and earthy beans—all these was served on top of fresh, crispy lettuce. And we enjoyed the comfort of our home to make low fat creamy cilantro dressing! Everything that could be done at home, was actually done there. And the last to mention is our asian chicken salad, which was also known to be the most healthy and delicious one! Truly an unbeatable combination of flavors and texture! This was an inexpressible summer-explosion in the mouth! Cabbage, carrots, sprouts, chicken, fragrant herbs and mouthwatering dressing made it a real treasure and unfailing source of vitamins and incredible taste!

Now, as I was upbrought in absolutely friendly and even fairy atmosphere, I’m taking efforts to present my own children with the same indescribable warmth and care, that they will carry through all the misfortunes and difficulties. I’ll try to fill them with inner strength via tiny cozy family events, traditions and careful attitude. And to have fun and mutual understanding in future, I try to put every amusing expression of my children down just not to forget and warm them up when adults. It’s a good idea to follow and I’ll leave here a few anecdotes, told by children. Scroll down and enjoy!


A boy of 5:

  • Dad, what game are you playing on your computer?
  • I’m paying the bills.
  • Are you winning?
  • No.


Dad wants to find out how his son of 7 feels:

  • How are you? What is your temperature?
  • 43
  • What???? How come! It’s impossible!
  • Really! Mom has just checked and said: 37 and 6


Doctor comes to a sick boy and sees a little barefoot sister of that boy and says:

  • Beauty, put your shoes on not to get cold.

After the doctor leaves, the mom notices that her daughter is still barefoot. She asks:

  • Honey, have you heard doctor’s words?
  • Sure, Mom.
  • What are they?
  • Beauty!


A boy with his dad-lawyer and mom-medical examiner picks up the phone:

  • Hi, are your parents in?
  • Hi, no. My mom is in morgue and my dad is in prison.
Alyssa Day
Alyssa Day
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