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My dad

by Jennifer Christine Clark about a year ago in parents

A daughter's tribute

My dad
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Where do I start? Let me say that my dad is always there for me. Whether in good times or in bad times. He is even there for me when I need help. From playing choo-choo train to my room and tucking me in my bed at night and keeping the boogieman away so that I could sleep, to going with me to my competitions. He was my cheerleader. He always showed me love and support. Helped me with homework when I didn't understand it.

Now, I am a physical person. I love my hugs and cuddles even though I am grown. My dad was my own teddy bear. He gave me as much hugs and cuddles as I wanted. That was always my light at the end of a dark tunnel. He always made me feel safe. I always looked forward to seeing my dad when he visited me, and I still do. Look, I am 40+ and I still get excited to see my dad. I am not ashamed. My dad is my Earthly hero. He has gotten me through some difficult times, given advice where I needed it, and listened when I needed an ear. Being my dad is his superpower. Nothing can take that away.

I am very proud of my dad, because he never gives up. He worked hard to provide for my siblings and I with a great lifelong partner he is married to. I am so thankful for that. It makes a difference when a child grows up in a loving home. There was no arguments between the adults in front of us. We never witnessed any disagreements. Dad and his wife always showed ho much they loved each other with affection.

My dad has a sense of humor. We laugh at what he says or by the cards he picks out for us. He is entertaining and it is a good thing. Other times, he can be serious. I take after my dad in most ways. I mean 23 of my chromosomes are from him. I am so thankful to have him for my dad. Even when he goes home after visiting me, I count the days when I see him again. I cherish every moment we have together.

He would always take the family on vacation. We would stay for a week. We would go hiking in which I hated. We would go swimming and my dad taught me how to dive. I was so in aw of him when he dived. He would do flips then go into a dive as he hit the water. He was so cool and I wanted to do that. Dad was so amazing and I wanted to be like him.

My dad is a wonderful person and a wonderful grandfather and great grandfather. He is always there for my children and they would enjoy when he came to visit. He always made time for them. They would look forward to when he came, that they would wait outside or look out the window for him when it was to cold. He gave them affection and showed love. He would ask how they would do in school and they would respond.

One year, my dad took my brother, my children, and I to Massanutten. This was in the month of August and my birthday. We celebrated my birthday. My children had fun and I got to say that I enjoyed myself as well. My brother had a ball. We went swimming, putt-putt golfing, and I got to go horseback riding on a trail for my birthday. I hadn't had that much fun in a while. We saw different animals and fed the deer at our balcony. That was a wonderful experience. I couldn't believe that these deer were brave enough to come up to us like that.

So dad, I am letting you know how much I love and appreciate you. I wouldn't be where I am in my life if you hadn't been there for me with your love and support. You mean the world to me. I thank you for all the advice you gave me because it was a big help. No matter how old I get, I will still need you. You are an amazing man and I am thankful to have a father like you.

By: Jennifer Clark

Jennifer Christine Clark
Jennifer Christine Clark
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Jennifer Christine Clark

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