Mom to Be

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Mom to Be

My husband and I have been together since 2012. We have recently decided that now is a good time to try and start a family. We just got a house, we both are in a steady position in our jobs, and I am about to hit my 30th birthday. The plan that I have always had is that by the time I was 30, I would have at least 1 child. So we decided that now is “GO TIME”.

So naturally, I have been asking my friends who have gone through the whole pregnancy thing. They have been telling me what I should expect and what is or might be normal or not. It is kind of a scary thing to just dive headfirst into. SO, a few of the girls I play volleyball with have commented on their experiences, going through the whole process. As far as I can tell I guess it really does vary from person to person.

So about a week ago I found out I was pregnant. YAY! But it has not been a walk in the park. 3 days after I found out that I'm gonna be a momma, I was woken up out of my sleep with this searing pain in my stomach, but not my stomach it was a pain that was so sharp and it felt like it was deep inside me. I went to the bathroom thinking I needed to throw up, and nope. I had diarrhea. After that I thought the pain would go away, so I tried to go back to bed, and the pain only intensified. Through my painful moans, I had awoken my husband, who was trying to console me and figure out what was going on. All I remember saying was that this pain was bad and it was not right. He then asked me if we should go to the hospital? I had only managed to squeak out a, "Yes."

As I tried to get out of bed, the pain magnified and I fell to the floor writhing in pain. My husband then told me he was going to go get the car. I managed to make it to the staircase when he came back inside and helped me down. He must have picked me up and put me in the car because I do not remember leaving or getting to the car. We got to a hospital about 30 minutes later. Now realizing that we should both know where the closest ER hospital is to our house. So I was in the ER at about 1 o’clock in the morning and it was so packed. My pain would only subside for a few minutes and then return like my insides were in the clutches of sharp talons. Then the pain would fade, and then it would strike as I was finally able to catch my breath.

As we checked into the ER, I was terrified that I had or was miscarrying this tiny new baby that my husband and I were so excited for. Four hours later and I was finally admitted and was able to see the doctor on staff and he said to me that pregnancies this early on are very unpredictable. That was frightening to hear. A few tests and an immensely painful ultrasound, and they did in fact find some small sac as well as a cyst in my uterus and ovary. Apparently, cysts are very common and the doc was very sure that it was the cyst that was causing all the pain since there was no blood coming from me.

Needless to say, this was a very scary experience. And I totally commend all those mothers who have gone through this pregnancy process. Being pregnant really is not easy. Since my visit to the ER I have had my blood drawn 3 times in a week, as well as many other tests that I have gone through- and I have only been pregnant for a bit over a week. I can see the great importance of having a support system while being pregnant. I could not have come out of the ER in high spirits without the support and love of my husband. He is my safe hold, my rock, and I’m so grateful that I don’t have to go through this experience on my own.

Pheobe Paris
Pheobe Paris
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