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Mom's Big Heart

Sacrifices turned into happiness...

By WENNA WILLIEPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Mom's Big Heart
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Once, there was a lady named Eleanor. Her life looked good, but there was a story behind her happy face that not many people knew.

Eleanor had three kids—Emma, Michael, and little Sophie. Their laughter filled their warm home, making Eleanor happy and a bit sad too. Under her kind smile for the kids was a secret: she gave up some things she liked to make sure they were okay.

Eleanor's husband did something wrong, and she didn't feel bad about leaving him. Now, she was a single mom, and Eleanor tried hard to make her kids happy. But while doing that, her own happiness seemed to go away because of all the things she had to do. Taking care of her family was a lot, and you could see it on her face.

Once, Eleanor used to dream a lot. She was an artist who wanted to do big things. But life got tricky, and she ended up with lots of things to do, leaving no time for what she loved. Her dreams felt far away, like memories hiding in her mind.

Her days became a routine—wake up early, make meals, and look after the kids. The fun things she used to do, like painting and writing, got replaced by a job and chores. The dreams she once chased felt like they were fading away.

Eleanor didn't just give up things for herself; she gave up her joy for her kids. She was always there for soccer games, school plays, and meetings with teachers. She showed love in small things, like making a costume for Emma or giving Michael a hug when he felt sad. Even bedtime stories for little Sophie were like magic.

Eleanor hid her own wishes and became like a helper for her kids' dreams. Their victories, big or small, made her happy too. She learned how to feel joy through their eyes and smiles. Her kids' happiness became her own.

But, all the sacrifices made Eleanor feel tired inside. Behind her caring face was a feeling—a want for herself, for her dreams. Every time she tried to bring back that feeling, guilt and responsibility stopped her, leaving only a bit of what could have been.

As her kids got bigger, Eleanor's struggle got more complicated. The things she did for them were something to be proud of, but they also felt heavy. She wondered if giving so much to her kids had stopped her own dreams.

One day, watching her kids play in the backyard, Eleanor understood her sacrifices were like a sweet and sad gift. Her kids were growing up, happy and full of energy because of the love she gave them. But a small feeling stayed inside her—a wish for the dreams she left behind in the busy life of being a mom.

Eleanor decided it was time to find herself again. She took out her old paintbrushes and made a corner in the living room into her art place. The blank canvas invited her to remember the artist hiding beneath all the mom responsibilities.

Painting brought out feelings—freedom, guilt, and a new sense of purpose. The journey to balance her joy with the love for her kids started. The sacrifices, though still remembered, became steps toward a more balanced life.

Eleanor's story showed how a mom could give up her joy but fill her kids' lives with love. It reminded everyone that being a mom is a mix of finding happiness for yourself and giving love to those you care about. It's a dance between being yourself and being there for the people you love.


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I am devoted to cultivating a love for language and literature. Wordsmith at heart, I find solace in writing and joy in sharing my thoughts. A voracious reader and internet explorer, constantly seeking knowledge and inspiration.

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  • LoveW843 months ago

    Heartfelt. Beautiful story. Thank you for sharing this Wenna.

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