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Love is the best way of education in this world

by Sal Tori 2 months ago in parents / humanity / children
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Love is the source of a child's sense of security


Love needs to be expressed accurately

Love is a beautiful and subtle word, and even more so when it comes to parenting.

Neither as children nor as parents do we ever seem to say a word of love to each other. We always put the expression of love in a meal, a cup of tea, an admonition to add clothes, a discouragement that I am doing you a favor ......


But such subtle expressions will inevitably produce ambiguity, but let the other party not feel your love for him.

Psychologist Bi Humming said once said: "Love is afraid of silence. Too many people think that love to the depths is speechless. Love is a very difficult emotion to describe and requires exhaustive expression and transmission."

If you love your child, don't be stingy in getting it out, a simple I love you, I like you a lot, I'm happy with you, let your child understand your his love and recognition, it will give him great strength.

In addition to words, the expression of love can also be reflected in the gift above.

Of course, this gift does not need to be extravagant, how expensive, it can be a small trinket, small toy, small candy that you happen to see when you go out to work, as long as the child likes, as long as the child knows that you miss him all the time, love him, whether expensive or not is the best gift.

Love is the smallest detail

Raising a child is not an easy task. From the day he is born, his parents need to give him the utmost care, but as he grows older, this care seems to diminish.

We always think that when a child is older, there is no need for parents to do things that he can do instead of him, but I think that sometimes it is not a bad thing to "backtrack" appropriately.

We can't just tie our children to us because we love them. Instead, we should spend more time with our children while they are still flying, and let them fully feel our love through our bodies, through intimate contact, through words, and other small details.

Let their childhood become a happy time that can heal a lifetime of suffering.

Love is the source of a child's sense of security

A child who is loved is strong; a child who is forced is tough.

In the eyes of some parents, suffering education is the most important way for them to love their children, and only by making them suffer, they can face the rules of the adult world.

The children who grow up in this way may show that they are very strong, and all the hardships are shown to be light-hearted. They feel that they have no one to rely on behind them, so they can only pretend to be strong and walk forward step by step with gritted teeth.

But the fact is that parental love is the biggest and most important source of security for children.

If a child gets enough love from his parents before the age of three, for example, if his parents can pick him up immediately when he cries, and if his parents are always around when he plays, it is enough to build a solid base camp for his inner world - a sense of security.

After all, a sense of security is the most important motivation for a child to explore the world.

Because he knows that no matter his success or failure parents will be behind him to support him, comfort him, and protect him, as long as he turns back parents must be all in. He will have the courage and courage to explore the unknown world so that the child can gradually grow into a mentally mature adult, and his future learning, life, and work will not be too bad in fact.

Love should be unconditional

"The scariest thing in this world is that becoming a parent doesn't require an exam."

I believe everyone has heard this quote before, indeed we always used to continue our previous generation's way of education to educate our children, not knowing that the scariest thing in this world is to educate the present people on how they should live in the future with the way of the past.

Learning to love your children unconditionally is the most important lesson in becoming a parent than the previous generation, the implicit and violent (stick education and other theories) way of education.

The so-called unconditional love is not related to whether the child looks cute, temperament is mild or irritable, is obedient or naughty, is excellent or often failing grades, but simply because he is my child, so I love him.

Ask yourself if many parents can not do this.

Conditional love is a kind of "equivalence" exchange love, which implicitly conveys to the child that only children who are good and meet the parent's requirements can be loved and accepted by the parent, and the other way around, they will not be loved by the parent.

In the long run, children will only become inferior, sensitive, and insecure, and once such a state of mind is formed, it may not be able to be cured for life.

As adults, when we think back to the way our parents taught us in our childhood, are there moments like this that we will never be able to reconcile for the rest of our lives? If so, why not let the damage stop in our generation?

Love is always the best education. It is like a fertile soil for a child to grow up in, it allows the child to grow up with confidence, it allows the child to draw all the nutrients needed for growth, and it allows the child's foundation to be so strong that even in the face of a storm, there is no way to blow it down.

Only unconditional love, understanding, respect, and support can turn a child into a truly mature adult.


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Sal Tori

Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything one has learned in school.

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