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"Little Muck"

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By Dagmar GoeschickPublished 10 months ago 14 min read

The Adventures of “Little Muck”

It was once upon a time.

A small man with a large head resided in the city of Nicaea. Everyone referred to him as the Little Muck. The adults were quite courteous to Muck. However, the kids on the street taunted and mocked him frequently. That's why he only went out on the town once a month.

Little Muck lived alone in a magnificent mansion with a lovely roof garden full of lovely flowers. He enjoyed going around the roof garden.

Little Muck stood just 120 centimeter’s tall. His body was fragile. However, his head was enormous, and his neck was long and narrow. Little Muck sported a large turban on his head. He was dressed in an old blue coat and large slippers. A thick belt held his trousers in place. A long, curved dagger was tucked inside his belt.

Every month, the kids looked forward to the arrival of the tiny Muck on the street. They stood outside the entrance door.

They all danced wildly around Muck when he came out the front door. They teased him by throwing peas at him.

The lads enjoyed singing songs. They composed the music themselves:

"Little Muck, Little Muck,

live in a big house,

go out once a month,

you're a good little dwarf with a mountain's head.

Look around and see if you can catch us, little Muck!"

The small man always ran wild around the streets as the boys sang the song. The boys yanked on his coat or gripped his blade tightly. Ali was the most amusing of the group. He was the most irritant to the old little man.

The lads teased tiny Muck again one day. Ali was especially out of control. He tripped up Muck. The filth landed on the roadway. The boys burst out laughing. Ali let out a very loud laugh. Ali quickly stopped laughing because little Muck stood up and went to Ali's house. He knocked on the door. Ali's father appeared.

"Please come in, Mr. Muck," the father responded, making a deep bow to the tiny guy.

Little Muck spent a long time with Ali's father.

It was getting dark. Ali refused to return home. He was terrified of punches. When he was cheeky, he knew his father would reprimand him harshly. Ali eventually returned home because he was hungry and exhausted.

"Today you were particularly cheeky and naughty," the father stated as he stood behind the door. Everything was revealed to me by Mr Muck. I won't beat you because I want to punish you differently. I tell you the story of Little Muck first, then you get your food."

Mukrah was the name of Little Muck. His mother had died while he was a little child. In Nicaea, the father was a poor guy. He disliked his son since he was so little and had such a large head. Little Muck was the nickname given to the boy. He was a cheerful young man. He enjoyed playing and reading. Only seldom would he feel unhappy because everyone mocked him.

Muck's father died when he was around sixteen. Muck, on the other hand, was all alone. However, many relatives soon arrived. They forced the young man to leave the house. Muck took his father's blue coat and cut off the bottom and sleeves. Then he fastened a thick belt around his waist and inserted his father's dagger. Finally, he donned a huge turban and ventured joyously out of town.

He was walking down a large street. He was overjoyed by the colorful flowers along the path and the numerous birds in the trees. He was relieved to find that no one on the street mocked him.

He arrived in a tiny town in the afternoon. He was exhausted and hungry.

He strolled across the streets. He didn't have any money. He couldn't eat anything. Then he noticed a large, magnificent house. He came to a halt in front of it and gazed at the home. An elderly woman called out the window:

"C'mon, come on!"

The porridge has been cooked.

The table is set up to your liking.

Everyone is welcome!

"The porridge has been cooked."

Little Muck was overjoyed. "Now I'll get my food," he reasoned.

The woman pushed open the door. Every street was filled with cats. She dashed into the house. Muck was taken aback and followed.

The old lady gave Muck an unpleasant look. "What do you want in my house?" she inquired. "You invited all to dinner," Little Muck responded. I'm starving and looking forward to my oatmeal."

"Where are you from?" joked the elderly lady. Everyone in the city knows that I exclusively cook for the cats. Mrs. Ahavzi is my name."

"What's your name?"

Little Muck told Mrs. Ahavzi about his adventures, and she offered him some cat porridge. The elderly lady was remorseful. She gave the tiny fellow food and drink. "Stay with me as my servant," she murmured once he was full. You have very little to do. You will no longer be hungry or thirsty." Little Muck accepted and became the woman Ahavzi's servant.

His job was simple. Mrs. Ahavzi was the owner of two tomcats and four cats.

Her kitties were very important to her. Muck had to watch the cats wash and comb themselves every morning, and he had to take care of the cats and feed them cat porridge if she went for a stroll. They then seated at a tiny table. Muck was responsible for setting the table and serving the cats. Muck had to put the cats in comfy beds and cover them with lovely blankets in the nights.

Mrs. Ahavzi had a puppy as well. Little puppy was frequently irritated by the cats. Muck was always responsible for maintaining peace and tranquility. Mrs. Ahavzi preferred the cats over the puppy. This Puppy quickly became Muck's best friend.

The task was especially simple in the first several weeks. The cats complied. They sat calmly at the table, not making a scene.

However, the cats quickly became unruly and mischievous. They leapt into the porridge bowls instead of sitting still at the table. The porridge ruined the lovely furnishings and rugs. The cats also ran around the room, frequently breaking good dishes.

When Mrs. Ahavzi arrived home, the cats sat still and dutifully on their couches, waggling their tails. Ms. Ahavzi was irritated by the clutter and broken plates. She didn't believe Muck when he informed her about the bad cats. She chastised him and frequently repeated, "It's all your fault." My kitties are always helpful. They never do anything foolish. You have my lovely broken dishes."

Muck grew depressed. He was furious with the misbehaving cats. He wished he could leave quietly at times. But he didn't have any money because Mrs. Ahavzi didn't pay him.

The house had one chamber that was always locked. Muck frequently had seen Mrs. Ahavzi entering this room. 'There must be money buried in the room,' Muck reasoned.

The old woman vanished one day. The cats were extremely ferocious. They damaged the carpets and shattered numerous dishes. They hurled the cushions all over the place. Besides, Muck was depressed. He couldn't do anything because the cats no longer obeyed him.

The puppy suddenly yanked at his jeans. It dashed to the locked door and yanked it open. Muck followed the dog into the room.

There were several antique items strewn about the room. It was sloppy. Muck searched for money but came up empty-handed. Muck then noticed a lovely colorful glass vase. He moved closer to the vase to get a better look at her. Then he slipped and knocked the vase over. The priceless one Vase smashed, sending fragments flying across the room.

Little Muck became terrified. "If Mrs. Ahavzi returns, she must be furious and punish me," he reasoned. So I must depart."

He donned his cloak, fastened his belt with the dagger, and donned his hat. But his slippers were worn and scuffed.

The tiny dog then presented a pair of really huge, expensive, gold-embroidered slippers. Muck them on. In the corner was a walking stick with a golden lion head. Muck accepted the stick. He waved goodbye to the puppy. Then he left the house and proceeded into town.

He took off as fast as he could. Because he was so frightened by Mrs. Ahavzi. But he quickly became exhausted and wished to halt. But the slippers kept going. They dragged him forward against his will. He couldn't stop. Suddnelt tiny Muck realised he was wearing magic slippers. "Oh stop, stop there!" he yelled. The slippers abruptly came to a halt, and Muck collapsed tired on the side of the road.

After a while, he stood up, pulled off his slippers, and walked barefoot to a tree. He lay down in the grass and promptly fell asleep. He had a dream. 'Dear Muck, the slippers and the walking stick are magical things,' his former bosses puppy stated in the dream,'they belonged to Ahavzi. With the slippers on, you can sprint faster than everyone else. If you say: "Stop!" They will come to a halt. However, if you turn the slippers three times, they will fly with you to wherever you want to go. The walking stick functions as a magic wand. If the stick hits the ground three times, gold is concealed on this one spot. If you hit the ground twice with the stick, you will find gems. If it only hits once, there is silver hiding. "Farewell, dear Muck!" Then the small puppy vanished.

Little Muck awoke, pleased with the two magical items. He walked around three times in his slippers, wishing he was in a vast, faraway city. Suddenly, he sailed through the air and landed in the huge city's marketplace.

On the pitch, Little Muck walked back and forth. He pondered what to do because he lacked funds. Then he noticed a poster on one of the house walls. It said,

"Please Pay Attention!"

The king is on the lookout for a quick bishop.

He should immediately report to the royal palace if he can walk well.

The frontrunner!

Muck was overjoyed. This was the ideal position for him. He hurried to Castle.

In front of the castle stood a soldier. Muck explained, "I want to report to the king as a runner." The soldier burst out laughing. Other soldiers and officials arrived. "This dwarf wants to be a runner," the soldier explained. He's really too petite. His head is far too large and hefty. "I can't walk because my legs are too short."

Everyone laughed and made fun of Muck. In the castle, a window was open. "What's the matter?" inquired the king, looking out.

The military and bureaucrats told him about Muck. Muck had to visit the king at the castle. "Well, tomorrow you should be with the fastest men in the city to race," the king remarked to the small one man. It's going to be a lot of fun. Now proceed to the kitchen. You can eat there for dinner. Sleep well tonight so you can go for a walk tomorrow." The king laughed and everyone else did as well.

Muck was content. He was aware that he was faster than the top Runner. He ate till he was satisfied, then fell slept happily and pleasantly until dawn.

There were a lot of folks out and about the next morning. They wanted to see the race. Then there were the joggers. They were tall and slim, with long legs. Little Muck was standing among them. The monarch, princesses, princes, and other officials sat on the grandstand. Everyone was looking forward to having a good time. They predicted that the little scum would not win the race. "Go!" yelled an officer, holding out a red handkerchief. The runners took off quickly. They were as swift as Lightning. But Muck quickly overwhelmed them all. He breezed through it like a champ.

Everybody was in awe. "I'd want to congratulate you", the king remarked as he summoned the tiny man over. "You are my headman now. I offer you a house and give you $20 in gold each month".

Little Muck was now content. He was the best bishop for the king.

He frequently travelled to different places with letters and directives from the king.

That was the ideal task for Muck's magical slippers. The swift little mess made the king very delighted.

However, the other runners and officials were envious. They made disparaging remarks about Muck. They lied to the king about him. But the king insisted, "I don't believe you." The little muck can outrun everyone else. That's all I need."

Little Muck was irritated by the scheming bureaucrats. "If I give the officers money, they might stop talking bad about me," he reasoned. But he lacked the necessary funds. Muck stroll around the castle park one evening. Suddenly, his walking stick tapped three times on the ground under a tree. Muck walked away, scratching the tree with his dagger Cross.

He sneaked into the castle park late at night with a shovel. Because the Moon shone brightly, he soon spotted the tree with the cross. Muck dug a hole by the tree. That was difficult labor for the little man. Muck soon discovered a Pot full of gold pieces. He loaded his pockets with gold and closed the hole again. He then returned home. Muck was now wealthy. He lavished cash on officials and soldiers. But they'd be even more envious. They rushed to the king and said, "Little Muck has given us a lot of gold." He established that the gold from the Treasury had been stolen."

The king now trusted the bureaucrats. Muck was told to keep to himself. "You stole the gold", he remarked. "I put you behind bars. You'll be put to death in the morning". Muck trembled with fright. He explained everything about the magic to the king. The king grabbed the enchanted items—the slippers and the walking stick with the lion's head—and put them both in his treasure chest. Little Muck was chased out of town by the army.

Little Muck strolled down the street, sadly. The king had kept his slippers, therefore he was without footwear. Soon, his feet began to hurt. He was thirsty and hungry. He trudged groggily to a creek. By the brook, there were two fig trees. Muck was content. He promptly picked some figs and continued to eat till he was satisfied. He now desired a drink of water from the stream. Then he caught a glimpse of himself in the creek. He was surprised to discover that his head had sprouted two long donkey's ears.

Little Muck had a lot of fatigue. He dozed off without seeing his protruding ears. Mrs. Ahavzi tiny puppy, paid him another visit in the dream. "Dear little Muck, don't be depressed," it advised. "You obtained donkey's ears by eating the figs from the one fig tree.

Go away with the long ears if you eat the figs from the other tree. Good luck, little Muck!"

Muck awoke. He remembered the dream. He ate some figs from the other tree and gazed out the window at the creek. The dog ears had vanished. He was overjoyed now. He remembered the puppy from his dream. He sat down by the creek and pondered it. He had an excellent thought there. He removed two towels from his coat. He took figs off the first tree and wrapped them in a single cloth.

He used the other towel to wrap the figs from the second tree. He then proceeded to the next settlement.

He spent minimal money on other clothing. He then applied a black face paint. He also put on a new turban before returning to the royal city.

In the marketplace, he took a seat. A cloth was put out in front of him. On it, he placed the figs from the first fig tree. The biggest and most exquisite figs on the market were his. They intended to buy a lot of people. However, Muck paid a steep price.

The king's master chef then arrived. He noticed the lovely figs.

He desired to purchase her. Muck mentioned the exorbitant cost. The fruit appealed to the professional chef. He purchased them all.

At the lunch table, the monarch sat with the princesses, princes, and officials. The master chef then delivered the large Figs on a silver plate into the hall. Everyone developed a taste for the excellent fruit almost immediately.

The king selected the first figure from the plate. The other fruits were then distributed to the princesses, princes, and authorities.

Everyone devoured the figs with gusto. "These are the best figs I've ever tasted," the king exclaimed.

The youngest princess abruptly said, "Father, you have long ears, don't you?" referring to a donkey. That appears odd. Everybody turned to face the monarch. The monarch stroked his ears. The youngest princess had told the truth, he realised. His next comment was, "You all have long donkey ears."

Everyone now puts their hands to their ears. Everyone found that they have ears for a long time. The princesses sobbed while holding their ears.

The monarch, princes, and officials were furious. However, the Ears remained as long as a donkey's ears.

The king summoned his doctor. But neither could the doctor. "All the doctors in the city must come to the castle!" said the King.

Doctors arrived. They deliberated for a long time. Finally, they severed the long ears of a royal. In anguish, the prince yelled. However, the ears became much longer. All of the doctors were at a loss at this point.

The king dispatched runners all throughout the land. You should bring all the doctors in the country to the castle. There were numerous posters across the city.

The posters stated,

"I'll look for a good doctor right away."

The monarch!

The poster was read by Little Muck. He was happy with the deception. He had changed his clothes. He wrapped a scarf around his head and wore large glasses on his nose. Then he proceeded to the castle with some figs from the second fig tree.

Soldiers stood in front of the fortress. "I'm a doctor," Muck explained. I need to see the king right away." Little Muck was accompanied to the King by a soldier. Muck saw the numerous dog ears. He had to be careful not to laugh out loud. Nobody recognized the disguised Muck.

Muck pulled a fruit from his coat. He bequeathed her to a prince.

The prince consumed the fig. The dog-ears were gone in no time. Everyone desired to be healed. Muck, on the other hand, stated, "First and foremost, I want my wages."

The king then proceeded inside the treasury with Muck. There was gold, jewellery, silver, valuable stones, precious vases, and plenty of cash.

Muck was told by the king, "You may choose whatever you want."

Little Muck spent a long time looking. He eventually located them in a corner, the enchanted shoes and wand. He hurriedly put on the slippers, grabbed the wand, and exclaimed, "You stupid king." I will not heal you. You will maintain your donkey ears until the day you die. I'm the tiny scumbag. You treated me cruelly, you chased me away, and now you've received your punishment."

Muck rotated three times with his slippers, wishing for his home town of Nicaea. He rapidly soared through that window. Everyone, even the monarch, preserved their long donkey ears.

Muck resided in Nicaea in a modest house. He discovered buried gems in Nicaea's parks and gardens with the help of his Wand.

He used the money to build a magnificent house. Little Muck was revered by everyone in Nicaea.

Ali's father had had enough of the Muck story. Ali was now permitted to eat. Ali went to see Muck the next morning. He rapped on the door. Little Muck emerged. Ali apologized politely to the tiny man. Muck was extremely friendly. "It's fine," he said. If you continue to be courteous, you will be able to visit me frequently. Then I'll teach you about distant locations."

Ali told his friends about tiny Muck. The children no longer teased little Muck after that.

If they passed him on the street, they would bow deeply and say, "Hello, Mr. Muck." Ali paid frequent visits to the small man in his lovely home. Little Muck could always tell a fascinating story.


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