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How You Can Prepare for a Natural Birth as a First Time Mom

by Rayanne Morriss 2 months ago in pregnancy

Tips Every New Mom Should Know

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Childbirth is one of the most challenging experiences women go through in their life. There are different ways of giving birth; natural birth or cesarean action. While caesarian action involves surgery to remove the fetus from the mother’s womb, natural birth is when the baby is delivered through the birth canal. Natural birth, although considered good, has several challenges. Therefore, you must be adequately prepared during your pregnancy period to have a successful natural childbirth.

Benefits of natural birth

There are many reasons you should choose natural birth over other assisted means of delivering a child. They include;

Fast recovery after birth-Minimal surgical procedures are involved in natural childbirth. This implies that you don’t spend so much time healing after giving birth. The process involves minimal tearing of the birth canal since you push instinctively during delivery.

No side effects of childbirth- Natural childbirth minimizes the need for specialized attention and procedures that could affect the mother or child. In this case, no anesthetics are administered to the mother. With natural birth, it is easy to change birthing positions for the safety of the mother and child.

Shorter pushing time- In natural birth, the delivery time is reduced since the baby goes through the required path. Additionally, the mother can bond with the newborn immediately after birth.

A sense of pride- Natural births give mothers a sense of pride in their babies. Having managed the labor pains without medical assistance gives them a sense of fulfillment.

There are many more benefits of natural birth to both the mother and child. A child’s birth could impact their future life and relationship with the mother.

Preparing for a natural birth

Whether you are a first-time mom or an experienced mother, you must be adequately prepared for natural childbirth. Although the process is beneficial, it has many implications that could be adverse if not done in the right way. There are many ways to prepare for a natural birth, these include purchasing necessary items to use after delivery. However, the best way to prepare is by acquiring relevant information on practices to engage in while you wait for your due date. Attending an online birth course will equip you with skills and knowledge of handling yourself during pregnancy for a safe natural birth. There are various platforms offering these courses online. However, the most popular and trusted ones.

What to expect from online birth courses

Online platforms with information on natural birth have different operation policies. The policies govern the nature of information and how people access it. Some information you get from online platforms could be inaccurate depending on the nature of your pregnancy and whether it is your first time trying a natural birth. Some information you can get from good birth courses include;

Positioning and sensory techniques- A good birth course should provide you with adequate information on what positions to sit or sleep in during pregnancy and delivery. These techniques guarantee your safety and comfort. Additionally, proper positioning helps reduce labor pain and improve the child’s safety.

Breathing techniques- Breathing is essential during natural birth. Pushing involves a lot of energy and oxygen. Therefore, you need to perfect your breathing to ensure you have adequate force on the baby during delivery.

Transition and pushing techniques- Pushing the baby is one of the technical aspects of natural births. You must apply adequate pressure to the baby to push it out and not too much to affect the baby. Wrong pushing could cause the baby to suffocate leading to stillbirth.

There are more pieces of information you can get from online platforms to prepare you for a natural birth. Some platforms go the extra mile to provide videos demonstrating different practices to follow during natural birth. Meditation music and reading materials could also be provided to help you relax during pregnancy.


The rise in demand for information about natural birth has led to increased information flow from various platforms. When choosing a platform for natural birth courses, you should ensure the information shared is accurate. You can achieve this by asking for referrals or reading reviews on different platforms. Interacting with experienced mothers gives you access to information that would otherwise be unavailable on online platforms.


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