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How to Influence Teens Today

Let's stand by teenagers as their trusted friends and offer unconditional support

By I. R. PathakPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Teenagers today do not wait for their teachers and parents to quench their curiosity. They stay empowered all the time, holding a device in their palms. Earlier, even today, the best way to guide teenagers was by leading by example. I’ve seen that teenagers often emulate the behaviours and values they observe in adults.

They often show their resentment. It is against irresponsible and deceitful teachers and controlling parents.

How discouraging it is! In these times, teenagers do not find their role models in their families. They also do not find them in their teachers. They find people around them racing in selfish pursuits. These people do not care for anything foul or unjust. They learn these lessons by heart during their teenage years. They invent ideas to find shorter routes to success. They want to show that they are sharper and faster than the old generation.

We need to change. This will change the environment for teenagers. Then, they can find role models among us. They need not seek them in films, social media, or politics.

Teenage Challenges

Adolescence is a time of life that can be challenging. It changes a teen's attitude because of social, emotional, and physical factors.

Adolescents may feel too much pressure. This is due to their parents' expectations for their school performance. They also face peer competition and drug, alcohol, and mental health problems. Teens with low self-esteem don't feel good about themselves. They often have many problems. They do in school and have messed-up relationships. More and more teens are dealing with depression today. They also face frustration and aggressive behaviour. They also have other mental disorders.

The consequences of experimenting with drugs and alcohol can be destructive. The consequences can be far-reaching, as anyone can guess.

The digital age comes with its own set of challenges. Constant presence on the Internet can lead to cyberbullying, addiction, and privacy problems.

We must guide and support teens during this tough time.

We have to stand by teenagers as an unwavering friend. We must help and support them to overcome their challenges. We need to prevent distractions from knocking them off track.

Give up Conventional Approach to Guide Teens: Apply Innovative Strategy

It is the reign of the Internet Empire.

It is the tenure of Emperor Google.

Did someone suppress how many queries seeking solutions before Google’s wisdom?

How much-distorted information spread through Chinese whispers? People believed it was true.

Let us celebrate the information age boom. The omnipresent digital world snatches all opportunities for physical interactions. Today’s teenagers show little enthusiasm for motivational speeches. They also show little enthusiasm for guidance from older adults. They spend most of their learning time in the company of cell phones and laptops.

There is a need to restructure traditional methods of guiding and motivating teenagers.

We need to move our mentoring and motivational supplements into posts and videos. They will be on Facebook, Instagram, or another top social media platform in that country. We must reach them when they are in learning mode.

I do not believe any wisdom lies in advising teenagers to use less social media. We see it from school to college and university, from religion to groceries, from a tutor to yoga classes. Everywhere, everyone invites us to join them and like them on social media.

So, to guide our teens and preserve our culture and true values, we must embrace a new order.

Take Steps

Today's teenagers can improve our civilization. They have fresh thoughts, energy, and ever-improving science and technology. We need to explore the correct ways to support them.

We must replace fault finding with quality finding. Then, we can focus on the fair side of the new and astonishing compatibility of our teens. They have great potential to create the world of our dreams.

We must adjust to the new rules. We must change how we engage and talk with teenagers.

We have no reason to compare our teenage with the present generation of teens. Look around! We cannot find the world where we spent our teenage! How can someone expect the teens to behave in the way they did in the past?

Parents and teachers must remember our society. It shaped our present mindset and we lived in it long ago. We can neither restore the old order nor will it be workable. We can merge our precious values with a new order to save them from becoming obsolete and forgotten.


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I. R. Pathak

Educationist by career, writer-poet by passion, thinker by nature, humorous by habit. Love to share thoughts and experience.

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