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How to experience a stay near one of the paradise beaches in Sri Lanka

Embrace earthy and salty scents

By Amie GinendraPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
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The ‘Emerald Isle’ of Sri Lanka has long been known as a popular beach destination with its unending coastlines, unspoilt beaches, and warm weather. Little do most travellers know that the country does possess its fair share of thrills, spills, and leaps out on its ocean waters and under the sun.

Hikkaduwa Beach

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Why Hikkaduwa? It is a small coastal town (116 KM south of Colombo) adorned with sandy shorelines, tropical woodlands and an inexplicably amazing tropical vibe.

For those who want to explore the beaches in Sri Lanka, this will be an ideal choice to indulge in a plethora of exciting activities. Hikkaduwa beach is a prime spot for scuba diving. The beach has gained extra popularity for having Sri Lanka’s first marine statuary. Feeble creatures that hide under corals and rocks, hard-shelled and soft crustaceans, schools of colourful reef fish and elusive sea turtles will certainly tempt you for a scuba diving tour. In order to avoid the hassle of planning your scuba diving tour, you can get in touch with one of the many local tour operators such as Truly Sri Lanka, to get up close with colourful underwater creatures. If you are lucky, you will get the opportunity to swim with loggerhead sea turtles, reefs and even reef sharks.


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It’s just a short tuk-tuk ride away from Weligama to Mirissa, one of the quietest beach hideaways along the southern coast of Sri Lanka. The laid-back atmosphere of the beach will draw your heart to spend more time at this beach. You’ll come across many restaurants and cafes selling fresh and delicious seafood. The western end of the bay is perfect for surfers to try out riding on the huge waves. You can also have a leisurely stroll in between the rocky areas overlooking the beach and the sea. Mirissa has found extra popularity as a whale-watching hotspot among tourists. The peak season for watching whales is from December to march. It’s indeed an unforgettable trip to find giant blue whales, Fin whales, dolphins and more! From gorgeous sunsets to crystal clear blue waters, especially the nightlife in Mirissa beach is a mellow affair just the way everyone likes!

Tangalle Beach

Dreaming to spend an amazing beach vacation? Spend some lovely days at Tangalle beach and realize your fantasies. The longs long stretch of sandy shores and blue turquoise waters will take your breath away. This will be an ideal spot to spend hours of quietude and peace since it’s located away from the hustles and bustles of the city. You can spend an amazing beach holiday while discovering some of the iconic pilgrimage sites, fishing ports, and rainforests in the area. Tangalle is still popular as a fishing village since fishing is the main income of most of the locals here. This will not be a good choice for swimming because the waves are a bit rough. For those who wish to spot a glorious sunset view, this beach will be the perfect spot.

Wijaya Beach

Located on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, Wijaya Beach is not too far from Unawatuna. The laid-back beauty coupled with serene natural surroundings makes it a top spot among tourists, expats and locals alike. You will not get disappointed as the beach is clean with its eye-catching backdrop of coconut trees leaning over the blue turquoise waters. The sheltered natural pool formed by coral reefs is a highlight here. People often swim here and make it capture to fill their Instagram feed. For all turtle lovers, there is a special spot either to swim with them or to spot them from a distance.

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