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Helping People Is Great

by Hassan Siddiqui 5 months ago in literature
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A girl's story about making her dead mom happy.

Helping People Is Great
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Maggie was an ambitious and brave girl. After losing her mother before she turned five, she was now living with her dad. Her dad’s name was Jack. He was a good and caring father. Due to her dad’s strength with her, she felt stronger. Her age was eighteen now. She was a deep silent soul, thoughtful. An inquisitive, polite person.

One day, she was in a park for exercise, a thought about her mother came into her mind while she was running on the track. “Will mom be happy with what I am doing in life? How can I know if she is happy with me?” she questioned herself. She was worried now. She immediately came home and looked for her dad.

She found him in his study room.

“Dad,” she said in a hopeless, slow voice. It seemed she was disturbed.

“Yes, Maggie, what happened?” he looked up from the book he was reading and asked her.

“Dad, how can I know that mom is happy with how I am living my life?”

“The fact is that you cannot know actually because no one is coming to tell you this thing. But if you want to make her happy, you can do something for her.”

“What can I do, Dad?”

“Help others. Help people as much as you can. And this thing will give your mom peace. She was a great believer in helping people.”

“Why was she a great believer in helping people?” Maggie asked with amazement in her voice.

“Because helping people is a great way to make a positive difference in their lives. Your mom often told it to me.”

After some days, when Maggie was cycling in her town, she saw an older man going somewhere; he was sweating so much that his shirt was getting wet. She moved towards him and offered the water bottle that she had for herself. The man took the bottle from her and drank it in one breath. He was thirsty. After drinking it, he said,

“Thanks for giving me your water. You are so kind. God will bless you for sure.” And then, he moved away. Maggie felt a deep joy in her heart. After cycling for half an hour, she got back home.

At night, she ordered a pizza for her. When the delivery boy came to deliver the pizza, he rang the doorbell, and Maggie came to open the door.

“Miss, your pizza,” he said, offering her the pizza box.

“How much for this?”

“It’s fourteen dollars.”

She paid him for the pizza and asked, “Have you had dinner?”

“Me? No, Miss. Not yet.”

“This is for you. Take this pizza with you and eat it at dinner.”

“But this is yours. You have paid for it.”

“No problem. Now, please go and eat it.”

“Thanks, Miss, thank you so much.” The words he was speaking were showing the joy on his face.

At night, she thought about the things she did to help people. “Mommy will be happy now.” She said to herself while some tears ran down her face. She was indeed missing her.

The next morning, she woke up and checked her savings. Two thousand dollars, that was all. She put this money into her pants’ pocket, sat on her cycle, and reached an NGO where she donated her money. The NGO was famous for providing free medical care to needy people.

The lady officer at NGO said to her,

“In my forty-year career, you are the first one of your age who came to our organization for charity. Young people should learn from you. Being generous makes you great. Your parents must be proud of you for raising a child like you.”

“Thanks, I am glad to do that.”

When she returned home in the afternoon, she felt a bit tired, so she went to sleep. In her dream, she saw her mom hugging her and saying, “I am so happy to see the good deeds you are doing for people. From the above, I am seeing everything that you are doing. My child, I am proud of you. Keep serving the people. Now, I must go.”

“Mom, I need you. Please come back, mom. We need you to be with us,” she was crying. She woke up, the dream still racing in her mind. In the evening, she told her dad about it. And she asked, “Mom said I should keep serving people. Dad, for how long will I need to do that?”

“My dear, you can do it for ten years, and then you can stop or you can for a week. But if you want to see your mother happy for you, you should always do it till the last day of your life. Because of the good deeds we do, make the world a beautiful place.”

“I will keep doing it because I want to give joy to mom. So I will keep doing it,” She decided while she was looking at the stars through her room’s window.


About the author

Hassan Siddiqui

Hassan Siddiqui is the author of Twenty Bright Paths: Stories of Growth and Learning. He is a heartfelt thinker who believes in the power of the written word to inspire action and enlighten our lives. He loves to write stories and articles.

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