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Healing Amauart

Princess Mia and Dragon Willow

By Zelda FoxxPublished 7 months ago 4 min read
Healing Amauart
Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

There seemed to be no hope for the Valley, unless they found a way out. Prince Patrick found the cave full of relics, but in order for those to work he needed help. The Amauart sickness still plagued many people and dragons roamed the land more than ever before, but not all of them possessed evil in their soul.

Far outside of the Valley there lay a deep forest, and a cottage where Princess Mia resided. Her caretakers Earl James and Duchess Iris held such love for the percious bunlde of energy. She spent her days climbing the stones and fallen logs surrounding the cottage and learning at their feet as they provided for her. She was of the young age of only 2. She wanted for nothing in terms of comfort and nary a cry would leave her throat before her needs were met. The duchess and earl knew she possessed a secret magic in her soul that could heal the land if Princess Patrick and the Royal family could not pull through. Most children are unaware of the healing magic they provide, especially Princess Mia.

She spent her days toddling too and fro enjoying the fresh air and learning about the outside forest one plant at a time. Blissfully unaware of her fate in the world. She thought of the Duchess Iris and Earl James as her mother and father. She knew nothing of her royal lineage and had no upsets to be concerned about in her small world that contained the warm cottage where meals happened, stories were told and songs were sang.

Then the dragon came out of nowhere one morning and her whole life changed forever. Iris screamed trying to swoop her up from the end of the cottage where she had been playing quite contentedly with some dolls while Iris washed some clothes. Earl James had been working in the shed on some tools for the garden when he heard the scream, but he reacted too late.

Before Iris knew it the dragon swooped up Mia quite gently and flew off. Iris and James were stunned. They didn't know quite what to do. "We have to alert Queen Ameria and Prince Patrick immediately!" Iris exclaimed.

James trembled. "I don't know if that is the best option at the moment. We need to think. They are so busy trying to save the Valley and take care of the ill and what if the dragon harms her? We need to save her first. We should try to track the dragon. I think that may be our only option. She is so little and has never been without us."

"I think you are right dear husband. I value her safety more than anything else. Let's pack our gear. I have some herbs and my mother taught me some magic tracking skills before I left our section of the valley to care for Mia. I believe I can track where they went. We will need to prepare quickly. I can't belive I am saying this but I felt a positive energy from this beast. She may actually be okay for right now. I need to quickly consult the spirit guides and ask for guidance, but she is like a daughter to us and I don't care about the realm at the moment and her importance to it. I only care about the love we have for her. Quickly go gather our things. I will prepare what I must. We need to leave before night falls."

The dragon lightly manage to toss his precious bundle upon his back. Willow knew he carried something precios and the other dragons had made a special saddle just for her. The people of the thought the dragons had come to destroy the Valley and that they had brought the Amauart sickness. Such stupid silly people. The dragons had come to help, but because of the language barrier they were attacking them and freaking out.

Dragons had been around way longer then people and they knew about Amauart sickness and how to heal it, and of course they tried to communicate this with the royal family. They did not have to leave the valley. But would they listen? No. I mean dragons getting a bad rap, Willow could understand it. They were huge, they flew, they spit fire. He himself had shinny sharp scales, and large black pointy talons and weighed about three tons and he cast a huge shadow when he flew over anything so much so it looked like night had fallen. Why his king thought sending more dragons would help he had no clue. It just freaked everyone out even more.

It didn't matter though. Mia held the key to this whole thing along with Prince Patrick's relics and they needed that shape shifter. They thought those paupers betrayed them, but they hadn't. They could translate for the dragons. They saw the Amauart sickness for the truth of it and they saw it coming and descending on the Valley. They disappeared in search of the dragons to help the Valley.

Willow had to move fast or all hope would be lost. Mia cackled in delight as the wind blew by ruffling her hair. This was nothing like playing dolls in cottage and the most fun she ever had. She couldn't wait to see what happened next.

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