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By Teguh TriPublished about a month ago 3 min read

In the sleepy town of Willowbrook, where everyone knew everyone else’s business, lived a man named Harold. Harold was a local postman known for his impeccable punctuality and serious demeanor. He had delivered letters and packages for over twenty years without a single mishap, earning him a reputation as the town’s most reliable man.

One sunny afternoon, Harold’s routine was interrupted by a new package delivery assignment. The package was addressed to Mrs. Mildred Thompson, an eccentric elderly lady who lived at the edge of town with her collection of cats. Harold had always found Mildred’s house a bit odd, with its overgrown garden and the constant meowing chorus that greeted visitors.

Determined to keep his perfect record, Harold set off with the package. As he approached Mildred’s house, he noticed a peculiar sign on the front gate: “Beware of the Cat.” Harold chuckled to himself, thinking it was a playful warning. He opened the gate and walked up the garden path, the meowing growing louder with each step.

He knocked on the door, and Mildred, a sprightly woman with wild gray hair and mismatched socks, answered. “Ah, Harold! Right on time as always!” she exclaimed, her eyes twinkling with mischief. “Please, come in. I’ve just made some tea.”

Harold hesitated but didn’t want to be rude, so he stepped inside. The living room was a chaos of cat toys, scratching posts, and an astonishing number of cats lounging everywhere. One particularly large and fluffy cat named Mr. Whiskers seemed to be the leader, perched regally on the back of the sofa.

Mildred handed Harold a cup of tea and gestured for him to sit. As he did, Mr. Whiskers jumped onto his lap, purring loudly. Harold, not a cat person, sat stiffly, unsure how to handle the situation.

Just then, Mildred’s eyes lit up. “Oh, Harold! You must see my latest trick!” She clapped her hands, and the cats immediately perked up, forming a line in front of her. “Watch this,” she said with a grin.

Mildred began to perform a series of commands, and the cats responded by jumping through hoops, balancing on their hind legs, and even playing dead. Harold watched in amazement, forgetting his discomfort. The grand finale involved Mr. Whiskers jumping onto a high shelf and knocking down a small ball, which triggered a series of dominoes that ended with a bell ringing.

Harold couldn’t help but applaud. “That’s incredible, Mrs. Thompson!” he said, genuinely impressed.

Just then, his phone buzzed. It was a reminder of his next delivery. He stood up quickly, causing Mr. Whiskers to leap off his lap and land with a loud meow. In his haste to leave, Harold didn’t notice that the package he’d brought had been nudged off the table by one of the cats.

“Thank you for the tea and the show, Mrs. Thompson, but I must be going,” he said, making his way to the door. Mildred waved cheerfully as he left, Mr. Whiskers watching him with narrowed eyes.

As Harold walked back to his van, he realized he’d forgotten the package. He turned just in time to see a cat dart out of the house with it. In a mix of panic and disbelief, Harold chased after the cat, weaving through gardens and over fences. The townspeople watched in amusement as their reliable postman ran after a determined feline.

Finally, the cat stopped in the town square, dropping the package at Harold’s feet as if to mock him. Harold, panting and red-faced, picked up the package and glared at the cat, which merely licked its paw and strolled away.

When Harold returned to Mildred’s house, she was waiting on the porch, a twinkle in her eye. “Mr. Whiskers likes to test people,” she said, stifling a laugh. “Seems like you passed!”

Harold couldn’t help but laugh, too. “I think I’ll stick to delivering letters,” he said, handing her the package at last.

From that day on, Harold was known not only for his reliability but also for his unexpected adventure with the cats of Willowbrook. And every time he saw a cat, he couldn’t help but smile, remembering the day he was outsmarted by Mr. Whiskers.


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