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Fuck Your Positive Thoughts and Prayers

Nobody cares about either one of them. We need actual change.

By Jason ProvencioPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Positive thoughts and prayers don’t mean shit. Gun control and reform does. Photo: Jay Rembert, Unsplash

If I see one more person post, “Positive thoughts and prayers” online, in regard to a mass shooting, I’m going to lose my fucking shit.

Today we have 19 children and 2 adults dead in yet another mass shooting in America. This latest one happened in Texas, a place where people love their guns. Grade school-aged kids who went to school to learn this morning will never see their parents again.

Parents will never hug their children again. They won’t have fun, interesting discussions at their dinner table tonight. They won’t share all of life’s beautiful moments with their dead child ever again.

The United States far and away has the most mass shootings and total deaths of any country in the world. It’s not even close. Other civilized nations in this world do not have anywhere near the frequency of mass shootings the United States does. We lead the world in a sad, dubious category.

We’re supposed to be the greatest nation in the world. Freedom and all that jazz. Equality and helping our brothers and sisters when they’re down. My, how things have changed in the past 20 years.

We just had the mass shooting in Buffalo that killed 10 people, 10 days ago. We’ve had so many mass shootings in the past 10–20 years, that we seem to be numb to it. We had one a quarter-mile from where I live in Boise Idaho 6 months ago. Two dead, a few injured, and the racist gunman was killed by responders. We made national news that afternoon, sadly.

Whenever a mass shooting occurs, the first thing I see everywhere is people posting, “Positive thoughts and prayers” to the people of ___________. (fill in the blank of the location of the latest mass shooting)

I’m so tired of this shit. POSITIVE THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS. How in the fuck are you supposed to have positive thoughts about a MASS SHOOTING? Of 19 innocent grade school children being slaughtered like they don’t matter in any way, shape, or form?

And prayers? Those do a lot of good. I’m sure the parents and loved ones of the dead children take huge comfort from you sitting behind your phone or keyboard, wishing positive thoughts and prayers about their murdered children before you flip on Netflix or Hulu.

If prayers actually worked, there would be no mass shootings. God or some other deity would intervene and kill that gunman intent on murdering innocent children. Or he’d guide the man or boy toward counseling so they wouldn’t carry out his sick urges to murder.

It’s ALWAYS a man or boy, women almost never commit these heinous crimes. In the history of mass shootings, only a couple or few have ever been committed by a woman. Men or teenage boys have accounted for almost all mass shootings in our nation’s history.

So fuck off with the positive thoughts and prayers. They are doing absolutely nothing to stop the pace of these horrific, terrible crimes. Saying this stupid, useless, regurgitated catch-phrase does zero to solve the problem or make the victims’ families feel good about the situation.

Don’t offer useless thoughts or prayers that take you 10 seconds to type and post before you forget about this mass shooting. Until the next one happens in a number of days or weeks. How about we try pushing for actual change.

Vote for leadership who takes sensible gun control measures seriously. Help come up with bills and legislation to make guns and weapons far less accessible. We have more guns in this country than actual US citizens. That’s both sad and fucking pathetic.

Our romanticization of guns and the stubbornness that one political party holds onto regarding their “God-Given” right to own and operate firepower is laughed at and mocked worldwide.

“God-Given Right”. What the fuck does that even mean? The mouth-breathers who spout this bullshit are the same idiots mumbling about positive thoughts and prayers every time innocent people and children are shredded up in a hail of bullets. They don’t give two shits about people being innocently murdered in a mass shooting.

They’ll tell you they do. That we should have guns in every home in the country to protect us against REAL criminals. Oh, you mean the real criminals who AREN’T mass shooters?

Until we have actual, real, sensible gun control discussions and plans, this narrative will never change. Until we have a government that takes mental healthcare seriously and offers and encourages it to the masses, ESPECIALLY to angry young and middle-aged men, we’re fucked.

I am certain we are not far from mass shootings being the leading cause of death in school-aged children. I for one am sick to death of the carnage and murder. I’m angry. I’m fucking pissed. Perhaps you can tell by the tone of this blog. My heart is broken today, like many days this year already in 2022.

So please do shove your positive thoughts and prayers straight up your ass, and FUCK YOU for posting that silly, useless shit every time we have a frequent, more-common-than-ever mass shooting.


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