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๐Ÿค‘First Article Income: motivated Birthday Gift๐ŸŽ

Sharing my first article income

By tim8888Published 5 months ago โ€ข 3 min read
๐Ÿค‘First Article Income: motivated Birthday Gift๐ŸŽ
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Hello everyone, yesterday's 918 my Birthday, and on this day MEDIUM gave me a motivating GIFT!


On such a special day, I received a gift that took me by surprise - Medium article income (USD 1.11).

I'm just too excited to share it with you.

Although I haven't received any income from Vocal as a platform yet, I will continue to work hard on my writing and learn how to improve my writing skills. I hope you can give me more tips.


[The meager amount does not diminish my enthusiasm]

Although the amount of this payout is unremarkable, it has opened my eyes to a whole new set of possibilities. I always believe that if you put in enough effort, you will be able to get the appropriate reward. While writing, I also met some writing friends who gave me encouragement. This reinforces my belief that if I am persistent and continue to work hard, I will be able to achieve more on the article platform.


[Birthdays are important, but moments away from family are also special]

I spent this year abroad because of work. It's the most unusual birthday I've spent so far, without my family but with the concern of my friends.

Even though I am far away from my relatives, I don't seem to feel lonely, because the company of my friends makes me feel warm. It was a simple celebration, but it made me feel the power of friendship.

hahaha use cleaver to cut cake

Share to all : Yesterday after work, my friends asked me out to dinner to help me celebrate my birthday, we went to Chongqing China hotpot which was delicious. Then my friends gave me a surprise, they also prepared gifts, and a beautiful cake, and sang a birthday song with the staff (I was shocked at the moment) I didn't realize that they had prepared so much, I was very happy, I am very lucky to have friends like this. The funny thing is, when I wanted to cut the cake, they didn't have a small knife in the restaurant, so they gave me a Cleaver , oh my god, the first time in my life I used a cleaver to cut a birthday cake, it was so funny!

Later on we even called our friends abroad on video, chatting and celebrating together. It felt like we were all together, all around. It was a great feeling. I hope it stays that way.

We also agreed that we would definitely like to make another date to travel abroad together!

That's one of my birthday wishes too.


[Creativity is not just a personal pursuit, but an opportunity to share with readers]

Although I am a novice writer, I know that the purpose of writing is not only to satisfy personal pursuits but also to share one's views and experiences with readers. In this digital age, writing has become a way of communication, and through my articles, I can communicate and share with readers all over the world. Therefore, I pay attention to my readers' needs and points of interest in order to provide them with valuable content.


[In conclusion]

In the days to come, both on the platform of vocal and in my life, I will continue to work hard on my writing and use words to convey my emotions and thoughts.

I believe that my hard work and persistence will bring me more unexpected rewards and surprises. Thank you all.

You are welcome to subscribe to me and give me more guidance, thank you.


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  • Loreen5 months ago

    happy birthday

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