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Exceptional But True

by jasbinder bains 6 months ago in humanity

Unique Force of a Mother

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We understand ourselves alongside individuals who we as people become dependent on, and are exceptional role models. I am writing on experiences on hardship and grasping the truth of how mother’s qualities have shaped all mothers.

The tears of women whilst growing up and watching from a distance the struggle and pain but the essence off powerful women has shaped me to who I am today. It is important to remind us as women we all shed the same pain, tears, breakdowns and secrets, which we would bear nor tell another knowingly the repercussions at stake. As mothers regardless of religion and race our eyes see exact same motions being played out exactly like a motion picture, our hearts beating as one. Money has no concept here and is not welcome, as we carry the same burden and love from the beginning to the end of our days and the only objective is the cultural indifferences’ created by man affecting us like a disease in the decisions we have to make as mothers, separating us from each other.

You may not agree, a vital point my grandmother made explaining the essence of unconditional love. I did not understand it then, but truly recognize it now. Wisdom comes with love, remaining humble but let’s not forget gratitude for being alive to share the great teaching of amazing women together from generation to generation. We as women and mothers have truly forgotten we have more in common and have disregarded the true teachings. If we only truly opened our hearts without any motive, when a women becomes a mother we all hold the same card, linking us together. We know her as Mother Nature. How this card is played is dependent on the teaching passed on by mothers or my case my grandmother.

My grandmother explained the essence of unconditional love this being the most ultimate and paramount experience us mothers have altogether and not challengeable by no force from this realm nether any other. This point of our lives as firstly women becoming mothers. Nothing can or will interfere with this exceptional moment, some of us will experience this for slightly longer period of time and in some cases shorter length of time. We know this as the exact point of giving birth and holding your child in your arms for those few minutes’ unconditional love is transparent. The affection, connection where nothing on this planet can come in between mother and child nether distort this capsule of time. Can you remember the connection?? The universal bond is there truly with no interference shielding this connection and veiling of power of Mother Nature, before realism unfortunately, kicks in.

It is hard to comprehend, but let us see as realism slowly starts to set in. It is what it is right? After an hour of giving birth we as mothers become responsible for other being the reminder of the birth then to challenges, which lay ahead. Normality has crept in on your platform of motherhood. And the essence of this unconditional love is still transparent, however it begins to dwindle because of the pressures of expectations from others and this moment alters to affection of love and emotional roller-coaster of responsibility and finding balance.

Mother Nature now at the focal point of understanding compassion going through the drill of survival, where you reminisce on your own relationship with your own mother. This has been going for centuries it is just that the environment variables where completely different. The choices we make aren’t no more for oneself but shared amongst your child and partner. Or in my case myself and my child being a single parent.

Motherhood has no manual as we all react and make choices dependent on own to ‘particular circumstances’. However these are potentially the same experiences thus through emotions we develop and mature as mother nature guides all of us, with this she feels, senses, cries, smiles and laughs alongside you with your baby exceptional is it not??

Mother Nature has continued to suffer alongside us all women, enduring the pain of loss and separation in horrific and devastating incidents shown all around the world. Breaking this unique bond by man. Not only has the mother and child suffered alongside us Mother Nature endured exactly the same. The voices and stories are still echoed today. We have forgot the velocity of her magnitude, the power of her voice she calls out through us all, We all still hold the same card and this has never changed from the beginning of time. Man just took control and refuse acknowledge, disregarded and worked against her taking matters in their own hands.

Mother Nature is always with you she is your protector for you and your children until she feels she no longer required, she teaches you sends you the support necessary and Mother Nature only fails you when you stop believing in her and send her packing. We also call this miracle’s and a mother intuitions understanding everything instinctively, no requirement for feeling the conscious mind.


jasbinder bains

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jasbinder bains
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