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Ep3- The Mystic Realm of Deemuran

The mystery of the death still lingers

By Deepika VPublished 2 months ago 5 min read

Yes, the dead body that floated onto the beach has been identified as Luke's wife, shocking the small coastal beach. After her death, rumors and speculations of foul play have been flying around, and many suspect that Luke was involved in the murder.

Luke insists that he is innocent and had nothing to do with his wife's death. As Luke was speaking, his voice was shaky and his face was pale. He was trying to remain composed but, as he was explaining his innocence, a trickle of blood started to run down his nose. He quickly wiped it away and continued speaking, but the sight of his bloody nose only made the people more suspicious of his involvement in the crime. While some of them sympathized with his plight, others were convinced that the truth was hidden beneath the surface.

Just as the small group of people on the beach were about to leave, another family arrived. It was the husband and wife who had recently been diagnosed with epilepsy.

The husband of the newly arrived couple asked the people why they were leaving, and they all exchanged glances before someone explained what had happened a few days ago. They told the couple about the dead body that had washed up on the shore, and that it had been identified as Luke's wife. Upon hearing this, the couple was horrified and decided that it would be best to leave. The husband initially tried to make his way out of the beach by walking across the rocks, but suddenly he felt a great weight on his head and fell to the ground, fainting. When he came to, he was lying on the sand and was confused about what had happened. He said that it felt like a big weight was pressing down on him, and he was disoriented for a few moments before he was able to stand up and make it back.

At the same time, Ruther's mother was horrified when she saw the dead body floating in the beach, and she immediately felt a sense of suffocation wash over her. She begged her son to treat her, as he was a physician, and he was able to calm her down and provide her with some medicine to help her cope with the shock of what she had seen. Despite his best efforts, the trauma of the experience was too much for her and she was unable to shake the feeling of dread that had enveloped her.

Then Oswalt's wife Gytha called Ruther for help, she said that her son Godwin was feeling increasingly hungry despite eating, and his pants were no longer fitting him. Ruther, from a long distance, said that Godwin was alright and there was nothing to worry about, but Oswalt's wife refused to accept it. At that moment, they saw a light blinking in the peak of the far rock and Ruther suggested that they investigate what was causing it, and that it might be the answer to their questions.

At the same time that all of this was happening, Ruther's mother was found dead, her heart having stopped beating. Ruther immediately suspected that it was due to the shock of seeing the dead body, and his anger towards Luke grew even more.

The newly arrived husband and wife were soon investigated by Edith and her brother Godwin. The husband asked Godwin his age, and he said he was six, but the husband was shocked, saying he looked more like twelve. He then asked Edith her age, and she replied that she was ten, but again, the husband was surprised, saying she looked more like a teenager. Just then, Gytha came in search of her children and asked the husband and wife if they had seen Edith and Godwin anywhere. Edith and Godwin were shocked by this turn of events.

Gytha was initially skeptical that these two were her son and daughter, as they were so much older than she remembered. But then Godwin called her "Mom" and hugged her, and Edith hugged Oswalt, saying "Dad". Oswalt and Gytha were speechless, both shocked and confused by the drastic change in their children's appearance. They had no idea what had happened to them, and they were desperate to find out.

On seeing all this Luke tried to escape by running towards the rock, with Ruther chasing him. Suddenly, both of them felt a heavy pressure in their heads, and they were forced to stop and turn around. When they got back to the shore, they were confused as to what had happened. They couldn't explain it, but they were sure that something strange was taking place.

Ruther and Luke explained to the others that if they tried to escape again, they would be brought back to the shore. Looking around, they could see various paths and routes that might lead to their freedom, but when they tried to take them, they found themselves back at the shore once again. They were perplexed by this, and knew that something strange was at work here.

Ruther and the others were completely confused by the situation. Just a few moments ago, Ruther had thought his daughter was four years old, yet somehow she had aged to twelve. Gytha suspected that there was an infection that had caused children to age faster than normal. Ruther, desperate for answers and in anger, took a knife from his pocket made a mark on Luke's face. To everyone's surprise, the wound healed itself immediately. Luke shouted out to believe that he wasn't the murderer and that he was going to die soon from cancer. Ruther had been struggling with mental illness for some time, and it had been taking a toll on him. Gytha then revealed that everyone on the beach was suffering from different kind of terminal illness. It became clear to them that they had all been brought to the beach on purpose.

So, what is the purpose???

Let us find it together.

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