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Diary of a Dad Aged 50¾ - Part 12

For the Love of Music...

By Steve Atkins-LinnellPublished 5 years ago 3 min read
Music was my first loveAnd it will be my lastMusic of the futureMusic of the past

Yes, yes, and yes again. Thank you, John Miles, you were so spot on.

In our house we started with a madam Alexa and the music available through this device. Then we moved into the world of Ok G—both fantastic devices that bring music into the house through all the devices we have linked up.

This in itself does cause its own issues in the house with who controls the devices, potentially taking it in turns to have music and sometimes having to listen to someone else’s favourite piece of music time and time again. One thing it does do is bring an eclectic variety of tunes across the house. So what does a "family" playlist sound like?

  • For Jaden (aged 8) it is all the favourites in the charts, plus the biggest songs of Taylor Swift and Little Mix. For the last two years, we have been to the Capital Radio Summertime Ball concert at Wembley and the performers are the ones from Jaden’s favourites; well done Capital, good listening. Also my benefit, apart from loving the music, is sounding like a street cred Dad to others when talking about the current music!
  • Gino (aged 13), now not a massive music fan, is a big time Star Wars fan, meaning when he gets a choice it is Darth Vader’s theme (as soon as you hear it you’ll know it!). Also for some reason we keep getting the song "There’s no business like show business" by Ethel Merman. Why? Yes, a very good question and I’d personally like to brain the individual or TV programme that made him aware of it!
  • Jo (significantly older than the last two!)—Now this is a playlist! Lots of Prince, especially as the whole back catalogue and previously unreleased material is now out there: "The Feeling" plus lots of other throwback music from years gone by including currently a good dose of Queen; after seeing the film recently. A lot of the music played, draws the comment from the boys of "what is this Mum?"
  • Me, really? You think I get a chance to play music? Well I do, but normally when everyone else is out of the house, on different floors, or in the car when not catching up on the news or podcasts. I must clarify it is a family townhouse and not anywhere near a mansion! My choice of music is a complete mix from really old music from the 60’s & 70’s right up to Calvin Harris, David Guetta, etc., and music currently just released. Currently love the music Marshmallow is collaborating on—no not the sweet!

The effect of music is incredible. From the highs and inducers of memories from years gone by, we all have those pieces of music that when played transport us to a different time, almost as if the event was happening again in front of your eyes with complete clarity. Also there are the tracks that you have not heard for a good long time but still remember every single word sung with such clarity it leaves you pondering why—if you remember this—you can’t remember why you got up and went into the next room! Yep we’ve all been there!

Without music in the house, but also without the variety, there would not be the hubbub we have there, plus the sound that drifts around the house, mildly disturbing those not involved. My dread and fear is the next craze that comes along and that being adopted by someone to drive us all to breaking point. Remember the crazy frog? No, I’d rather not either!

With music television showing non-stop videos all day long and these on a 90 minute repeat loop, there is nothing stopping music from coming from every part of the house, whichever floor.

And finally a lyric, which I consider daily:

Is this the real lifeIs this just fantasyCaught in a landslideNo escape from reality....

As I am always saying at home, life is in a song. What would yours be?


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Steve Atkins-Linnell


I'm a father, husband, writer, voiceover artist & full time employee. Life is too short & I live the dreams and love all aspects of life. Go fill your glass!

Thanks, do contact me by email to let me have your feedback!

Cheers Steve

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