Boggart Hole Clough

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The Monkey House

Boggart Hole Clough
'The Stream'

Once upon a time not too long ago, a young family moved to a wonderful place called Blackley and in Blackley was an even more wonderful place, called Boggart Hole Clough.

The kids loved playing in “The Clough” as much as their dad did before them and this day they were really exited, as they were off to the Monkey house by themselves!

They had been with dad before, but now Wyn was getting a bit bigger, they let him take Avé and so it was a special adventure for them both.

“ Make sure you stay together and don’t let Avé out of your sight” said Mum

“Ok mum” said Wyn

“And don't put your fingers through the fence or they’ll have them off!” said Dad

“We won’t” said Ave

“Don’t know why they keep those monkeys all fenced in in there, it’s not right” Dad grumbled.

Off they went and ran nearly the whole way. Once they got passed the Old man’s Hut they could see it! a big building like a two story house with no front wall, just fence all the way down. But hold on!… there were no monkeys in the Monkey house!!

“Whats happened?” said Wyn to the Old Man

“I don’t know! .. we got here this morning and they had all gone!. We reckon they got through that hole at the top of the fence there and all escaped. Everybody is looking for them now down the valley, if you see them let us know” said the Old man

“Ok we will” said Wyn. They were both so disappointed.

“Come on Avé, let’s go and see if we can find them!”

Off they went down into the valley to search the whole Clough. They started down by the Cafe, then went passed ‘the Giants tooth’ and ‘the 99 steps’, up the hill, around the Boating lake, across the top fields, but couldn’t see anything! They carried on over ‘the Top fields’ to ‘Angels Hill’, down the brew to ‘the Hen house’ and stopped near the bridge. “No sign of them at all” said Wyn “And we’ve looked everywhere!” said Avé.

“Let’s have rest by the stream” said Wyn and they sat down and watched the water flow bye. “I wonder where they went?” said Avé “I really wanted to see them” she said sadly.

Just then,… boink!..boink!..boink! three conker nuts dropped on to Wyn’s head!

“Ow!” he shouted as he looked up to see where they came from.

“Shhhhhh…” said the Monkey!

Wyn and Avé couldn’t believe their eyes! up in the tree tops were all the Monkeys!

“What are you doing here?” shouted Wyn

“SSHHHHHH!” said the monkey, “Be quiet! we don’t want anyone to know we are here. We are fed up of being locked up in that Monkey house and decided to escape, we like it better here in the woods, where we can swing in the trees and play all day”

“But everybody is looking for you” whispered Wyn

“We know” said the Monkey “But we also are very good at hiding in the leaves at the top of the trees” he smiled “If you say nothing to anyone and promise not to bring anyone else here, we will let you visit if you like?”

“I promise, I promise!” said Avé who was so exited “OK” said Wyn “We promise”

The monkeys helped the children up to the tree tops where they played games with them and showed them how to climb properly. “My Dad will be happy actually” said Wyn to the monkeys, “He didn't like you being cooped up the Monkey house anyway.

“Well maybe you can bring him with you one time” smiled the Monkey

“He would love that!” said Wyn

“Well we better get back” said Wyn “Dad will be wondering where we are”

“No problem” said the monkey and the monkeys helped them back down.

“See you next time” Wyn whispered, then off they went back up towards the Monkey house and home.

As they got to the Old Mans Hut, they saw the Old Man still looking in amazement at the Monkey house. “See anything?” said the Old man as they went passed

“I can’t say we did” said Wyn with a wink to Avé

“We’ll never find them now!” said the Old man

“Hope not!” whispered Avé

When they got home, they told their Mum and Dad all about the Monkeys getting out and no-one being able to find them. “At least they are out of that cage” said Dad “Hopefully they have found somewhere where they can be free.”

“They have” said Avé

Wyn looked at her and told her to shush!

“Go looking for them did you? ..See anything?” said Dad

“Can’t say we did” said Wyn

Dad gave a knowing smile “Mmmmm….maybe next time eh?”

“Hope so” said Wyn. “Me too!” said Dad, with a wink!

The End

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