Boggart Hole Clough

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The Old Mans' Hut

Boggart Hole Clough

Once upon a time in Blackley lived a family who had a house right next to Boggart Hole Clough. Young Wyn loved to do stuff with his dad and this day when he hoped to go out and play with him, his dad says “ Right I’m just off for a game of bowls!”

“Can I come?” says Wyn

“Well,.. if you want to watch you can, I’m playing in the comp!”

“Can anyone play in the comp?” asked Wyn

“Well…yes I suppose they can”

“Can I play then?”

“Er.. Ok. Why not!!”

So off they went to ‘the Old mans hut’ where you register to play and pick up your bowls.

“Alright?” says dad to the old man “We’d like to register to play in the comp today, can I get my bowls and a set for young Wyn please?”

“Young Wyn eh? you’re starting early!” said the old man

“Can I get a special set of bowls?” said Wyn

“Pick any you like” said the old man

“Er….. I’ll have those ones there in the nice box” said Wyn

“Oh ! said Wyns’ dad, I don't think you should have those ones”

“Why not?” said Wyn

“Well, how about you just pick another set, like those ones there!”

“No! said Wyn, I like these ones there all shiny and blue!!”

The old man and Wyns’ dad looked at each other, both unsure what to do.

“Ok” said dad and took the bowls off the old man. They went and sat down and dad started to talk to Wyn.

“Now listen son, those bowls are very special bowls. The last boy who played with them won the comp! but, he was never seen again afterwards. I’m worried that if you win the comp, something strange might happen.”

“But dad, I’m only nine, there’s no way I can win the comp!”

“I suppose you’re right” said dad “but you are really good at ball games!”

Wyn just looked at his dad and was upset. He really wanted to play with those bowls but he didn't want to worry his dad either.

“Right!” said dad, you just play with them and enjoy yourself, If you get to the final we’ll have another chat then, OK?”

“Hooray!” said Wyn

Pretty soon the comp started and Wyn was playing another young boy. He bowled the first bowl and got it right next to the jack! and as he played he seemed to get the hang of it and played really well. He won the first game easy! Next game was against an older man this time, but it didn't worry Wyn, as he was happy just to win the first game!

Wyn’s dad was also doing well, he had won his first two games already and was in the quarter final! He went over to see Wyn’s game and couldn’t believe it! Wyn was winning against an older guy with two points to go! As he watched, Wyn bent down, bowled his shiny blue bowl and it rolled as if like a magnet and sidled up to the jack like they were best friends!

Wyn had won! and was now in the quarters as well!

“Well done son!” said dad, that was amazing! “Thanks dad said Wyn, I love this game!”

“It’s alright when you’re winning!” said dad, but look who you’ve got next!

They were looking at the results board and saw that Wyn was playing last years champion! “Well son, you’ve done really well and if you get a couple of points off this bloke, you would have done brilliant!”

“Ill do my best dad!”

“Ill see you in a bit then” said dad “I’m off to play my game”

When the champion saw he was playing a little boy, he had a little smile to himself. “I’ll let the little fella get a few points early, to give him some encouragement, then I’ll play proper and get through” he thought to himself

The game started and Wyn couldn’t believe it, he was 4-0 up in no time!

“This boy is actually alright!” thought the champ “ I better start playing now!”

As dad was about to play the last few ends, he saw Wyn come over. “Well he doesn't seem too upset” he thought to himself, that’s good. He went on to win again and was in the semi finals. He went over to Wyn.

“How’d you go son, he’s a top player isn't he?”

“Yeah, he was awesome!, I was beating him easily and then he just started winning every point!” he replied “But luckily I managed to hold on”

“What??” you beat him?” said dad

“Only just” said Wyn.

Wyns' dad couldn’t believe it, was it those bowls? Did the champ let the little fella win on purpose? he was totally flummoxed!!

They both looked at the results board and were glad to find they didn't have to play each other in the semi-finals. Dad was now starting to get worried. What if they played each other in the final? what would they do about the bowls that Wyn had? How could he beat him without upsetting him. What if he lost!!

Just then Wyn said, “Dad I think I should change my bowls now”

“What! …are you sure?” said dad.

“I don't want anything weird to happen if I win, I just want to play with you” said Wyn.

“Ok” said dad, “You’re playing after me, so why don’t you play with mine when i’ve finished?”

“Cool!” said Wyn

Dad played his game first and narrowly won!

“You’re turn now son, give it your best shot!”

“Thanks dad I will!’

There was a big crowd gathering to see this young fellow who had made it to the semi-final! Wyn played without a care in the world, he was happy just to be out with his dad and playing with his dads bowls!

It went down to the last end and they were neck and neck!

Wyn bowled a cracker, right next to the jack, but his opponent had one more shot.

Everybody was glued to their seats watching. As the last bowl came down, it looked good, all the guy needed was to knock Wyns' bowl away and get the jack close to his own bowls.

It hit! and sure enough the jack settled right where the bowler wanted it. Wyn had lost.

“Well done son, said the winner, what a great game!” “Thanks, I loved it!” said Wyn

Dad gave Wyn a big hug and said “Well done son, that was awesome! you did absolutely brilliant to get that far.’

“ I guess it was because I didn’t use the magic bowls, but at least nothing bad will happen now and I did have a lot of fun!”

“Wyn, let me tell you something son,….. the bowls were not magic at all”

“What?” said Wyn in disbelief

“I just said that to give you some confidence. I can’t believe you beat those guys all by yourself!”

“Wow!” said Wyn, “I did that all by myself??”

“Yes son, Im so proud. Anyway, time to go and play my game, wish me luck!”

“You don't need it dad, just believe in yourself and have fun!” said Wyn

“Couldn’t have said it better myself” said dad.

On the way home with the cup in hand, Wyn thought it was the best day ever! His dad was pretty happy as well, having won the Cup!

“Dad, what if I would have played you in the final?”

“There is no way I would let you win!.. laughed dad

“Well, I might of beat you anyway!” said Wyn and they both laughed and hugged each other as they walked back home

The End

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