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Bloomers or Boomers

by Yenomi 2 years ago in grandparents
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Woman Who Inspire

When I Get Home

Black Bloomers are Future Guide Reference’s for Black Woman

I’ve been indecisive on which women out of two in particular inspires me the most in my life and throughout instilling great values, morals, standards, respect, and no shit taking energy along with strength from childhood to adulthood.

The two woman being my beautiful late Grandmother Doris Green aka shotgun Annie and my lovely Mother Rhonda K. Wesley. I’ve been tied on how to express my love, infinite admiration, and respect on how they’re some of my personal inspirations so I’m just freestyling and shooting to get it across anyway.

Grandmom Doris (left) Rhonda Wesley Mother (right)

This short animated film by Samantha Moore randomly inspired me to start writing about my Grandmother and Mother from instantly thinking of my hardworking Grandmom working in a sewing factory for years throughout the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s etc. the boomer years very hard working humble woman passing that right on down to my mom Rhonda Wesley, one of the most humble down to earth, lovably, caretaking, can’t see no one starve, feeds everyone even strangers that’s a friend of a friend. Her nickname is Moms as everyone from the hood refers to her as Mom, Ummi, or Aunt Rhonda. Walking examples of a strong black woman and future guidance referrals for younger black woman without their knowing maybe, the positive effects the baby boomers generation has on gen x, and z along with the millennials.

Written by Rhonda Wesley:

Not to mention the mother of mothers, my late Great Grandmom: Lottie G. Green. The mother of five, (3 girls & 2 boys). This woman worked 2-3 jobs almost all the time, raised her five children and some of her grands. Grandmom Lottie set the bar high on all levels and until this day not to many other women can match her love, beauty and strength! Black elbows & black knees were a no, no!; Along with crusty feet! A lady had to be a lady at all times. My mom & Grandmom didn’t play no disrespect. White pants are worn with black underwear, supportive bras and stockings with a girdle went along with the program for her. You had to keep your hygiene up, from your head to your toes, no ifs, and’s, or but’s. Exposing your boobs, your butt coming out your jeans or any form of trashy instead of classy attire wasn’t exceptable. These women worked hard for what they wanted and their family. My mom being abused as a child & young adult only made her stronger and still with all the weight she carries, her heart of gold hasn’t changed. Through the years I’ve seen where people have taken their kindness for weakness but, I truly believe they had a higher deity watching over them for, their endurance and strength only got stronger. Once again I am thankful for these three women in which I had the pleasure to learn, love and live from in if they didn’t or haven’t received the rewards for their genorosity, strength, faith and love in their life time, I hope they will get their worth in the next life.


Combating the whole sit down, shut up boomer ideals with showcasing the positive energy’s they eluded into other people’s lives mainly being their loved ones. I see this whole sit down shut up boomer from a race stand point as well, unwanting to but that’s how I see. I see no one black saying these remarks in if they are it’s more to white people on they’re old out of touch ideology’s. They’re old ideals that trys to put a further generation gap and wealth gap divid between their generation towards the youth. Boomers who seem to think younger people have it easy or made, while being lazy when it’s completely false in the opposite, young people today seem more ambitious with opportunity more than ever it seems and knowing all the tools they have, but there still remains a system in place holding people hostage to debt, students who go to work multiple jobs and school, then graduates but still remains to get put through struggles from debt in disrespectful elderly employees who criticized a young persons every move in attempt to say it seems you should have it just as hard as I did etc. that’s the negative boomer generation which trickledown to young trump supporters etc. I’ll dive into that topic another time. Last keynote those consider bloomers over boomers are ones who help their own people grow and blossom.

Mainly here to highlight why my Mother and Grandmother inspires me. Simply now as I as see it being a grown man now they’ve inspired me from their perseverance, resilience, and strength while still being light hearted, funny, fun, and kind in peace with others, until others try to start first, backing down from no one, leaving them in pieces. Rhonda my mother being key and main inspiration from everything stated, to constantly reinstalling the importance of faith into my life at times even without her knowing. Means the world to me now. Those conversations etc. is key as everything else they instilled is as well. While this is lastly a statement for you to show respect to your elders and those from other generations.

Rest In Peace you both of my beautiful grandmothers.

The end written by Yenomi & Rhonda Wesley.


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