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Be Proud You’re Better Than Your Shitty Parent

It Hurts to Have a Horrible Parent, But Be Proud

By Jason ProvencioPublished 3 months ago 5 min read

I was just chatting with my writer friend here on the platform and discussing parents who are unaccepting of their children for various reasons. It made me sad for so many kids in the world.

So many children are born into abusive situations. Sadly, there is no set of standards or guidelines that people must follow in order to become a parent. Two willing participants, a bed, and consent are all it takes to make a set of people parents.

Sometimes not even that last one. Especially in states like Texas, and other ignorant, conservative areas where they’ve just about banned abortion at any stage and want to come after women using birth control. It’s almost as if a rapist gets to choose the mother of his child, anymore. That’s sickening.

After chatting with Mirko, I felt sad. I cannot imagine a scenario where a parent disowns a child for any logical reason. Or threatens to kill them for being gay.

Sadly, this is the planet we live on. One in which the worst people elevate their far-fetched fairy tale religious beliefs ahead of their own flesh and blood. The child that is born to them, with half of their genetics and so many amusing, funny traits. The one that deserves love, respect, kindness, and protection.

How could you do this to your child?

Do the fear of death and the idea of not being able to live in some made-up afterlife that you’ve read about in a book that’s thousands of years old scare you enough to treat your child like shit? Or to cut them out of your life? Or even murder them?

Yet it happens every day. People who have no common sense and are filled with ignorance and hate chastise and belittle the children they’ve created. The ones they’re supposed to love unconditionally and protect at all costs.

And what for? Because your child differs from you? You’re going to disown them or threaten to kill them because they’re gay, trans, bi, or anything else? You can’t accept that they may think differently than you, or that they choose to love someone that’s different from your ideals?

Even if they’re not one of those physically abusive parents, what about the types that are psychologically and emotionally abusive? The ones who are cold toward their children and neglectful. The ones who conduct their abuse with insults and cruel words, making it clear that their son or daughter isn’t worthwhile to them.

Imagine not feeling loved by your own parent. Now imagine having two parents who act in that deplorable way.

If you’re one of those poor kids who grew up in that situation and still struggle with your mental health because of it, I am so sorry. I feel you. I have your back and though I’m not your father, I send you big-time Dad hugs and acceptance.

I’m always willing to be your fam. I will send you Dad vibes and tell you that you’re a million times better than your father was to you. Or your mother. I’ve got you, Fam.

The best part of coming from abusive or neglectful parents is knowing that you’re a far better human being than one or both of your parents are. That despite an abusive, shitty upbringing, you do matter. And that you’re living your life in a much better, healthier way than they ever could. That your children will be treated the way you should have been treated.

I’ve seen the most wonderful parents over the years who overcame the worst childhoods. I’ve seen some take a stand against a now-aging parent who has never bettered themselves or apologized for being such a horrible, garbage human being. Sometimes, you have to block a toxic parent out of your life, if they refuse to respect your healthy boundaries.

It gives me hope for future generations, seeing parents who had the worst examples of parenting shown to them as children, but being able to overcome the cycle of abuse and being wonderful to their own children. It’s not easy to do for most, but it’s completely worthwhile for your kids to experience such awesome parenting.

Sometimes it takes therapy and counseling. Others just force it out of their minds and choose not to dwell on the past that they cannot control. Some repeat the cycle of abuse, sadly. Probably more often than not, and that’s tragic. Every child deserves the best parenting in life, but sadly, not all children receive that.

When you bring a child into this world, you owe them a lot. That child didn’t ask to be born, you made that choice. And if you choose not to grow up, and put your selfish, terrible wants and desires ahead of them, then god save your soul someday.

To break the trust of a small child and damage them either physically, mentally, emotionally, or sexually, you’re the lowest of the low. You’re pond scum. You’re the spit that forms in the corner of your mouth when you’re yelling and screaming at them. You’re worthless.

Don’t be surprised when you’re nearing the end of your life and you have nobody there to love and care for you. You chose this lonely road you’re on and if that child you neglected and hurt chooses not to see you through to the other side, then you deserve what you have coming.

In those last, dark, miserable hours, you better be sure that your faith and twisted religious beliefs or pride comfort you. Most people on their deathbeds aren’t going to be happy that they stuck to their beliefs and rejected their own children.


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